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Question?: Autism Signs In Adults

Maria asks…

What would autistic parents teach an autistic child?

Autism is a mutation in the brain, and mutations can be either helpful or harmful (mutations are what brought mankind to where it is today). Suppose for a moment that we all see autism as normal yet different from what is socially normal. How would autistic people live in a society where everyone is also autistic? How would they interact, and what would they teach each other? What would career environments be like? How would homes be built? What would be valued, and what wouldn’t be?

What would the autistic life be like?
This is what I am trying to ask.

I don’t believe autism should be seen as a “disorder” or a handicap but rather a different way of thinking and different behavior.
I read in Times magazine that autistic people have less “grey matter” and more “white matter” in their brains, and that’s why there has to be a mutation in their genes that makes it that way.
And to the person who says that it’s a disorder and that autistic people cannot compete with the rest of society, what I am stating is: what if they didn’t have to compete and had dominance in society?

admin answers:

Autism is NOT a mutation in the brain. When looking at fMRI scans and regular MRI scans, you will NOT find some defining anomoly characteristic of autism.

Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults with autism typically show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities. One should keep in mind however, that autism is a spectrum disorder and it affects each individual differently and at varying degrees – this is why early diagnosis is so crucial. By learning the signs, a child can begin benefiting from one of the many specialized intervention programs (see treatment and education).

And you are right, it should not be considered a disorder. It only is due to social standards created today. Austistic people are just different. They use their brain differently, and sometimes very uniquely. Like the Rain Man.

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Question?: Autistic Adults

Helen asks…

What are typical characteristics of an adult with autism?

I know it’s a huge spectrum. But in general, what are typical characteristics of a high-functioning autistic adult? The more specifics, the better. Thanks!

admin answers:

It never ceases to amaze me how little Neurotypical people understand about us.
I am going to write you a very long response that hopefully will give you a different point of view. It may seem like a rant, which very well may be true. You asked for more specific though so don’t be hating me for it.
I am autistic. I am concidered “high-level functioning” but I don’t like drawing lines of seperation. I can be referenced to Asperger’s which is the autism you ask of. I therefor am an Aspie. We Auties are a community of people in many places online and in real life. You can view first hand how Auties think on Live Journal, Myspace, You Tube even. Just search for autism. We are not disordered or disfunctional. We simply function in a different way that NT’s don’t seem to understand. AutismSpeaks.org is insulting to us.
Stop trying to cure us or prevent us. We are of life which must be diverse in all aspects of being.
Autistics.org is a site created and managed by auties where anyone can post questions or comments in different categories pertaining to autism.

As for your question:
The generalizations of our categorized neurodiversity include but are not limited to:

Speech impediment or delay due to an incompatibility between our minds way of thinking and the processing of english to represent these thoughts.
The english language is insufficient for us.
Our minds do usually do not think in a voice as yours likely does. We see pictures and feel emotions and interpret things into rational and logical ideals that words hardly encompass.
It is far easier for us to type out our thought in a more “real-time” sense.
Some of us have to use “templates” or prepared speeches that we store in mind to call upon in common social situations, like at work or school.
I have an astounding memory and so can recall much of what I’ve read or seen and appear intelligent when speaking.
I learn best through example, like working along side someone experienced, I will absorb every bit and piece of knowlege, I will figure out in my mind why they do what they do and simultaneously see a better, more efficient way, and feel compelled to tell them.
For this reason I am often made a leader or teacher.
I am not good at these things though because I falter under social pressures from people who tend to feel like I am picking them apart or trying to be better than them. They usually don’t like that I move ahead so quickley when they have been there for so long.
I am often sabotaged or mobbed.
My weakness is through influence. People seem to know this often like it’s written on my forehead.
My subconcious is very open, which is nice when I decide what goes in and take out what I dont like there… But sometimes people sneak things in and It takes me weeks or months or even years to work them out.
When this happens I shut down.Sometimes everything in my whole life falls apart. I lose everything. This has happened many times in my life. Still I can get no help and have none take me seriously except for other auties.
Other Auties who were raised in better environments call these episodes “meltdowns” and have methods for dealing with them quickley. They also tend to have support for other people. I do not. I suffer much.
None in real life have ever understood me fully.
My body movements are awkward, my style is non existent. I fail to have personality except with few I have known long.
I am a caring and thoughtful person with much to offer and yet I cannot get help.
Professionals don’t believe an adult can be properly diagnosed to have asperger’s. They want to call me bipolar or schitzophrenic. Some people link these to autism.

I love chicken nuggets by the way.

I wish every day that I could do the things in life that I could do given the right environment. I set goals to try and acheive that environment on my own… But it is so difficult, and seems it might not happen in this life time. So I resolve to make things better for my children. And then I am concerned about actually producing children who may end up suffering as I.
My girlfriend (who at times seems to be on the spectrum, but believes she is something entirely different although similar in ways) and one only true real life friend wont accept the idea of me not fathering my own children.
While the government is trying to cure diversity, people like me could really benefit from their help, but they dont seem to understand. So many organizations, like autism speaks, use words like epidemic and horrible and just so many derrogative words that are not going to give us what we need… A place in society to belong and live well and prosper.
So many of us want to make things better… And we have the drive and the focus and the fixation… We can do such great things. I can do such greatness.
Meanwhile multibillionaires soak up the wealth of the world and rather than share amonst all life which deserves to live happy, they benefit with caretakers and live-in-home cleaners,
accountants, lawyers, doctors, chefs, personal trainers, luxury, comfort, convinience.
Anyone would want these things that few take for granted, but many auties actually need this type of life style because they cannot handle any of it. Any of it. Life alone in a world of such demand is burdensome to the extreme. I have nothing left for cleaning and eating right and exercising regularly and doing my taxes, or seeing the doctor… I can’t even remember to shower regularly. I put on the same old clothes because I havent had the chance to do laundry in weeks. I am not lazy… You should see how much of myself is given away every day.
And still they want more and more and as more people learn of me, they also want of me.
I absolutely have to have time to myself regularly to “reset” or I get very moody and feel unhealthy.
I am very good at math, both logical and theoretical.
I am also very prone to music. I can play instruments without “knowing” how. I sing but only other people’s songs.
At one time I went to kareoke every weekend and people cheered for me and made references to american idol… Until they saw me faltering. Now I can’t find the confidence to sing in public. But I still sing every day at home. And I record myself to improve and listen carefully to songs over and over and over for hours.
I often have ideas of inventions or improvements on products I use or see. Sometimes I see my ideas later. I want to experiment with self perpetuating electricity generators. I have several concepts in my mind that I would build prototypes to experiment with.
I have this opportunity where I’ve bought a house that my girlfriend’s parents needed to get rid of because they couldnt afford to have 2. I made a deal with her father to a personal, interest free morgage for 30 years. The house is worth 270k
I offered 350k at 1000 each month.
This house has two apartments, one built on the back -360 sq ft. And one in the basement about the same size. Both with bath and kitchen. I can rent them out for more than the morgage. I want to build a second floor addition ontop to double the value for about 60k and alot of hard work. Then I can use the equity to build another house from scratch and sell it. Then I can become a builder of custom homes of my own design. Something I also want to do. Eventually I could be paying others to run my company while I venture into an original resturaunt. I want to distribute unlimited free, and non-poluting energy to homes worldwide. I would probably die for trying to put oil companies out of business.
Either way this is all conceptual. In my reality it would take 3 lifetimes to accomplish because I have to work so much to afford what little I have. My limitations would be solved by financial aid.
But the government would rather pay scientists and organizations to experiment with medications and look at genes for a combination they can detect when its possible to abort.
How would that make you feel?
Guess what else. I also have recently discovered that smoking marijuana gives me relief.
The government could throw me in jail anytime for this, or for tax evasion over the last 10 years for not filing tax returns and working under the table. I have many outstanding debts totalling over 30k. I dont have the power to confont these problems when they first develop, and I certainly dont have the will to overcome them now that they have grown so much bigger. I can’t even talk about them out loud even when I reherse for weeks. The stress of thinking about it is too much. I will die in Jail.
There you have only a small generalized portion of an insight into the life of a person wth high level fuctioning autism.
I hope it satisfies your curiosity.

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