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Question?: Schizophrenia In Children

Robert asks…

Could me and my fiance still have children if he has schizophrenia?

Someone told me that because my fiance is schizophrenic we would have any children we had taken off us. He went through a bad patch 3 years ago and got into trouble with the police, he went on to medication and had intense physiatric help. When we got together he became a lot calmer and he hasn’t had an episode since, he has been off medication for awhile now. So would this effect us in the future when we decide to have children?

admin answers:

If there is one parent who is competent at all times, and if the parent with schizophrenia has a meltdown, the other spouse was sure to take care of that child at all times, there is no reason for the state to intervene. The issues come up when the child is neglected or otherwise at risk. Most people with schizophrenia are never violent (that’s substance abuse plus mental illness that can increase violence) so the diagnosis alone would rarely be used to take a child away, and in those cases, that’s probably illegal, but the person with schizophrenia cannot afford a good lawyer.

You know, a one time bad patch with psychosis doesn’t mean a person has schizophrenia. It used to be said that a person would have a nervous breakdown, and it was well known that the person would recover and be fine. Nowadays, everybody assumes if a person got psychosis, that they are mentally ill for life and better take their pills. Not true!

Schizophrenia is not particularly genetic. Maybe a little, but not strongly so.

I hope he is in therapy and learning coping skills and stress reduction, to reduce the risk of further break downs.

Good luck!

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Question?: Schizophrenia

Nancy asks…

My friend has schizophrenia and I want to know if she will ever act violent ?

Are schizophrenia people easy to get along with? Do schizophrenia people take orders well? Are schizophrenia people easy to control? Do schizophrenia people laugh loudly in crazy way?

admin answers:

They usually don’t take orders well,actually. And why would you want to control anyone? That is downright evil.

Violence amongst schizophrenics is actually quite rare. Still, i wouldn’t do anything to provoke anyone,regardless. It’s just not nice.

There is a stigma attached to this illness and you seem to have been taken in by that. Your friend is still the same friend you had before you found out about this. Be there for her,talk with her about things,and be good to her.

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Why Do Some Aspergers Children Become Very Angry?

Aspergers children fall in the group of the Autism Spectrum disorder

. Aspergers kids will not have signs and symptoms as severe as full Autistic kids which is why Aspergers is recognized as ‘high functioning’ Autism.

Aspergers children will frequently have some behavior issues such as anger, violence and despression symptoms

. The lack of ability to fit in socially is a huge cause for these behaviors in Aspergers children and often these behaviors can be very tough to deal with for the parents of these kids.

Aspergers Features

Aspergers doesn’t really start to show it’s signs until around the age of three and lots of children are often not diagnosed until aged five or six and sometimes older. Aspergers tends to be more common in males than it is in females

. The symptoms of Aspergers will differ from person to person and can sometimes can be hard to diagnose.

Aspergers children generally are highly intelligent and will often have quite high grades at school, but it is the emotional and social skills that these children are lacking

The main features of Aspergers are:


.Very intelligent performing well at school, particularly in topics such as Maths


They tend to learn fast and effortlessly


Don’t cope extremely well when criticized and in fact will sometimes take criticism very personally


Lack initiative to begin a conversation or join a group but will instead wait to be invited to join in with a group or wait for someone else to initiate a conversation with them


Are often the victims of bullying, possibly as a result of their shy and withdrawn nature

* Are


sometimes seen as clumsyCan often be seen as peculiar or eccentric



Can be very emotional and quite sensitive Find it tough to understand jokes or sarcasm and can sometimes take a joke as a personal attack


* Like to have specific routines or rituals.

Why Are Many Aspergers Children Angry


Aspergers children find it extremely hard to intermingle with other kids and are sometimes quite uncomfortable in social situations

. It’s not because they don’t want to be social, it’s just that they lack social skills and find it difficult to be social. Because they do want to be social but find it difficult, then they can become very frustrated. They don’t understand why they don’t have the social skills and may assume that people just dislike them. They can become increasingly withdrawn and become very angry inside.

The earlier that your child is diagnosed with Aspergers the earlier you can begin helping them to be taught social and communication skills

. They are capable of developing these skills but just need that little extra help to do so. It is also important to help them to build up a strong self esteem so that they don’t grow up to think that they are inferior in some way due to their lack of social skills. By helping them become skilled at social skills and promoting self assurance will help to reduce anger development.

The need for Aspergers children to have specific routines and rituals is another reason they can become angry if these routines are changed

. Sometimes it can be difficult to stick to a routine 100% but it is important to attempt to give them with their routines as often as possible to evade an anger outburst.

Aspergers children may get rather angry and even voilent over a changed habit even though this is something that a lot of people wouldn’t really fret too much about

. Cognitive behavior therapy may be effective with routine issues to teach your youngster to remain in control even when their routines are broken.

Aspergers children can be extremely annoyed little people and it is also frustrating for a parent to deal with these issues

. These children appear perfectly normal and it can be easy to forget that they do infact have a disorder and when you are in public people don’t realise that they have a disorder and will often just assume that they are a ‘naughty’ child. Dealing with these problems on a day to day basis can take it’s toll on any parent. An early diagnosis of Aspergers is important so that you can start to teach your child the abilities that they need and how to deal with the issues that make them frustrated. If your child receives the right therapy then they can live a very happy and fulfilling life.
Aspergers children can be difficult to live with but if they receive the right treatment they can be happy and fulfilled children.  Visit <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);" target="_blank" href="Aspergers”>http://asbergers-syndrome.com/aspergers-children-features-of-asperger-and-how-to-deal-with-the-anger/”>Aspergers Children to learn more about how you can help your Aspie child.
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