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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Infants

William asks…

Why can’t anyone figure out what really causes autism?

I get frustrated because no one knows for sure. It makes me scared to try for a son because boys seem to be getting autism left and right and no one knows what the cause of it is!

admin answers:

It is a scientific fact that vaccination’s cause autism-or rather an “autism like state” which is the same thing since autism is a collection of symptoms.

The case of Hannah Poling is raising quite a stir. She is now 9 years old. As a healthy and normally developing 18-month-old girl she showed up for her well baby visit and was pummeled with 9 vaccinations, two of them containing the mercury preservative known as thimerosal. Her health immediately deteriorated into full blown autism.

Her case was the first to be settled of 4,900 autism cases pending before federal Vaccine Court. She claimed that mercury-containing vaccines were the cause of her autism. In a shocking turn of events the federal government conceded this autism case saying that “compensation is appropriate.”

I think that the biological case against Thimerosal is so dramatically overwhelming anymore that only a very foolish or a very dishonest person with the credentials to understand this research would say that Thimerosal wasn’t most likely the cause of autism.—Interview of Dr. Boyd E. Haley by Teri Small:

Parents of vaccine injured children and vaccine injured adults find the bureaucracy is unable to hear them. They find it is so corrupt and set in it’s misguided belief system regarding vaccinations that it is almost pointless to even discuss the sacred fantasy that vaccines are the salvation of mankind.

Anyone who challenges the religion of vaccines is ruthlessly attacked, doctors are afraid to speak for fear of they will be branded “anti-vaccination”. Scientist must only talk of genetic causes for fear of losing their funding.

Doctors fail to report side effects at an estimated rate of 90%.
Many will go to extremes to explain away side effects as anything but what they are.

A proper long-term safety evaluation of vaccines of any kind has never been done-and it will never be done by the CDC or the vaccine producers because these organizations forced them on the population and they know what the study will show..

The vaccine autism link will never be debunked because the CDC has known for at least 8 years they cause autism.

It is likely you have no idea what is in them but you can find our here.http://www.know-vaccines.org/faq.html…

You can link to a safer vaccination scedule here if you vaccinate at all once you know what they really do to people.

Read this.http://www.whale.to/vaccines/mendelsohn….
And this.http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/04/dr-bl…

Good site for inf run by a doctor.http://www.newswithviews.com/tenpenny/sh…

“A single vaccine given to a six-pound newborn is the equivalent of giving a 180-pound adult 30 vaccinations on the same day. Include in this the toxic effects of high levels of aluminum and formaldehyde contained in some vaccines, and the synergist toxicity could be increased to unknown levels. Further, it is very well known that infants do not produce significant levels of bile or have adult renal capacity for several months after birth. Bilary transport is the major biochemical route by which mercury is removed from the body, and infants cannot do this very well. They also do not possess the renal (kidney) capacity to remove aluminum. Additionally, mercury is a well-known inhibitor of kidney function. Http://www.whale.to/v/haley_q.html…


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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Maria asks…

What are your views on the MMR vaccine and autism?

Do you have children that you have decided to vaccinate or not, how are they developing? Please be honest – there is an epidemic of autism in this country (one in 130 kids!!!!!!) why the sudden increase over the last few decades if not the vaccines???? I’m petrified! I refuse to sentence my baby to mental retardation just because a doctor tells me to! HELP!!!!

admin answers:

You’ll have to make your own choice about vaccination. As the father of a 9 year old son with Asperger syndrome, a borderline autism spectrum, my experience was that he was developing quite normally, in fact above normal until he got the vaccine which did have thimerosal , at age 1 1/2. From then on he showed significant deterioration in verbal and social skills including eye contact and interaction. Before the shot he was beginning to speak and and react to his mother, siblings and I. He has been seen by the top experts in the United States, coast to coast, as we’ve spared no expense to provide the best medical treatment for him. His mother and I have undergone gene testing and have been determined NOT to have genetic markers for autism. No history of it in either of our familes at all. When I read and hear from all these naysayers pontificating that there is no connection between thimerosal /mercury vaccines and autism, I have to grin because without actually experiencing the results first hand they are only convincing themselves about what they believe and certainly not the heartbroken parents or children who suffer from vaccine related autism. And no, not every single case of autism is the result of vaccinations, but for the kids who suffer from it, the naysayers are doing a grave disservice to them and the public at large. So do what you feel is right for you and your kids and don’t let me or people who have opposing views to mine convince you one way or the other. But for those of you saying Aspergers syndrome is a “fad” I submit this: Asperger syndrome is named after Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger who, in 1944, described children in his practice who lacked nonverbal communication skills, failed to demonstrate empathy with their peers, and were physically clumsy. Fifty years later, AS was standardized as a diagnosis, but questions about many aspects of AS remain. For example, there is lingering doubt about the distinction between AS and high-functioning autism (HFA);partly due to this, the prevalence of AS is not firmly established. The exact cause of AS is unknown, although research supports the likelihood of a genetic basis; brain imaging techniques have NOT identified a clear common pathology. This is fact not a “fad”.

I wish you and yours the best.

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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Ken asks…

Do you think that vaccinations has a big roll in so many children having autism?

I have 2 small children, and lately I’ve been hearing so much about autism and that one factor can be vaccinations. I am terrified of having them get vaccinated now, is it okay if they don’t? will they still be allowed to go to school?

admin answers:

Hello – This is Julie Duffield – valentinewiggins@juno.com.

I have two children who regressed into autism following vaccination. They were so severe, institutionalization was recommened.

When we treated the damage done by vaccines, they improved. One child is considered recovered, the other is greatly improved.

Our medical story is located at
scroll down ‘3’ to Julie Duffield

check out the videos by top researchers and professionals on this topic at

Also, you do not have to vaccinate for your children to go to school. We do not live in a communist country, and we have rights. Each state has exemptions for vaccines. Medical, philosophical, and religious exemptions. Some states do not have a philosophical exemption.

I have claimed all 3 at various times. Our doctor has signed for medical exemptions, since my son has measles virus in his brain fluid, and my daughter got HepB from her Hep B shot…
But when we moved to a new state, our new doctors wouldn’t touch the medical exemption for fear of losing their license. I have claimed religious exemption, because I’m Christian, and I believe that prayer and meditation can bring me inspiration for major decisions, including medical.

No one can predict which kids will react, and how. Some children die. The majority don’t visibly react, but have problems down the road. How do you know a child was ‘born that way’, when you give them a vaccine during their first minutes of life?

Feel free to write me for more informaiton.
Take care,
Julie Duffield

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Decline In Vaccinations Of U.S. Children After Publication Of Now-Refuted Autism Risk

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‘Decline In Vaccinations Of U.S. Children After Publication Of Now-Refuted Autism Risk’
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UC health economics research has found that publication of perceived risk linking the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine to autism in the late 1990s seemingly led to declines in the vaccination rate of children. This despite the fact that later studies refuted the existence of an MMR-autism link.

New University of Cincinnati research has found that fewer parents in the United States vaccinated their children in the wake of concerns about a purported link (now widely discredited) between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism.

Lenisa Chang, assistant professor of economics in UC’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, found that the MMR-autism controversy, which played out prominently in the popular media following publication in a 1998 medical journal, led to a decline of about two percentage points in terms of parents obtaining the MMR vaccine for their children in 1999 and 2000. And even after later studies thoroughly refuted the alleged MMR-autism link, the drop off in vaccination rates persisted.

For her study, “The MMR-Autism Controversy: Did Autism Concerns Affect Vaccine Take Up?” to be presented during the 4th Biennial Conference of the American Society of Health Economics June 10-13 in Minnesota, Chang examined data from the National Immunization Survey from 1995 through 2006 to gauge parents’ response toward the vaccine-autism controversy.

Interestingly, in the aftermath of the controversy, Chang found that the higher a mother’s education level, the less likely a child was to receive an MMR vaccination. In other words, college-educated mothers were less likely to have their children vaccinated than were non-college education mothers. This may be due to the fact that more educated mothers have better access and/or more quickly absorb medical information available in the media.

After epidemiological studies refuted the MMR-autism link, the difference in MMR usage by mother’s education level persisted and became more pronounced in 2003, 2004 and 2006, possibly as previous negative information received more weight than positive information in the parental decision-making process on whether or not to vaccinate.

She also found that the controversy, begun with the publication of research (later discredited) linking the MMR vaccine to risks for autism in “The Lancet” medical journal, seemingly had a spillover effect to other vaccines – such as polio or other measles-containing vaccines – likely as a result of concern for safety over the MMR controversy.

Chang says the decline is a significant decrease and attributes the spillover effect to parental concerns.

“The spillover effect I find on other vaccines such as polio and, to a lesser degree DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis), could be partially ascribed to general safety concerns toward all vaccines that stemmed from the MMR controversy, but other factors might be at play as well,” Chang says.

In other related work, Chang is researching the effect on immunization rates of state mandates that require insurance companies to cover childhood vaccines.

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8 Jun. 2012. APA

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‘Decline In Vaccinations Of U.S. Children After Publication Of Now-Refuted Autism Risk’

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Find Out Why Autistic Children Slap Repetitively

Autistic children slapping repetitively has become one of the primary actions studied within the autistic community. This is an occurrence that almost all parents of autistic children report with their child and it is frustrating to manage.

Why would a child want to cause self inflicted injury? It appears to be the repetitiveness that the autistic child is after, and that they can actually feel the repetition, which may be calming to a child who is overstimulated. The identification of pain that the slapping causes, is not always felt by the self-inflicted injuries done by the autistic child, so he/she keeps doing it.

Autism is diagnosed when a child is seen to have many symptoms, which include repetition as discussed, also difficulty with communication skills, a problem maintaining or making eye contact, constant overstimulation even in situations which do not seem traumatic to a child without this disorder. In addition autistic children have a problem reading social cues, signals, and having proper reactions to things that occur in their daily lives.

The possible causes of autism are still being debated, and nothing has been identified as the sole cause of this disorder.. Many blame vaccinations and mercury in the child’s body as a possible cause of autism, but most medical research believe that it is unrelated. Experts of medical research point to autism being an inherited genetic trait, making some children much more susceptible to getting the disorder. There are many alternative theories as well, which include putting children on gluten free diets. Many parents who have attempted these diets (which mean you must remove all wheat, barley, rye, and starches from your child’s diet) see extreme improvement, some parents reported, that their children basically function normally once this type of diet is instituted, leading people to believe it is similar to an allergy.

The medical researchers believe there may be something in our environment causing autism, they are quick to point out that the ability to diagnose autism has taken great strides over the past decade to prevent this disorder. Previously, autistic children were seen as impossible to educate and removed from interaction with other people, and now, there are techniques that can be used to help autistic children assimilate in to normal learning situations. Interestingly, boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls, which is also a challenge to researchers at this time.

Slapping repetitively is difficult for a parent to deal with. Self destructive behavior doesn’t make logical sense, and of course a parent wants to protect their child from harm. Most children are doing it to calm themselves from overstimulation. If different therapies have not worked (including diet, etc) most doctors recommend, one should try to decipher what causes your child to do this, and avoid them at all costs. If you eliminate these things from your child’s daily life as much as possible, these incidences will become few and far between. As a child grows up and has recognized the difficulties, it is important to encourage them to monitor their own behavior. Rewarding them for positive behavior and making steps to improve is extremely important.

Autism is a challenged issue at this time. The medical community is dedicated in finding a cure, and hopefully autistic children with this behavior of slapping repetitively, will not be a problem. Parents in the future will not feel threatened, and will find a common ground, to understand why this is happening.

When a parent sees his or her child slap repetitively, it brings great concern as to what extent could cause injury and sometimes become serious. Included with the concern of injuries inflicted, there is the stress and strife parents and family members feel in public, as well as in, private surroundings and their environment.

It is wise, to acknowledge slapping repetitively in autistic children and get familiar with it. Read about it, and ask medical experts questions. Try to accept that this disrupts a person’s sense of well-being and emotional state.

Gathering information from books, the internet, and those who have already been through what you’re facing can shed light on you and your situation.

“Bonita Darula knows how urgent and imperative it is, for you, as a parent or family member, to receive the information on autism, that will give you positive changes on what you’re facing. It is curcial to visit=> http://www.autismintoawareness.com and obtain a new perspective on what is really of value to you. Your child and you, are worth it.”
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