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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Infants

William asks…

Why can’t anyone figure out what really causes autism?

I get frustrated because no one knows for sure. It makes me scared to try for a son because boys seem to be getting autism left and right and no one knows what the cause of it is!

admin answers:

It is a scientific fact that vaccination’s cause autism-or rather an “autism like state” which is the same thing since autism is a collection of symptoms.

The case of Hannah Poling is raising quite a stir. She is now 9 years old. As a healthy and normally developing 18-month-old girl she showed up for her well baby visit and was pummeled with 9 vaccinations, two of them containing the mercury preservative known as thimerosal. Her health immediately deteriorated into full blown autism.

Her case was the first to be settled of 4,900 autism cases pending before federal Vaccine Court. She claimed that mercury-containing vaccines were the cause of her autism. In a shocking turn of events the federal government conceded this autism case saying that “compensation is appropriate.”

I think that the biological case against Thimerosal is so dramatically overwhelming anymore that only a very foolish or a very dishonest person with the credentials to understand this research would say that Thimerosal wasn’t most likely the cause of autism.—Interview of Dr. Boyd E. Haley by Teri Small:

Parents of vaccine injured children and vaccine injured adults find the bureaucracy is unable to hear them. They find it is so corrupt and set in it’s misguided belief system regarding vaccinations that it is almost pointless to even discuss the sacred fantasy that vaccines are the salvation of mankind.

Anyone who challenges the religion of vaccines is ruthlessly attacked, doctors are afraid to speak for fear of they will be branded “anti-vaccination”. Scientist must only talk of genetic causes for fear of losing their funding.

Doctors fail to report side effects at an estimated rate of 90%.
Many will go to extremes to explain away side effects as anything but what they are.

A proper long-term safety evaluation of vaccines of any kind has never been done-and it will never be done by the CDC or the vaccine producers because these organizations forced them on the population and they know what the study will show..

The vaccine autism link will never be debunked because the CDC has known for at least 8 years they cause autism.

It is likely you have no idea what is in them but you can find our here.http://www.know-vaccines.org/faq.html…

You can link to a safer vaccination scedule here if you vaccinate at all once you know what they really do to people.

Read this.http://www.whale.to/vaccines/mendelsohn….
And this.http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/04/dr-bl…

Good site for inf run by a doctor.http://www.newswithviews.com/tenpenny/sh…

“A single vaccine given to a six-pound newborn is the equivalent of giving a 180-pound adult 30 vaccinations on the same day. Include in this the toxic effects of high levels of aluminum and formaldehyde contained in some vaccines, and the synergist toxicity could be increased to unknown levels. Further, it is very well known that infants do not produce significant levels of bile or have adult renal capacity for several months after birth. Bilary transport is the major biochemical route by which mercury is removed from the body, and infants cannot do this very well. They also do not possess the renal (kidney) capacity to remove aluminum. Additionally, mercury is a well-known inhibitor of kidney function. Http://www.whale.to/v/haley_q.html…


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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Maria asks…

What are your views on the MMR vaccine and autism?

Do you have children that you have decided to vaccinate or not, how are they developing? Please be honest – there is an epidemic of autism in this country (one in 130 kids!!!!!!) why the sudden increase over the last few decades if not the vaccines???? I’m petrified! I refuse to sentence my baby to mental retardation just because a doctor tells me to! HELP!!!!

admin answers:

You’ll have to make your own choice about vaccination. As the father of a 9 year old son with Asperger syndrome, a borderline autism spectrum, my experience was that he was developing quite normally, in fact above normal until he got the vaccine which did have thimerosal , at age 1 1/2. From then on he showed significant deterioration in verbal and social skills including eye contact and interaction. Before the shot he was beginning to speak and and react to his mother, siblings and I. He has been seen by the top experts in the United States, coast to coast, as we’ve spared no expense to provide the best medical treatment for him. His mother and I have undergone gene testing and have been determined NOT to have genetic markers for autism. No history of it in either of our familes at all. When I read and hear from all these naysayers pontificating that there is no connection between thimerosal /mercury vaccines and autism, I have to grin because without actually experiencing the results first hand they are only convincing themselves about what they believe and certainly not the heartbroken parents or children who suffer from vaccine related autism. And no, not every single case of autism is the result of vaccinations, but for the kids who suffer from it, the naysayers are doing a grave disservice to them and the public at large. So do what you feel is right for you and your kids and don’t let me or people who have opposing views to mine convince you one way or the other. But for those of you saying Aspergers syndrome is a “fad” I submit this: Asperger syndrome is named after Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger who, in 1944, described children in his practice who lacked nonverbal communication skills, failed to demonstrate empathy with their peers, and were physically clumsy. Fifty years later, AS was standardized as a diagnosis, but questions about many aspects of AS remain. For example, there is lingering doubt about the distinction between AS and high-functioning autism (HFA);partly due to this, the prevalence of AS is not firmly established. The exact cause of AS is unknown, although research supports the likelihood of a genetic basis; brain imaging techniques have NOT identified a clear common pathology. This is fact not a “fad”.

I wish you and yours the best.

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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Ken asks…

Do you think that vaccinations has a big roll in so many children having autism?

I have 2 small children, and lately I’ve been hearing so much about autism and that one factor can be vaccinations. I am terrified of having them get vaccinated now, is it okay if they don’t? will they still be allowed to go to school?

admin answers:

Hello – This is Julie Duffield – valentinewiggins@juno.com.

I have two children who regressed into autism following vaccination. They were so severe, institutionalization was recommened.

When we treated the damage done by vaccines, they improved. One child is considered recovered, the other is greatly improved.

Our medical story is located at
scroll down ‘3’ to Julie Duffield

check out the videos by top researchers and professionals on this topic at

Also, you do not have to vaccinate for your children to go to school. We do not live in a communist country, and we have rights. Each state has exemptions for vaccines. Medical, philosophical, and religious exemptions. Some states do not have a philosophical exemption.

I have claimed all 3 at various times. Our doctor has signed for medical exemptions, since my son has measles virus in his brain fluid, and my daughter got HepB from her Hep B shot…
But when we moved to a new state, our new doctors wouldn’t touch the medical exemption for fear of losing their license. I have claimed religious exemption, because I’m Christian, and I believe that prayer and meditation can bring me inspiration for major decisions, including medical.

No one can predict which kids will react, and how. Some children die. The majority don’t visibly react, but have problems down the road. How do you know a child was ‘born that way’, when you give them a vaccine during their first minutes of life?

Feel free to write me for more informaiton.
Take care,
Julie Duffield

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 6 Year Old

Donna asks…

Are you for or against child vaccinations?


Are there any independent research studies that have found a link between vaccination in children and illnesses such as autism and others?

Those who are opposed to child vaccinations – do you believe that all vaccinations are unsafe or just certain ones? If so, which?

admin answers:

I have this same question. I have been doing my own research for months now, and am sad to say that it is too late for my 5 year old and my 9 month old. The original thought was the MMR caused Autism, and depending on who you talk to, most believe with 100% that it does or does not. There was a mercury based agent in the MMR that has since been removed, but the hype is still out there.
That being said, if you check out what is actually in the immunizations, you would be horrified. I hate reading these long responses, but I believe this is worth it:
Ammonium Sulfate
Suspected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve and respiratory system poison.

Known to cause cancer, suspected gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin and sense organ poison

Genetically modified yeast, animal, bacterial and viral DNA
Can be incorporated into the recipient’s DNA and cause genetic mutations.

Latex Rubber
Can cause life-threatening allergic reactions

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Being studdied for mutagenic, teratogenic (developmental malformation and monstrosities) and reproductive effects. A neurotoxinAllergic reactions range from mild to severe.

Implicated as a cause of brain damage, suspected factor in alzeheimers, dementia, seizures and comas. Allergic reactions can occur on skin.

Major constituent of embalming fluid; poisonous if ingested. Probable carcinogen; suspected gastrointestinal, liver, immune system, nerve, reproductive system and respiratory poison. Linked to lukemia, brain, colon and lymphatic cancers. (So toxic that when working with it, you must have your face covered so you dont breathe in too many of the fumes… And we’re injecting ourselves with it.)

Live and killed viri and bacteria or their toxins. The polio vaccine was contaminated with a monkey virus now turning up in human bone, lung lining, brain tumors and lymphomas.

Polysorbate 80
Known to cause cancer in animals

Suspected nerve and kidney poison

Poisonous if injected. Causes birth defects in experimental animals

Produced from pieces of calf and cattle skins, de-minerialized cattle bones and pork skin. Allergic reactions have been reported.

Gentamicin sulfate and polymyxin B
Allergic reactions can range from mild to life threatening.

Mercury (Thimerosal)
One of the most poisonous substances known. Has an affinity for the brain, gut, liver, bone-marrow and kidneys. Minute amounts can cause nerve damage. Symptoms of mercury toxocity are similar to those of autism.

Neomycin Sulfate
Interferes with Vitamin B6 absorption. An error in the update of B6 can cause a form of epilepsy and mental retardation. Allergic reactions can be mild to life-threatening.

Phenol / phenoxyethanol (2-pe)
Used as an antifreeze. Toxic to all cells and cabable of disabling the immune system’s primary response mechanism.

Human and animal cells
Human cells from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin. Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others.

” A major cause of the roman empire’s decline after 6 centuries of world dominance was its replacement of stone aqueducts by lead pipes for the transport and supply of drinking water. Roman engineers, the best in the world, turned their fellow citizens into neurological cripples. Today, our own “best and brightest” with the best of intentions, achieve the same end through childhood vaccination programs yeilding the modern scourges of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, appetite disorders, and impulsive violence.”
-Harris L. Coulter, Ph. D

Last, but not least, all those doctors out there STILL insisting vaccinations are safe, check out this website and then tell me what you think.

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Question?: Autistic Behavior

Mary asks…

How young can you first notice the social differences of a autistic child?

I have heard that autism can’t be diagnosed until a child is about 1 year or older. I am wondering if autistic children behave the same way as non-autistic children as a babies (less than 1 year old)? I also know that autism affects a child’s ability to interact/communicate/socialize with others. I’m wondering if a happy baby who smiles ALL THE TIME and loves people could develop autism or if most autistic kids were more withdrawn as a baby?

admin answers:

Can’t speak for all autistic children here, but my son from a very early age seemed to absorb everything going on around him; sometimes looked at people and sometimes didn’t; showed little receptive/expressive/interactive responses to the attention of others and all this was obvious from around the age approx. 3 months (possibly earlier, when the ‘average’ baby can be seen to respond in an interactive manner to the attention of others).
He was formally diagnosed with autism at the age of two.
But I knew from the above mentioned very early age that he was a little different to my other children. (Adored him no less)
Some close friends and family even stated that he seemed to be a wise soul who seemed he had “been here before”.
If my son had displayed an avid interaction with those around him (and me) as a baby, I may never have suspected the possibility of autism.
Having many family members and friends on the spectrum, I have observed their varying degrees of interaction with others (particularly the ones I have known as babies), but the one-on-one interaction before the age of 1 was generally minimal.
Some children travel through early baby-hood seeming to respond ‘normally’, only to appear to ‘change’ to ‘silent-mode’ and present with autistic behaviours after e.g. Vaccinations.
Personally, I don’t believe in the vaccination ‘connection’.
Autism, I believe, is genetic by nature.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 6 Year Old

Ken asks…

Do You Think Autism Is From Mandatory Vaccines?

My 6 year old has Autism and he was fine until his MMRI vaccine.

admin answers:

I think the evidence in favor of vaccine-induced autism is casual at best. There may be some indication that in “autism sensitive” individuals, vaccinations can spur the presentation of symptoms, but even that isn’t very well supported.

I believe that if autism was truly caused by childhood vaccinations, there wouldn’t be a statistical ratio in favor of males… All females get vaccinated just like males do, so if vaccines were the cause of autism, it makes sense that it would affect the genders much more equally. But the fact is that autism favors boys 8:1, possibly because of differences in the natural development of grey matter in areas of the brain concerned with social interaction in males and females. All women have more grey matter in this area than males, autistic or not, so the research suggests that males are more likely to develop autism than females because they already have fewer neural connections in that part of the brain.

I think it is probably just a coincidence that your son started showing his autistic symptoms coinciding with his MMRI vaccination. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with very young children, and doesn’t become apparent for a few years. Regardless of what caused it, I’m sorry that you both have to deal with that, but I wish you both the very best in the future. Good luck!

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Infants

David asks…

Do parents reserve the right to refuse vaccinations?

What information, if any, is available that links over vaccination to autism?

admin answers:

Yes, you can, but as others are saying, please do thorough research.

You may have heard about the measles outbreak in the US. It’s striking people who weren’t vaccinated. Every past outbreak has killed infants and children. I am sure that those parents never thought that it would their unvaccinated children who would die.

The truth is that there has never been a proven link between autism and vaccines although there is some compelling evidence suggesting a possible link. It may be true. It simply hasn’t been proven to be true.

The decision point for me was answering the question “Do I want a living child with autism? Or a child to die from a preventable childhood disease?”

Once I phrased the question that way, I vaccinated my son without hesitation.

People may argue with this way of asking the question or thinking of it this way, but the truth is that by not vaccinating you are gambling with your child’s life.

You never know where the person standing next to you even at the grocery store has been. The world has gotten much smaller. Any person could have returned two days ago from a trip to Indonesia or Africa or Sri Lanka or another foreign area. If that person was exposed to an illness, they could be carrying it even if they don’t have symptoms or aren’t sickened by it really. If they touch or breath on your child or touch your cart which your child then touches, your child is exposed.

I simply wasn’t willing to take the risk.

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