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Question?: Autistic Kids

Donna asks…

I have an interview to work with autistic kids, I totally dont know what2 expect, any ideas?

The interview is for 3 hours!! I don’t like not knowing what will happen in the interview. I would also appreciate any info on how to act around autistic kids, i have researched on the net but would appreciate first hand advice.
Thanks in advance! 🙂

admin answers:

I’ve done a similar interview and was given the job. I was a behavioural therapist for autistic children.

Ok so this is what happened to me.
My interview took the best part of a day. (actually it was a 2 part interview, with people who passed the first part called back for the second)

The preliminaries were covered.

They’ll ask you about your educational qualifications, previous work experience, why applied for the position. That was the easy bit.

Then in the afternoon, it was much harder. More practical based. We had to do play skills in front of the other applicants. For example we were given a simple toy (like a ball or spinning top), and told to make it appealing to the child. With the parents permission, autistic students at the school assisted in the application process so don’t be surprised if you are asked to do some real life one-on-one therapy in front others.

Goodluck xxxxxxxx

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Question?: Autism Signs In Children

Sandra asks…

What can cause a child to be excited only by bright lights in night time streets, to have no interest in, or?

liking for their immediate environment or the people in it, apart from their family, and to think the world is a big and mysterious place, and want to get out into it? Is this a form of Autism?

admin answers:

Probably not autism if the kid is differentially interested in family members. Possibly these are signs of hyperactivity deficit disorder, but if this is a young child it’s probably a symptom of being a young child whose forebrain is still developing, along with the capacity for neocortical control of behavior.

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Question?: Schizophrenia In Children

Richard asks…

How can someone with Schizophrenia take care of two small children?

My daughter-in-law does not want to be home alone with the children (2 and 6) She also does not want to go anywheres, besides being home. She has trouble concentrating on things when you are speaking to her.

admin answers:

As someone who works in behavioral health and has mental illness, I’d say it’s possible, if the person is very faithful with their medications and other treatment he or she may be receiving (and that’s a big if). However, she may need a lot of help and support.

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Question?: Pdd

John asks…

Which states and school districts have the best services for a child with PDD-NOS?

My child was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I am looking for resources or websites that can help in finding a GREAT school that can help my child. I am not worried about location at this time; I am just looking for a place to start. Thanks.

admin answers:

Rights and information about placement :


might find this one useful:

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Question?: Autistic Savant

Sharon asks…

Can someone be an autistic savant with mental retardation?

Please answer only if you are pretty sure that you know the answer.

admin answers:

One of the hallmark features of Autism is what is called “scattered skills” meaning good in some areas, less in others and perhaps a specific area of high skill. When you are talking about diminished cognitive skill – yes there is a % of the population of Autism that will have some to extreme cognitive deficit – so by that information – yes someone can be a savant and be cognitively impaired.

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Question?: Autism Signs And Symptoms

Mandy asks…

How can you tell if a young man has schizophrenia?

Just wondering – The same young man has depression and AD-HD. He takes special classes.

As he is talking, he’ll look in another direction, as if he is looking at something past you. He stays focus on it and doesn’t make eye contact.
Also, on one occasion I walked in on him talking to him self, facing a wall.
What are some signs of schizophrenia?

admin answers:

It kinda sounds like it could be autism too check out this sight:


this page has a list of the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia usually emerge during adolescence or early adulthood and may appear suddenly or develop gradually. When symptoms develop gradually, they may be misdiagnosed with other conditions with similar symptoms, such as bipolar disorder or substance abuse (which commonly occurs with schizophrenia).

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Question?: Schizophrenia Medication

Laura asks…

Is schizophrenia managable without medication or therapy?

My Girlfriend has Schizophrenia, she says she will never take medication for it or go get therapy. (her dad has convinced her that medications are not for mental illness) As for therapy, she doesn’t want to pay for it. Apparently she has had something telling her to hurt ME a couple times before. I love her very much but I don’t want to live the rest of my life worrying about my safety. Is it possible to control the symptoms without medication or therapy?

admin answers:

Sorry, but diet and exercise aren’t usually effective for controlling mental illness. Unless there is an “alternative” treatment that would be effective (do some research) then no…her illness cannot be controlled by doing nothing.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Causes

Chris asks…

Is the recognition of personality and neurotic disorders a good or bad thing?

I understand that its beneficial for people who need medication. The reason I ask is that my Mum reads a lot of psychology books and has a very good understanding of various psychomatic ailments, but I think because she knows so much about such illnesses and disorders she has tried to “label” me and my siblings in a sort of “psychological hyprochondriac” kind of way. I was diagnosed with depression and as having Aspergers syndrome when I was 10 and I think the Seroxat I was on for ten years may have caused further problems. Also, my brother is 9 and she has successfully had him diagnosed for Aspergers Syndrome and Attention Deficity Hyperactivity Disorder – as far as I’m concerned has is a perfectly normal 9 year old. I’m just worried that my brother will grow up into the personality that she’s labelled him as like I did.
I am being ungrateful for my Mum’s help or do you think ignorance can be bliss with these sort of things?

admin answers:

The problem you’re describing is not with recognition of disorders, but their misdiagnosis.

That is, it’s a very good thing to be able to recognize disorders. Seeing them where they don’t exist, not so good, in fact, as you suggest, it can be harmful.

It’s not that ignorance is bliss, it’s that a little knowledge can be dangerous — that is, when it isn’t really knowledge, but is information being misapplied.

Wish I had some advice for you, but I really don’t know what to say.

I’m surprised that the people she took your brother to, who agreed with her “diagnosis” did so. I hope they know what they’re doing.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Symptoms

David asks…

is it possible borderline personality could exhibit similar symptoms to aspergers syndrome ?

or is aspergers syndrome a different disorder all together ?

would you be able to easily tell if you had aspergers ?

admin answers:

The symptoms for Asperger syndrome and any other autistic spectrum disorder are similar to borderline personality disorders but a professional clinical psychologist would be easily able to tell the difference. Asperger syndrome is a pervasive development disorder so you are born with it and will have it for the rest of your life. It is classified by the triad of impairments, difficulties with social interaction, imagination and communication. You would need a specialist or a psychologist to diagnose you with having Asperger syndrome.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Carol asks…

How do you differentiate between negative symptoms of schizophrenia and depression?

Is it possible for someone who has been suffering long term from depression (17 years) to be actually suffering from negative symptoms of schizophrenia?

The person concerned does not have hallucinations, visual or auditor . Has never had them.

admin answers:

I never heard of anyone being diagnosed with schizophrenia without having hallucinations or delusions (the positive symptoms).

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