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Question?: Schizophrenia Types

Jenny asks…

What distinguishes schizophrenia from other types of mental illness?

admin answers:

Schizophrenia like Bi-Polar or Uni-Polar are diseases just like diabetes or heart disease. They are caused by disruptions of the brain chemicals and the neurotransmitters. Schizophrenia is different because it causes one to have hallucinations, hear voices in their heads and sometimes paranoia that has to be treated.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 6 Year Old

Daniel asks…

Do you think many mental illness can be prevented in early childhood?

After teaching 3-6 year olds for several years and finding many childish attitudes to be corrected (such as obsessive compultion, hyper-sensitivity and hyper activity) I am wondering if there are many illnesses that cannot be controlled or prevented early before they continue and become a habit? Of course with extreme mental illness or physical brain damage, probably not, but I am wondering if many of the so called illnesses out there aren`t caused by children simply unable to mentally mature due to lack of training?

admin answers:

Theyve been teaching for years that there are two types of mental illness, the natural ones caused by defects in the brain, and the ones caused by external things. The theory that the caused mental illness rate is going up and is the real problem with mental illness in the world does seem to be gaining many followers.

Just look at autism. No one really knows the cause, but symptoms show up at different times leading to the theory that while it is generally thought to be genetic, it can also be caused by trauma.

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