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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Joseph asks…

Things you can give a Clinical Psychologist for Autism?

In regards to give a little more information to a clinical psychologist in regards to observation. Of course the main importance is them coming to observe the child for Autism, but can sending them videos of what you’ve recorded also work on top of the observation? Cause I want him to have every aspect of my son as possible. Good idea? Bad idea?

admin answers:

It could not hurt sending them a video of what happens at home. A clinician is with a child a short period of time during a day, week, or month.

Sometimes seeing is believing. You may also want to write a journal.

-What time of the day you see a concern?
-How long does it last for?
-Is the child tired, hungry, wet, upset, and other things that might be following a behavioral change.

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