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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Maria asks…

What are your views on the MMR vaccine and autism?

Do you have children that you have decided to vaccinate or not, how are they developing? Please be honest – there is an epidemic of autism in this country (one in 130 kids!!!!!!) why the sudden increase over the last few decades if not the vaccines???? I’m petrified! I refuse to sentence my baby to mental retardation just because a doctor tells me to! HELP!!!!

admin answers:

You’ll have to make your own choice about vaccination. As the father of a 9 year old son with Asperger syndrome, a borderline autism spectrum, my experience was that he was developing quite normally, in fact above normal until he got the vaccine which did have thimerosal , at age 1 1/2. From then on he showed significant deterioration in verbal and social skills including eye contact and interaction. Before the shot he was beginning to speak and and react to his mother, siblings and I. He has been seen by the top experts in the United States, coast to coast, as we’ve spared no expense to provide the best medical treatment for him. His mother and I have undergone gene testing and have been determined NOT to have genetic markers for autism. No history of it in either of our familes at all. When I read and hear from all these naysayers pontificating that there is no connection between thimerosal /mercury vaccines and autism, I have to grin because without actually experiencing the results first hand they are only convincing themselves about what they believe and certainly not the heartbroken parents or children who suffer from vaccine related autism. And no, not every single case of autism is the result of vaccinations, but for the kids who suffer from it, the naysayers are doing a grave disservice to them and the public at large. So do what you feel is right for you and your kids and don’t let me or people who have opposing views to mine convince you one way or the other. But for those of you saying Aspergers syndrome is a “fad” I submit this: Asperger syndrome is named after Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger who, in 1944, described children in his practice who lacked nonverbal communication skills, failed to demonstrate empathy with their peers, and were physically clumsy. Fifty years later, AS was standardized as a diagnosis, but questions about many aspects of AS remain. For example, there is lingering doubt about the distinction between AS and high-functioning autism (HFA);partly due to this, the prevalence of AS is not firmly established. The exact cause of AS is unknown, although research supports the likelihood of a genetic basis; brain imaging techniques have NOT identified a clear common pathology. This is fact not a “fad”.

I wish you and yours the best.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms 18 Months

Laura asks…

What are your thoughts on the possible link between vaccines and Autism?

HI there new mom here, and with it back in the news I was wondering what everyone thinks about the possible link?
Im not looking for info, im looking for opinions, isn’t that what this is for???

admin answers:

I have worked with children with autism for almost 10 years, and have done much research on this subject. I don’t believe that vaccine causes autsim because I have worked with 2 children who were never given their shots because the parents thought there was some link, and yet these children got symptoms around 18 months, just like the others. Also Thermasol was removed from these shots a few years ago and yet the rise in autism continues.

When it came to getting my daughter the shots, I did think about it for a minute, but them thought about how I didn’t want her to get any of the diseases that these shots protect against. With all the travel in and out of this country there has been an inrease in these diseases and I didn’t want to risk the chance.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 3 Year Old

Mark asks…

What are your thoughts on the debate of vaccines and autism?

I’m undecided. I have a 3 1/2 year old, and we vaccinated her according to the pediatrician’s schedule. We never gave it a second thought, but now that we’re expecting again, I want to make sure the decision we make about vaccines is the right one.

admin answers:

Get the vaccines. If your child had Autism they would already be showing symptoms of it. I for one believe it’s a load of garbage that vaccines cause Autism. I think it starts to develp from the moment of conception. It has nothing to do with a doctor putting a needle in a child’s arm. Also keep in mind the study is a corelation study for the one’s trying to prove that vaccines cause Autism well the problem with a correlational study is that it does not show causation. Meaning it can not scientifically prove that the vaccine did cause the Autism.

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Autism In The News, 2012, Week 30

Finding and classifying autism for effective intervention


People are finding autism in their families, pediatric offices, day cares, preschools, playgrounds, and classrooms. Individuals with autism are now portrayed in movies, television shows, news reports, and documentaries.

The diagnosis of autism is being hotly debated in the media, academic medical centers, universities, autism centers, and advocacy agencies.

How Autism is Changing the World for Everybody


There’s not much doubt that autism, along with Asperger Syndrome, is finally becoming accepted as a normal part of the human fabric. Even if some people still see autism as a condition that needs to be “treated,” it’s increasingly obvious that people on the autism spectrum are finding ways to succeed in our neurotypical-based society.

Not only that, but autistic people are changing the nature of our society as well — in many ways, for the better.

Autism Speaks: Celebrity Supporters


Celebrity supporters of Autism Speaks, including Ricky Gervais, Maroon 5, and Yoko Ono.

Thanks Guys! (PS: Yoko Rocks!) 

Doc Talk: No truth to link between vaccines and autism – Kansas.com


Kansas.comDoc Talk:

The idea that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine or any thimerosal containing vaccine causes autism is not a scientific controversy.

It is an urban myth that exploded in 1998 when a British surgeon named Andrew Wakefield performed intestinal biopsies on eight autistic children and claimed he found measles virus from their MMR vaccinations. His study has repeatedly been used to claim that the MMR causes autism. However, there was no scientific credibility to Wakefield’s study for a number of reasons:

Autistic students to benefit from e-learning tool – Times of India


Taking advantage of the fact that students with autism are good at using technology, including computers and mobile, the city-headquartered Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is developing an e-learning tool for these children.

The tool has loads of animated lessons supported by sounds and music, multimedia characters and colourful presentations, which promise to engage students with autism in the learning lessons.

Tattoo event raises funds, awareness for autism – Nashua Telegraph


When Kyle Leblanc, 19, and his sister Alicia, 23, from Billerica, Mass, entered Mayhem Ink on Saturday, they had no idea a benefit for autism was happening.
“It was a nice surprise,” Alicia Leblanc said. “I think it’s wonderful that they are doing something like this. They need to do more things like this.”
Kyle, who said he’s “wanted to get (a tattoo) for a long time,” was getting his first tattoo, a Celtic cross in honor of his grandfather who passed away last month. His sister was getting the same tattoo.
The Leblancs were happy to say that their tattoos would help raise money for autism.

Isn’t that a fun way to raise funds. 

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Vaccines And Autism – Mercury, Vaccinations, And Their Associations With Autism

Vaccines And Autism

Vaccinations containing mercury could possibly be one of the most harmful things we do for our children, while trying to actually do the best for them. For a parent who has a child living with autism, they are familiar with the possible link that has been well publicized between mercury, which has always been included in many childhood vaccinations, and autism.

What is Autism? Autism is an extremely mysterious disease that has pitted doctor vs. doctor, parent vs. doctor, and parent vs. parent. Because there is no defined cause as of right now, everyone seems to have their own opinion of what the causes and treatments are. Interestingly, what continues this battle is the fact that some children respond shockingly well to certain treatments, while others do not, causing this war to continue to wage. Autism is known to have different effects on different children. Some of these are: difficulty with eye contact, some are easily over-stimulated in even somewhat calm situations. They are unable to handle loud noises or interruptions. They often have difficulty reading signals and cues and having proper reactions to everyday occurrences. Most children with autism have the most trouble with communication, in extreme cases not being able to communicate at all.

Many parents agree with the link between mercury and autism, due to vaccinations with mercury. Some parents say that their children behaved perfectly normally up until the point when they were vaccinated with vaccines that included mercury. As the amount and potency of vaccines has increased over the years, so has the incidences of autism- in the past 10 years, the cases of autism have increased by ten times. One study of lab mice showed that when levels of mercury were introduced to mice in levels similar to what was given to children, the lab mice experienced extreme changes in their brain, including repetitive behaviors, almost immediately withdrawing themselves from their surroundings, and being resistant to any kind of change. These are characteristics of autism, leading many parents to believe this may be a valid link between mercury and autism. Vaccines And Autism

Many medical professionals though, disagree. Although the study with the mice sounds compelling, there have been hundreds of studies done, many which do not show a link. The five largest studies ever done went five for five in showing that there was no link between mercury and autism, and the results were inconclusive.

In conclusion, many believe we should simply err on the conservative side. This is why most pharmaceutical companies are developing vaccines without mercury. Possibly, only a handful of children retain the mercury in their bodies while regularly functioning children eliminate it, which would explain why some autistic children have 20 and 25 times the recommended “safe” levels of mercury in their bodies in testing while some children have none. These discrepancies are at the heart of the autism debate, and all we can do is wait and pray that medical researchers will soon find a resolution to whether vaccinations with Mercury play a role in autism. Vaccines And Autism

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Mmr And Autism –

Mmr And Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder; observable symptoms of this disability include disruption of speech, difficulty in social exchanges, and demonstration of consistent behavior. There are lots of arguments on this disorder regarding a possible link between vaccines and autism. The MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella) vaccines are prime suspect for autism. It appears that the number of diagnosed cases of autism increases since the inception and use of MMR vaccine.

Medical Scientists and statistician collected lots of data and information to find the relation between MMR vaccines and autism. Two considerations regarding the debate over vaccines and autism are the claim of increased cases, and the results of studies that evaluated a possible correlation between vaccines and autism.

Do increased Cases of Autism are Conclusive Evidence?

A report on similar study in the State of California suggests a possible correlation between vaccines and autism. The report hints at a marked rise in cases of autism and correlates this increase with an increase in the MMR vaccine being administered. However, the argument can be made that it’s important to take into account other data trends within this time frame.

For example, it’s important to note that even though there was a rise in diagnosed cases of autism there was also a corresponding rise in the population. The argument could be made that an increase in population alone would increase the number of diagnosed cases of autism. In addition, awareness and education initiatives may be factors that led to the early diagnosis of autism in children, which has resulted in an apparent increase in the number of cases. Mmr And Autism

What’s the conclusion of Medical Society?

A number of studies have been conducted from the mid-1970s to the present time to ascertain any correlation between the administering of vaccines and autism. In addition these studies have been conducted in various countries, researching different variables of the vaccines and autism, as well as by several different research entities.

One study examined the incidences of autism before and after the use of MMR and found no variations. Another study focused on the vaccine itself and found no evidence to substantiate the triggering of autism by MMR. In addition, an additional study looked at autistic children. This study determined that the age of diagnosis was the same whether the MMR vaccine was administered prior to or after 18 months of age.

Studies Suggesting a Correlation – Or Not

There are studies that have been conducted that suggest a relationship between vaccines and autism. These studies imply that the digestive system is affected by a viral infection introduced by the MMR vaccine can lead to autism. Unfortunately, the majority of the studies were suspect when other researchers were unable to reach the same conclusion, showing that the methods of research were flawed. However, one study conducted in 2002 showed a possible link between the MMR vaccine and a developmental disorder. This particular study did go on to say, however, that the reverse could be true in that the developmental disorder caused the viral infection.

Vaccines are doing well to public health by arresting some critical diseases. Till today, no conclusive medical evidence has been proven. This is the most favorable arguments in favor of vaccine safety. Mmr And Autism

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