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Question?: Treatment For Autism

Daniel asks…

What will it take for insurance companies to recognize autism as a neurological condition?

Insurance companies often treat autism as if it was a psychological condition to avoid paying insurance claims. My daughter needed general anesthesia to have a cavity treated by the dentist. The insurance company denied the claim stating: “General Anesthesia is not a treatment for autism“. We appealed the claim and lost… 🙁

admin answers:

This is insurance for you. My son had a bunch done a couple of years ago. Of course he gets medicaid so no problem just jumping through hoops. I would get the dentist on your case with the insurance. Find some proof that it is less stressful with the general. I know it is for the person doing the job. That is why they will more than likely be willing to help you. As far as seeing it as a nuerological condition don’t hold your breath on that one. They still don’t know what causes it, or even why some children with autism can communicate. If you live in a metro or bigger area I would find some local people that have also been through this. Wishing you both best of luck. A….

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Question?: Schizophrenia Stories

Paul asks…

Any books out there about schizophrenia? Fiction / based on true stories. Not a medical approach. ?

I’m interested in seeing what can go on in a mind of a schizophrenic. I’m looking for a book with a real story to it. I’ve read “Inside Out” by terry truman, but I’m searching for a longer one maybe, thats more in depth with the mind. Could I have a list of some possible books? Thank you.

admin answers:

I just finished this book, it’s called Thr3e by Ted Dekker(my fave author EVER). It’s long, but i finsihed it in less than a few days; it’s FANTASTIC! The movie isnt as good, but it has to do with someone like that, you just won’t realize it at first. Its very detailed. If you like this book, you’ll defintly lik ehis other ones. I hope you enjoy it!

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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Linda asks…

What would be a good song for an Autism awareness video?

I need to know a good song for an Autism awareness video. It’s going to be the music for it. Asap please! Thank you!(:

admin answers:

I’m in Here by BJ McKelvie
Solitary Shell by Dream Theatre
Pi by Kate Bush
Hardly Speaking a Word by Lori McKenna
Missing Pieces by Mark Leland
Don’t Give Up on Me by Viga and Victoria Boland
Through My Eyes by Thanh Bui
So It Goes by Susan Levine

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