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Question?: Rett Syndrome In Boys

Donald asks…

Survey: How aware are you?

today is autism awareness day and all of april is autism awareness month i want to see how aware people actually are by asking afew questions
answer with what you honestly know if you want to look up the answers after you answer yours feel free to but not till you answer first

Question 1. what is meant by “autism spectrum” disorders?
2. What are sensory issues?
3 true or false if someone is not diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder by age 12 that means they dont have one.
4. true or false autism is very rare in girls
5.true or false autism spectrum disorders are obvious and you can tell right away if someone has autism
6. what is asperger’s syndrome?

bonus question: can you read this article then tell me your reaction and weather you learned anything new http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/05/dont-judge-a-mother-until-you-know-the-whole-story/
oh and for why its in this section is because i feel in my opinion part of being spiritual is being in tune with the world around us and understanding others (or atleast trying to understand others)

admin answers:

1. The autism spectrum consists of classical autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, and PDD-NOS. All these disorders involve social and communication issues in some way. The symptoms appear early in childhood and last throughout the lifetime.

2. Sensory issues are a common feature of autism spectrum disorders. Most frequently they are hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity, either in general or with specific stimuli. For example, I’m extremely sensitive to sound, and metal on metal is one sound in particular that’s painful for me. I’m hyposensitive to pain. Another common issue is difficulty filtering out background information, like music playing in the background. Sensitivity and filtering problems can lead to constant sensory overload.

3. False. The symptoms appear early on, but they aren’t necessarily caught early on. I wasn’t diagnosed with Asperger’s until I was 17.

4. False. It appears more common in boys, but the gender gap is actually a lot narrower. Girls are more likely to be misdiagnosed or undiagnosed for a variety of social and cultural reasons.

5. False. People with ASDs may not appear particularly unusual, or they may seem eccentric but not exactly autistic. If everyone could tell right away if someone had an ASD, mental health professionals are wasting their time with diagnostic evaluations!

6. Asperger’s is a mild form of autism. It’s very similar to HFA, but there’s no speech delay.

BQ: I liked the article. I think its meaning can apply to everyone – it’s important to not judge people right away, because you don’t know the whole story. What appears to be a poorly behaved child and an unconcerned mother is actually an overstimulated, anxious autistic child and a caring mother who’s trying to help him the best she can. Everyone has challenges that aren’t obvious from the outside, so it’s important to withhold judgment and keep an open mind, since there’s often more to a situation than meets the eye.

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Autism: A Hopeful Heart In The Midst Of Pain

Autism is the most damaging truth that an individual could ever face. It gives parents of autistic children a lifelong responsibility to take care of their own future. They begin to question destiny and wonder what is in store for their children’s lives. They have the darkest future ever. Will they ever experience the beauty of nature? Or just remain isolated their whole life? Will they ever find their one true love? Or just forever stay under the care of their parents? Will they ever pursue their dreams? Or just have no dreams at all? Well, these are just some of the heartbreaking questions that keep lingering in the edges of their minds and hearts.

To be able find answers to these queries, let’s take a careful glance at this medical condition. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability in which its causes can be rooted to genetics and environment. But even during this modern technology, there are no solid grounds to establish the primary cause of the disease. An autistic child doesn’t enjoy the thrills of his atmosphere. He has a world of his known and his interests just revolve around the world he created. He remains isolated from the rest of the world and unfamiliarity causes him to freak out. In short, he only finds comfort around familiar people in his life. Truly, we can fairly conclude that autistic children don’t find delight with environmental surprises.

Autistic children have difficulty in speech and communication. They find difficulty in expressing their feelings and understanding others as well. Their language and vocabulary skills are really poor. They speak in languages that only they can understand. At times, they also tend to have echolalia. This means they tend to repeat other people’s words. Because of this, they have impaired social interactions and imagination. They lose track of the society they are in. They cannot sustain building relationships with others. This may actually scare them. They only love routines. And a disruption in their usual schedules may break their hearts so deeply and may result to tantrums. They also have compromised learning skills. It’s difficult to instill new knowledge or information in their usual world. But, what is amazing with autistic children is that at most times, they have unique talents. They stand out at in a particular field and they are extremely excellent in that endeavor.

What is the treatment available?

Treatment methods for Autism is currently widespread. One of these is the hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This therapy basically helps the patient breathe in extra Oxygen through a pressurized chamber. According to studies, patients who have received at least 40 hours of therapy for more than a month were observed to be more tolerable and quick to respond when being talked to. There is no explanation as to the improvement of this kind of treatment. What is believed is that the pressurized Oxygen could reduce the inflammation which have been said to constrict the flow of blood to other areas of an autistic child’s brain which controls speech.

Being good stewards of the human race, we should not take autism as a curse but as a special responsibility. It is not the autistic children’s fault why they are made that way. So, the best thing to do is to provide emotional and social support to them. Never look at them in a judgmental way and never turn your back away from them. They need our love and acceptance. In that manner, you’ll truly nurture hope in their seemingly hopeless condition. It’s true that there is still no cure for autism. But, do you know what the best cure for these autistic children is? It is our longtime support, unconditional love and nonjudgmental impression to them and their parents as well.

Francisco Perry is an enthusiastic writer of Chambertherapy.com who likes to share information on HBOT therapy and Portable Hyperbaric Chambers as well as related products.

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Infant Signs Of Autism – Signs and Symptoms of Autism in an Infant Or a Teenager

Infant Signs Of Autism

Initial symptoms of autism are often noticed by a simple parents or caregivers, especially within the first 3 years due to the fact that any congenital signs of the disorder which are present at birth are difficult to identify or diagnosed during infancy. It is only when the child starts to exhibit signs of being disinterested in playing certain games such as peekaboo, or does not begin to talk when other members of his playgroup or age starts to talk that the parents will begin to worry. Infant Signs Of Autism

The parents will begin to be more apprehensive when their autistic child begins to lose his or her language skills after starting to talk for a while. This condition often confuses the parents, especially about the child’s hearing abilities. In many cases, the child with autism does not seem to be able to hear, but at other times, he or she may appear to hear some distant background noise.

However, against popular opinion, very few children with autism are completely unsociable, or live in a world of their own. With powerful and effective strategies and early intensive treatment, most children with autism can improve in relating to others, can communicate well and help themselves in coping as they grow older. Infant Signs Of Autism

As an autistic child moves into his or her teenage years, behavioral patterns will often change. While they will gain new skills or deepen old skills, most autistic children still lag behind in social skills such as relating to or understanding others. This places pressure on the autistic child as he or she moves into puberty and begin to recognize emerging sexuality.

It is during this phase of life that teens with autism are at higher risk of developing problems that may lead to anxiety and depression and in some cases epilepsy. We often hear of cases of autistic children dying not because of autism, but because of related difficulties such as death from injuries sustained during a fall because of an epileptic attack or an episode of epilepsy. In other cases, the autistic child may have a propensity to experiment with his or her sexuality and there are cases of self mutilation of the body, including banging of the head against the wall or hitting the arm against furniture.

It is important therefore to be fully aware of the autistic condition of a child or teenager and to take special precautions to enable the safety of the child or to provide a safe environment for the child with autism as he grows up. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Infant Signs Of Autism program now!

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Characteristics Of Autism – Understanding Characteristics of Autistic Children

Characteristics Of Autism

Autism instigates the brain by making differences in the way autistic purchasers think, feel and solve socialization with others. Though autistic children are primarily highly intelligent, autism impairs them by affective their communication and interaction provided others, and the way they respond to external stimuli. Autism is one condition within a larger group of developmental disorders.

This collective grouping of disorders is often referred to as autism spectrum disorder. About 1 in 67 children are autistic, and boys are more likely to be autistic than girls. Autistic children can often be identified by their difficulty in expressing themselves, or understanding others. They have difficulty socializing with other children, and they often also engage in repetitive or obsessive behaviors.

There are also varying degrees of autism. Some severely autistic children have serious developmental delays, and may never speak. In a milder case of autism, a child may be highly functioning and display extreme intelligence, with only slight speech delays. Some autistic children are aggressive, while others avoid any contact, even eye contact, with others. In some cases, autistic children become so focused on a single activity they are oblivious to all else, even pain. Other typical autistic behaviors include hand flapping or repetitive rocking. A strict schedule can be a benefit to most autistic children. A regular routine makes it easier for them to understand what is expected of them, and brings order to their sometimes chaotic lives. Characteristics Of Autism

Because there is no medical cure for autism, parents of autistic children rely on therapies like behavioral modification to help their children. These therapies involve teaching children to deal with socialization, build communication skills, and strategies for dealing with obsessive or compulsive behaviors.

Early treatment is often the only way children afflicted with this developmental disorder can expect the best prognosis. When treatments are begun early in the autistic child’s life, they often see improvement as they grow, and in some cases, they learn to accommodate their differences and can lead relatively normal lives. According to statistics, there are about 400,000 autistic children in the United States. Though many of these children exhibit average intelligence levels, there are about 10 percent that have high intelligence, especially reflected in specific areas. Autistic children are known to be highly creative, for example.

Providing your autistic child with a consistent daily routine, and regular therapy, as well as your patience, is key to ensuring that your child will attain their full potential. Don’t underestimate them, as often their ability to learn and grow, in spite of their autism, will surprise you. Above all, love your autistic child, as he is uniquely and wonderfully made. Every day new discoveries are being made, and with continued research and development, new treatments are continuing to be developed and tested, and it may not be long before the keys to unlocking the mystery of autism are found, helping these children to become the best they can be. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Characteristics Of Autism program now!

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Autistic Resources – Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Autistic Resources

According to statistics, there are just about 400,000 autistic children in the united states! Early diagnosis of autistic children can let in the increased development of this social skills and the ability to better take service of themselves on a daily basis. Though autistic children are generally highly intelligent, autism impairs them by affective their communication and interaction with others, and the way they respond to external stimuli. Autistic Resources

Autistic children can often be called by their difficulty in expressing themselves, or understanding others Autism is more commonly known in the medical community as “autism spectrum disorder”. It was not until the middle of the 1900’s that science able to put a lable on something that was affecting so many people, especially children. Although autism is present at birth, signs of this disorder can be difficult to identify during infancy. Autistic Resources

Because there is no medical cure for autism, parents of autism children rely on therapies like behavioral modification to help their children. Some children are looking to be reached while others are not. However, most of these children have to be dependent on someone, for their whole life. Autistic Resources

As if raising an child with autism is not challenging enough in and of itself, many parents of find themselves being made targets for doing everything they can to include their children in as normal a family life as possible. Autistic children are visual learners and need a structured environment. In recent times a growing interest has been directed to teaching sign language to autistic kids who have failed to develop speech. Autistic Resources

Another more crucial advantage in teaching sign language is that it would lessen some of the learning problems that these kids face. Some severely autistic children have serious developmental delays, and may never speak. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autistic Resources program now!

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