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Question?: Autistic Angry Outbursts

Sandy asks…

What can you tell me about …?

Asperger’s syndrome?

I would like to hear from people who have it or their friends.
I have done my share of googling so no wikipedia or other internet articles.

admin answers:

Hi–great question.Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects a child’s ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Children with Asperger’s syndrome typically exhibit social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics.Doctors group Asperger’s syndrome with four other conditions that are called autistic spectrum disorders or pervasive developmental disorders. These disorders all involve problems with social skills and communication. Asperger’s syndrome is generally thought to be at the milder end of this spectrum.Conservative estimates indicate that two out of every 10,000 children have Asperger’s, and boys are three to four times as likely as girls to have the disorder. While there is no cure for Asperger’s syndrome, treatment can help children learn how to interact more successfully with their peers.The core signs of Asperger’s syndrome can’t be cured. But most children benefit from early specialized interventions that focus on behavior management and social skills training. Your doctor can help identify resources in your area that may work for your child. Options may include:
Communication and social skills training. Many children with Asperger’s syndrome can learn the unwritten rules of socialization and communication when taught in an explicit and rote fashion, much like the way students learn foreign languages. Children with Asperger’s syndrome may also learn how to speak in a more natural rhythm, as well as how to interpret communication techniques, such as gestures, eye contact, tone of voice, humor and sarcasm. Cognitive behavior therapy. This general term encompasses many techniques aimed at curbing problem behaviors, such as interrupting, obsessions, meltdowns or angry outbursts, as well as developing skills like recognizing feelings and coping with anxiety. Cognitive behavior therapy usually focuses on training a child to recognize a troublesome situation — such as a new place or an event with lots of social demands — and then select a specific learned strategy to cope with the situation. Medication. There are no medications to treat Asperger’s syndrome. But some medications may improve specific behaviors — such as anxiety, depression or hyperactivity — that can occur in many children with Asperger’s syndrome.

Take Care & Happy New Year!

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Research

Chris asks…

Does anyone know why Rett Syndrome girls start off “normal” & then regress?

Okay I’m aware of what Rett Syndrome is & how it works (for the most part anyway) but what has me confused the most is that most of these girls develope normally for about the first 6-18 minths & then start to regress/lose skills they’ve already learned (i.e. talking, walking, eye contact) . I know this is due to a mutation in the MEPc2 gene but why/how is it they can learn things & then lose them later on. I relize the gene is responsible for turning on/off certian protiens but what is making these girls funtion properly in the beginning then? another gene maybe?

admin answers:

To quote a passage from wikipedia:
“The recent studies demonstrating that neurological deficits resulting from loss of MeCP2 can be reversed upon restoration of gene function are quite exciting because they show that neurons that have suffered the consequences of loss of MeCP2 function are poised to regain functionality once MeCP2 is provided gradually and in the correct spatial distribution. This provides hope for restoring neuronal function in patients with RTT. However, the strategy in humans will require providing the critical factors that function downstream of MeCP2 because of the challenges in delivering the correct MeCP2 dosage only to neurons that lack it, given that the slightest perturbation in MeCP2 level is deleterious. Thus, therapeutic strategies necessitate the identification of the molecular mechanisms underlying individual RTT phenotypes and picking out the candidates that can be therapeutically targeted. The next phase of research needs to assess how complete the recovery is. Clearly, lethality, level of activity, and hippocampal plasticity are rescued, but are the animals free of any other RTT symptoms such as social behavior deficits, anxiety, and cognitive impairments? Since postnatal rescue results in viability, it will be important to evaluate if even the subtler phenotypes of RTT and MECP2 disorders are rescued when protein function is restored postnatally. This is particularly important given emerging data about early neonatal experiences and their long-term effects on behavior in adults.”

What I get from that is that the nerves become damaged by the defective gene, resulting in a loss of abilities that have already been learned.

Sorry if you’ve already read this, but this is just about all I could find as far as the reason for the decline period.
Hope this helps!

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Question?: Autism Signs And Symptoms

David asks…

Do children with autism have a bigger shaped head?

I am researching autism in children under 3 right now. My friend and I have been discussing my son. We believe, my son is showing signs of autism. My friend said he has autistic children in his family and those children have big heads. Like rounder in the back of the head.

Does anyone know if this is typical in autism?

admin answers:

It’s typical of autism.


In fact, all children who suffer severe stress in early infancy–premature birth, caesarean birth, surgery or severe illness shortly after birth, etc– experience rapid neuronal overgrowth.

The big exception is a supposed form of autism called “Rett Syndrome” where one of the symptoms is microcephaly.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome

Steven asks…

Can you help me at all? Bio paper on rett syndrome?

I need to discuss in length rett syndrome at the cellular level. Can you direct me to a good website or journals, or tell me what info I need to discuss/include.
Thanks for your answers but to the second answerer my professor isnt looking for symptoms and treatments he wants info about it at the cellular level and a teacher suggesting wikipedia? Gasp!

admin answers:


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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Lisa asks…

Which disorder is associated with the presence of schizophrenia symptoms that last less than 1 month?

Which disorder is associated with the presence of schizophrenia symptoms that last less than 1 month?
1.psychotic disorder due to a general medical condition
2.substance-induced psychotic disorder
3.schizophreniform disorder
4.brief psychotic disorder

admin answers:

Number 4 see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diagnosis_of_schizophrenia

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Question?: Pddc

Betty asks…

What are these black circle eggs things growing on top of my vegetable garden soil?

I have a variety of things growing in my garden, I live in new england and there’s weird things growing around all the roots that are black circles, with more circles inside. What could this be?? It’s mostly near my watermelon, and then there’s some near my garden beans with yellow/white fuzz and is gross. And there’s more near my hot peppers, a little different in color and there’s small orange balls everywhere…

I’m baffled, I’ll show pics… Please help

Black circle things..
Fungus stuff

admin answers:

It’s known as bird’s nest fungus. I doesn’t harm anything and can be left alone if it doesn’t gross you out too much. The yellow/white fuzz is likely some other sort of fungus or possibly a slime mold.


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Question?: What Is Autism Caused By

Betty asks…

Should I space out my sons vaccines when its time to get them?

All the talk of autism caused by vaccines, im thinking that when my son needs to have all his vaccines, that instead of doing like 4 a day, to have them spaced out in weeks.

should i? how long should i space them out?
i also do not want my son to be traumatized. i remember me and my younger brother getting our shots and the screaming that went out. it was horrible :/

admin answers:

This is not an easy answer, but to protect your baby, the best thing to do is make an informed decision. Though Autism fears often push parents into research, you will find that this is not the only concern. Take one vaccine at a time. Start with those that would be given at the next appointment. Keep a notebook and research the disease first. Identify the threat. What are the, symptoms, complications, and how common is it within the population? Then look at the vax, itself, for effectiveness and check out the ingredients (the previous poster gave a link for that, which is boggling). You can use wikipedia to identify chemicals you are not familiar with. Here is a little to get you started…

Babies are not in the risk category for Hep B (not sexually promiscuous and not IV drug users), plus vaccines only offer temporary protection, usually 7-10 years.

There has not been a case of Polio in the US for over 30 years, except those that were actually caused by the live vaccine.

DTaP. Diptheria is extremely rare. Tetanus can be treated after injury if infection is suspected. Pertussis (whooping cough) is dangerous for babies. This one is worth a little more consideration. We passed on this one, but were very careful within that first year.

Your instinct is right, though. Adverse reactions are much more likely to occur with multiples, so those you do allow should be spaced out. You could even look into splitting those dreaded 3-in-1 shots. Take your time and wait until you are comfortable with each decision. You can delay the appointments if necessary. God bless.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Causes

Susan asks…

what are the cognitive views of what causes schizophrenia?

I have an assignment at my university dealing with a case study, i chose the one who had schizophrenia and the question asked for the cognitive theories to what caused the dysfunction. I would like to know the cognitive factors. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Schizophrenia has many causes. Could be genetics… An experience in childhood.. The best way to get true life facts on this disorder would be to start at your university library. I studied bits of it in my psychology course in college but that doesn’t mean I have enough answers for you. This disorder is one that is so interesting though in that you can find so many medical books and studies to help you with this exact question. Good luck to you.. Also I have to add and I’m sure your learning this at your university… Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Much luck and well wishes.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Causes

Paul asks…

What causes emotional disturbance in adolescence? How can it be related/cause schizophrenia?

Doing a paper and need any info or article links (empiricial articles) on what causes emotional disturbances in adolesence and how it can cause/ be related to schizophrenia.

admin answers:

Pre Birth intoxicants, can screw up an infants body Chemistry, as well, Trauma can create a chemical imbalance at any age. The degree and type of symptoms would then be guidance markers for identifying the proper clinical name for the illness.

See Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Check out this link


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