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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Laura asks…

How early are the signs of autism?

And are they linked to vaccines

admin answers:

For some autism they are born with and signs are immediate. A child may not like to be held and squirm to be put down, they don’t smile or sustain eyecontact.

For those that develop autism the signs can start showing before 12 months. I have a son that was dx at 9 months. He did not answer to his name, and repetitively played with the same toy, he was a picky eater, and avoided eyecontact. He is not vaccinated. He has a dx of PDD.NOS

My oldest son developed autism later he also is PDD.NOS and was typical through 15 months. He was vaccinated through age 2.

Is autism linked to vaccines? Autism is an autoimmune disorder, and autoimmune disorders in general are on the rise epidemically especially allergies. I believe that vaccines contribute. The overload of toxins on an immature dysfunctional immune system can manifest in all kinds of ways like autism, allergies, bipolar, ADD/HD ect. Genetics are an integral component. So my answer would be yes indirectly autism can be linked to vaccines in some cases. So can a virus, oxygen deprivation during birth resulting in TBI traumatic brain injury, there seems to be an Rh connection in mothers of autistic children, also many moms fail the triple screen when pregnant who go on to have autistic children. There are so many correlations, its very complex.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Adults

Thomas asks…

How can you tell if an adult has autism?

My Husband has been diagnosed with chronic urticaria angie-o-adeema(sorry spelling) basically his mast cells r breaking down, and he is allergic to a lot of things including his own system, his mother told me he was classed as a “slow child”, didn’t utter a word till he was 3….now im adding things up here…and what i see is a form of autism….what do u think?

admin answers:

It is very difficult to explain in one short answer what autism is because it is unique to each person. I disagree that all autism is caused by toxins and vaccines. I know there is a class of autism caused by damage from toxins, but that is not the case with my son. BTW, a good diet will make anyone feel better, autistic or not.

My son has High Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome and it is obvious that it is genetic. He acts just like my husband, my BIL and FIL, my husbands brother and father. The only difference being that my FIL and BIL have worse symptoms than my husband and son. Also, my son started speaking quite young and never lost the ability to speak. It is clear that his condition was present from birth, before he was ever introduced to dairy or gluten or toxins. He was on an optimal diet of close to 100 percent organic foods, no dairy, no wheat, no sugar, and something was still amiss.

There is a lot of information out there about autism. I think the best way to figure it out without seeing a doctor would be to read a book about Autism Spectrum Disorders, maybe one specifically about adults.

My husband and his brother were both considered slow when they were children. It is a label that was used at that time because people had no other way to explain it, not that they really may have been slow. They both received speech therapy and still have issues with misunderstanding people in conversations and having a hard time getting their point across.

Here is a great article I recently found by an adult with autism or Asperger Syndrome


Good luck! If anything, I hope your husband can start feeling better. I know with my husband and son, being sick turns our home upside down because they have trouble expressing themselves.

P.s. Not trying to start an autism argument here. Just letting you know that there are many different opinions out there about autism.

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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Susan asks…

What is the probability that my child will have autism?

I don’t know if this will affect my children at all or not but my little brother has a form of autism called Asburgers Syndrome. He is the only one in my family who has it and my fiance doesn’t have anyone in his family with autism that we know of. I just want to know what the chances are that our children will have autism (specifically asburgers) so that my fiance and I can be prepared for it ahead-of-time. Thanks for your help=)

admin answers:

The new statistic in America is 1 in 38. Go to: www.marytocco.com and look at her web site regarding this issue. She has tons of information and recent up to date data that will help you understand this problem.

Dr. Einenstein in Chicago, Ill, has treated over 30,000 plus Amish children that do not get vaccinated, have minimal EMF exposure, and eat good quality foods. NONE of these 30,000 children have autism. NONE. You can choose to ignore the facts and believe people that have the most to gain by promoting vaccines, etc. Or accept the facts of what is right in front of us like the Dr. Einenstein’s data and tons of evidence showing similar results in cultures that do not vaccinate children. It’s your choice.

Dr. Andrew Moulden just won a case in vaccine court that showed “blood sludging” from the toxins in vaccines caused Ischemia in a child’s brain resulting in brain damage. Specifically, the aluminum and the small amount of mercury caused the toxins to coagulate, block small capillaries in the brain and create a mini-stroke that resulted in the brain damage. It was his discovery and development of some great software that now shows this is not an isolated incident and is happening everywhere. These mini-strokes are cumulative and when the child has enough of them, they get autism, brain damage, etc. If you are a doctor and not looking for this, you will not see it because the signs are subtle, but very obvious when you are looking for the problem. Less that 10% of the doctors in the U.S. Report to VAERS (vaccine adverse event reaction system) damage being done by vaccines, even though they are required to by law. It is simply NOT in their best interest to do so. It is clear to anyone educated, NOT indoctrinated, what is going on here. It is not the first time the public has been duped by marketing geniuses. Cultures that don’t vaccinate, don’t have AUTISM. What is so hard to understand and why isn’t there one study that has pursued this to see why? The simple answer is the people promoting the “bargain basement technology” as the chief scientist of the Merck Pharmaceutical stated, are not about health, but about profit.

Here is a video of Dr. Hilleman that you can see speaking in his own words about the “bargain basement technology” of vaccines and how AIDS got started.


In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (PL-99-660) that among other things required health care providers to report vaccine reactions to a centralized reporting system. As a result the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) to which parents, physicians and vaccine manufacturers could report adverse events was created. NVIC has assisted many parents in reporting adverse events following vaccination as many doctors refuse to make a report. Last year the U.S. Government (our public tax dollars, not the drug companies that caused the problem, but us) paid out over $1.5 billion dollars in claims for vaccine related deaths and illnesses caused by the vaccines!

Good luck to you

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Lizzie asks…

Why do older parents increase the risk of child abnormalities?

Why does the risk of having a baby with a chromosome abnormality increase as maternal age increases?

admin answers:

There are 2 sets of factors, they are not mutually exclusive, and both may well be important. One set of factors involves biological changes that occur as men and women get older and that can affect the outcome of the pregnancy. Down syndrome would be an example of an outcome we know is sometimes related to maternal age. For women, as they get older, the hormonal balance of the womb changes in some ways, and older women are more likely to have infertility. There has been speculation that the hormonal changes that contribute to infertility, or the treatments for infertility, may increase the risk for autism, but we don’t have very good data yet. As a woman ages, she will have an increased cumulative exposure to chemicals and toxins in her environment that may affect the neurodevelopment of the fetus. Again, there are not very much data there, but it makes good biological sense to conduct research on environmental factors to which the mother is exposed before or during pregnancy that may affect fetal neurodevelopment.

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Question?: Pdd Autism

John asks…

Does anyone have a child that was diagnosed with an autism disorder?

If so does people look at your child strange. My child has PDD and people can be judgemental about it.

admin answers:

I am saddened to tell you that my children and I recieved much emotional abuse, and my children were physically abused by the school system. I even have a family member who said it was my fault that my children had autism due to me not spanking and praying enough. Its so terrible. My children no longer have autism, and now I no longer have to be exposed to the abuse. I am so greatful for all the mom’s who shared how to rid autism by treating for toxins and pathogens. In the mean-time, try to connect with other parents of children with autism so you will have an understanding support system.

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo

Susan asks…

I know autism is typically shown as a child but can Autism also first show its signs in adulthood?

It may sound stupid, but are there two types of autism, one that develops in late teens/early adulthood or is just childhood?

admin answers:

If it is environmental as many believe, yes it can present later in life. But, most often the toxins are introduced to those sensitive to them in early childhood. There are not really two types of autism, there are millions, one for every affected person. I’ve yet to see two people who present in the same way with a diagnosis autism.

BTW – It doesn’t sound stupid, but a legitimate question.

Here is a site where lots of people know about autism first hand, not just from psych books. Http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Autism-Mercury/

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Question?: What Is Autism

George asks…

What is the best current explanation for autism?

I asked my psychology professor about what causes autism from a neurological perspective, and he said that if he could answer that question, he’d get a Nobel Prize. However, there must be many hypotheses regarding this question, so which one is the most plausible?

admin answers:

It’s principally genetic, (but not one single “gene for autism!) though there seems to be some variation which requires the influence of environmental factors.
The two most considered at present are variations in womb temperature, and in foetal steroid and non-steroid hormones,
(not toxins or infections, diseases etc.)
Neither of these strands have progressed beyond hypothesis, unless my reading is out-of-date.

I’m working from information in Simon-Baron Cohen’s Autism and Asperger Syndrome (2009)
He cites six strands of evidence pointing to genetics as the major and critical component.

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Question?: What Is Autism For Kids

George asks…

What is the reason for a a lot of young kids being diagnosed with autism?

I think its because of the all the druggies in the 60s and 70s them having kids and because of all the drugs in their system its causing their kids to have autism. Kids around 10-15 it seems i never see older people with austism but I’m not sure and I wanted to know really badly what other people know and think.

admin answers:

Your observation is absolutely correct, older people are healthier than younger ones nowadays. This did not use to be the case. I am quite perplexed by this as well. The only real difference between older and younger that I can think of is either the extra vaccines or the permanent under-development of the blood brain barrier while pregnant. These are the only two things that I can think of that separates the younger from the older. Things like electrosmog could permanently effect blood brain barrier, or maybe the extra toxins while pregnant somehow does this.

I know that autism is being reversed by ridding pathogens and toxins (my children no longer have autism as well), but I don’t understand why older people can eat things and do things and not get adversely effected like the younger generation. They don’t have as many allergies, chemical sensitivities, or as many diagnoses. Its not like gmo food came along and made everyone very ill. Although many claim it does, it definitely is effecting the young more than the old. Some of these savvy docs are saying the viruses form the vaccines are imbedding into DNA, breaking the immune system. I would like to know the answer to your question myself. I know it has something to do with pathogens and toxins, but not the specifics.

As far as how do drugs play into all this. To tell you the truth, I don’t think it has much to do with it. What I have noticed is that people who use drugs to an addiction are more likely self-treating an illness, like Bipolar. Their children are more likely to have Bipolar more from the passing of pathogens than from the drug effects. This is what I have noticed. I use to think, like many, that doing drugs would cause the problems, and it likely adds to the problem, but I found one is more likely to do drugs i

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Laura asks…

What baby vaccines are considered “dangerous” and why?

Okay, I’m totally freaked and didn’t know you were “allowed” to not have your kid vaccinated. Do you know which vaccines are considered dangerous and if so why? And, our little girl is 9 months old and has already had 3 sessions of shots for DTP, HiB, Polio, Hep B, PCV, and RV. Any info anyone knows is great. Thank you!

admin answers:

There are many toxins in all vaccines.

The one most people are concerned about is the MMR (usually given between 12-15 months) It may be connected to Autism somehow.

But all vaccines have ingredients in them, you’d never want to give your child otherwise. Aluminum, Formaldahyde, Aborted Fetus Cells, Monkey Cell, Paint thinner.. .The list goes on and on…

You do not HAVE to give your child any vaccines. They are supposedly “required” to enter school/daycare, but you can sign a waiver (very easy to do actually!) to enter public schools. Private schools can deny your child entrance. That’s it. Doctors/Insurance/CPS cannot make you vaccinate.

I did a lot of research, and if you read the statistics.. Serious side effects occur more often because of vaccines, than serious effects these diseases…

Good Luck with your research! ~

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Looking at 3 Techniques for Treating Autism

There are many strategies for treating autism. Regrettably, there is not just one approach that can entirely get rid of autism, although there are a lot of different healing options that can help with the various manifestations and assist the person stricken with autism to communicated better. Considering the amount of different kinds of autism, the same therapeutic techniques won’t work ideally for every individual. The methods used to treat autism that we’ll be discussing here have been used successfully, though in some cases they are controversial.

One of the most controversial treatments for autism is chelation therapy. This is derived from the concept that autism takes place, at least in some situations, from toxins in the air, particularly from heavy metals like mercury. Chelation therapy embraces the use of medical aids that help the body free itself from these adverse components. This is usually done with IV injections of amino acids, and there are also dietary requirements to help the healing process.

This is a manner that people think is a back-up, and conventional researchers do not rely on it. What’s more, there have been stories of autistic people who have become sick or even died from the side effects of this technique. Anyone considering this course of treatment is advised to do research and proceed with caution.

Although a majority of expert say that autism cannot be cured, there is at least one program that says it can teach autistic people to live regular lives. This program is called Son-Rise and it uses plenty of innovative strategies to show autistic kids how to learn things and be around other people. This program is called Son-Rise and it works by using many different methods to explain to autistic children how to learn and socialize with other people. This program has a very useful concept in that it believes that a child can be happy and fit in with society, no matter how he or she originally started in life. This is a very debated position, because the main viewpoint about autism is that most programs can only manage the symptoms . The Son-Rise program has many good ideas set in place, but it is very time consuming and expensive for those involved, which makes it not a good fit for many people. However, it might hold the clue for how to treat autism.

For people with Asperger’s Syndrome, who are able to function fairly normally, certain types of treatment are possible that wouldn’t be for those with more severe types of autism. For people with Asperger’s Syndrome, who can function in a normal manner, specific kinds of treatment are probable that may not be for those that have more serious types of autism. For instance, those with Asperger’s can usually be helped with cognitive Behavior Therapy, which is a way to train people to have better and positive behaviour. In the case of autism, it can be helpful to learn new social skills, and to learn how to act in ways that others don’t find strange or off-putting. Therapy can help autistic people who function well recognize how they are wanted to act in everyday situations. New treatments for autism are proposed often as the research continues. The biggest difficulty in finding a universal treatment for autism is that no one is sure what causes it. In most cases, treatments for autism are aimed at giving children basic skills that enable them to learn, play and interact better than they otherwise could. These are only a few of the autism treatments currently in use.
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