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Question?: Autistic Behavior

William asks…

How can the actions of an autistic / low IQ person be categorized into autistic behavior or IQ behavior.?

How can violent outbursts be broken into either autistic action vs the low IQ issues?
How can violent outbursts be broken into either autistic action vs the low IQ issues?

The man is ‘retarded’, a legal term, IQ 58. Also Autistic. Are all actions co-joined, or can some violent acts be related to his IQ or are all related to both?

admin answers:

Autism and low-IQ are significantly different things. What exactly is your question? The diagnosis would be based not on whether they have a low IQ or even whether they are aggressive, but instead on whether they meet the behavioral criteria for autism (not understanding social interactions, limited verbal skills, sensory sensitivity, etc.). Mental retardation (ok, so it’s not PC anymore, but it’s the officer term for it) is diagnosed based on completely different criteria.

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How To Help A Child With Aspergers

As a teacher an ample knowledge regarding a child with aspergers would benefit you.  It would be advantageous if you would understand the needs and wants of children with the syndrome. Kids who have this syndrome have issues with communication; they don’t interact well with their classmates. Interaction skills are very essential. They are crucial to a child’s improvement. Kids need to be equipped with the necessary social skills that they might excel later on in life. The speech pattern should be improved, and teachers must find a way to help these children upgrade their social and interaction skills.

Children with the syndrome don’t usually maintain eye contact. Eye contact is essential to improve nonverbal communication. Its of utmost importance to find ways to help children comprehend that eye contact should be sustained while talking with others. It can help them to build trust and confidence among their peers. Kids will have a hard time maintaining their social group if they will not gain the social esteem that a child should have. The tone of voice and natural way of speaking is essential. A child must be educated on the importance of expressing their emotions well without resorting to violent outbursts.

Children have various levels of maturity, several kinds of treatment and ways of educating need. All these require to be mastered so that one will become an effective teacher. Its rewarding to be able to help a kid with Aspergers relate well with others.

The goal is to prevent the negative perception that a kid could exhibit if he or she did not comprehend something. Kids with Asperger may be vulnerable to changes and disruptions in their daily life. A small change will trigger their behavior and they may react in an unpleasant manner. Kids with the syndrome tend to react in a different way. They have their own sense of right and wrong and this could result to a confused state. Its a need for teachers and parents to help them get to know and recognize why they should undergo changes.

Parents along with teachers need to learn as much as they would with regard to the syndrome. Every year there is a new research regarding the subject which will help them in dealing with varying circumstances. One needs to be prepared and willing to undergo learning and unlearning so as to get to the results they want.  To help a kid with aspergers experience a happy life, love and understanding helps a lot.

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