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Question?: Autistic Kids

Donna asks…

I have an interview to work with autistic kids, I totally dont know what2 expect, any ideas?

The interview is for 3 hours!! I don’t like not knowing what will happen in the interview. I would also appreciate any info on how to act around autistic kids, i have researched on the net but would appreciate first hand advice.
Thanks in advance! 🙂

admin answers:

I’ve done a similar interview and was given the job. I was a behavioural therapist for autistic children.

Ok so this is what happened to me.
My interview took the best part of a day. (actually it was a 2 part interview, with people who passed the first part called back for the second)

The preliminaries were covered.

They’ll ask you about your educational qualifications, previous work experience, why applied for the position. That was the easy bit.

Then in the afternoon, it was much harder. More practical based. We had to do play skills in front of the other applicants. For example we were given a simple toy (like a ball or spinning top), and told to make it appealing to the child. With the parents permission, autistic students at the school assisted in the application process so don’t be surprised if you are asked to do some real life one-on-one therapy in front others.

Goodluck xxxxxxxx

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Carol asks…

why one of the symptoms of schizophrenia is increased interest in religion and philosophy?

i was reading about schizophrenia and one of the symptoms mentioned this and i don’t really get it..

thanks in advance
no i am not as far as i know-schizophrenic .

admin answers:

Good question! I have read the same thing, and yes, my psychotic episodes involved religious aspects. In my opinion i would say maybe b/c of all the rules involved and the fear of punishment – scares them to a whole new level (AIDs is another one commonly over-feared during a psychotic episode). Also there are many mystical aspects to religion- to someone who is all of a sudden slip into a psychosis, not knowing what is going on with there mind may turn to religion as some kind of explanation. .. Hope you understand what im trying to say

EDIT: i think i wrote this backwards .. I believe it probably starts w/looking for some explanation of what is going on w/them… Then other thoughts/theories follow

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Question?: Pdd

Helen asks…

Anyone with a child that has a speech delay and/or PDD?

Was potty training more difficult for you? What worked?

My son is 3 and has both pdd and a speech delay and I am having a really hard time. I figure it is hard with a child that has normal communication skills, but he just doesn’t understand what I am getting at when I try to show him anything with the potty! Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Yes I know where you are coming from. My eldest daughter is now 5 years old and she didn’t talk till she was nearly 3 years old. She was diagnosed at 2 yr old with Williams Syndrome. Like you tho, toilet training was a nightmare! Eventually we did get there but probably more thanks to her younger sister who is now 3. It took our now 5 year old 14 months to toilet train her but just during the day. She still isn’t night trained yet but that is for another time! She also just didn’t get it. Now that we have had her diagnosed with mild intellectual impairment, this has made things a little easier for us because we at least know what she is and isn’t capable of understanding to a degree but we still have our bad days that’s for sure. We just kept persisting with her, but it was frustrating. When we started to train our then 2 year old, we were preparing ourselves for a tough road of training but to our surprise and huge relief, our 2nd child only took 8 weeks to train for both wees and poos. A couple of months later she trained herself at night too so no more nappies or pull up for her thank god! Now that my eldest and 2nd child are both trained we are hoping that our youngest now 21 months will be just as quick as her 2nd sister. Really sweetie, it will take a lot of patience on your behalf. Get him to watch daddy too if possible. All children are different so what may work for one child with a speech delay may not work for another. Have you been in contact with your child’s speech therapist or an occupational therapist? They can definitely help though. But seriously, don’t be in a hurry sweetie, it will happen in time. My hubby and I also did a course called “The Hanan Program – It takes two to talk” which is designed for children with speech delays and within 10 weeks we were getting words and very short sentences from our daughter. It doesn’t work for all children but it will definitely help mum and dad and therefore may still assist the child. Ask your child’s doctor or therapist about it if you are able. Good luck sweetie and all the very best of wishes.

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Question?: What Is Autism Yahoo

Jenny asks…

Does anyone have an example of a wheat & dairy free diet suitable for a child with autism?

I have a 13 year old daughter with autism, she’s a wonderful child, & has come a really long way. I have been reading that wheat & dairy free diets seem to free their bodies of yeast which have been said to “fog” their brain, & prevent them from expressing themselves more efficiently. Thanks in advance for your time.

admin answers:

I have found two websites, one is Autism Web, which probably has a lot of good information, as well as help with the diet you are curious about.

You can find a world of information on the internet by doing a Yahoo search for whatever you are looking for. I did a search for WHEAT AND DAIRY FREE DIET to come up with these links for you. There is also a lot of information about autism on the internet, as well.. Just do a search.

I sure hope things work out and glad your daughter has come such a long way. Hugs

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Pictures

Thomas asks…


I am currently attending Trident Technical College with intentions to transfer to College of Charleston, a 4 year college. I am currently taking some general classes, and will be majoring in Early Childhood Development & Education in Special Education… and taking some Associates of Arts classes. I am curious:
What is the main objectives of a special education teacher, and how does the position differ from a “regular” classroom teacher?…. younger elementary age.

If you can, briefly sum up the special educations teacher position. I am a new college student (first year) and am 100% passionate about teaching, and children. I currently am an hourly “teacher”/childcare provider at a preschool daycare (ages 9 months-16 months, approximately.) I am not sure if I will enjoy the special kids as much as the regular classes, and am curious at how I would handle it.. I am concerned about the level of patience and tolerance I will need, and if I will be lacking in that area!!! Sounds shallow, but it is a valid concern all the same. Of course I do realize that I have plenty of time to decide and assist in classes… but I’d love to hear about others experiences, knowledge, and input…

Do special ed teachers usually get paid more than regular ed teachers?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

admin answers:

All right. Well, my mother currently works in a special ed classroom as an aide. She works with the developmentally delayed preschoolers. I go visit the kids sometimes, and she tells me lots about them. Most of them are sweet kids. She has a total of i think 8 in the room, but some keep coming from other classes to get help from them because regular teachers don’t seem to want to give them a chance. Most of the kids just have developmental problems. They have to test into the class, meaning they have to meet with a lady at the school (cant remember what they call her) and perform a series of tasks to show that they are developed well enough physically to enter the class but that they still need some extra help learning. The object of this special ed program is to help prepare the children for kindergarten. Most of them are a little slow. One little boy has a bad problem with speech, one of them has muscular dystrophy and is on medicine that makes his little face swell, and one little girl has a problem with her eyes where she can barely see and has to wear bifocals. Some of the kids are on medicine and are very hyper. One little boy has something wrong with his nerves and is terribly hyper and has siezures and slow speech. Another little girl has Rett’s syndrome. Dont ask me how she tested into the class, she is unteachable and cant talk, all she does is sits around, screams,and poops. Rumor has it she was put in there to make the teacher in charge of the class mad. The teacher and aides work with the students on their alphabet, and they begin to teach them how to spell, especially their names. They might make a poster with pictures of something that starts with the letter they are learning on it, do a coloring sheet, practice how to hold a pencil, or watch a little kids movie or dora the explorer or something. The adults in the room are responsible for feeding the kids lunch and breakfast, and taking them to the bathroom. They all sit at a little table together to eat, and they line up single file and take turns in the bathroom. If the child does not know how to button their pants or wipe themselves, the teachers have to help them. Also the students have music where they sing songs and do little dances to them. This class is considered pre k, but there are some kindergarteners in there too. Most of the kids are four or five, i think there is one three year old and thats the girl who is unteachable.
Being a special ed teacher differs from a regular teacher because the students need more one on one attention. And as far as patience goes, yes, its good to have it, and lots of it! The kids my mom works with dont respond well to being yelled at, but my mom talks sweet to them, so they love her and do anything for her. There is both a certified teacher and an aide in the classroom, the aide does not need to have a degree.
As far as pay goes, from what my mom has told me about the certified teacher in the classroom, she makes more money than the other special ed teachers because she has a masters degree in special education and has been teacher for many many years. I think special ed pay is like regular teachers pay, better depending on your degree and years of expertise. This is just what it is like at my mother’s school, i dont know how it is at other places. Good luck if this is what you decide to do!

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Question?: Schizophrenia Stories

Robert asks…

Can you have schizophrenia without hallucinations of any kind (auditory and visual)?

And perhaps some personal experience stories with schizophrenia in the responses? My brother has it apparently and Im trying to get as much information on it as possible. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

In theory yes, it seems.

According to the Diagnostic Manual, you need at least two of these. Since there are five primary criteria, it is technically possible-

-Disorganized speech, which is a manifestation of formal thought disorder
-Grossly disorganized behavior (e.g. Dressing inappropriately, crying frequently) or catatonic behavior
-Blunted affect (lack or decline in emotional response), alogia (lack or decline in speech), or avolition (lack or decline in motivation)

However, in practice, it is extremely unlikely to get a diagnosis of schizophrenia without some kind of hallucination or delusion.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In India

Mary asks…

Any way to help a lady with breast cancer?

My sister’s hand hurts and swollen. Not sure if it affects from her breast cancer or what? Is there anyway to help her? We went to see a doctor and they use some chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They don’t care for her hand. She is so pitiful when her children are still very young. Thanks in advance for your ideas.

admin answers:

Ur concern, love & affection for Ur beloved sister is fine. It is this affection ‘in action’ to save her life vis-a-vis Ur entire family. Details follow:

TARGET THERAPY* It is the God-given therapy communicated to the mankind through THE RIGVEDA, one of the Hindu scriptures.

Dr.Vora designed it in such a way that the costs are the least for the survival/rescue of common man and the poor in villages, towns and metropolis on the globe; with NO insurance cover.

•No side effects and no risk. If it clicks, mostly possible, U shall have a cure. Lest, the therapy keeps mum. No extra risk. It is the most suitable line of treatment even for the terminally ill patients. Cancer cure/prevention is quite possible. U may try it for any incurable disease including cancer of any organ[s], post-surgical recurrence of tumors, Leukemia, HIV/AIDS,Crohn’s Syndrome, colon cancer, Thalassemia, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Tinnitus, all brain & spinal cord disorders, CLL, Crohn’s Syndrome, etc., —it should aim @ [3] steps.
1. Removal of toxins from all internal organs & purging through Normal Drainage systems, feces, urine, menses [females], skin, lungs and vomiting.
• 2. Activating all the internal organs to make each & every organ to function up to optimum levels.
3. Supplying vitamins, nutrients, micro-nutrients, minerals, trace elements for invigorating the entire Immune system to produce antibodies.

• I studied all the books of Dr.Vora and helped my beloved Mummy in 1992 by strict compliance of all the stipulated instructions.
• Acupressure techniques & Indian Natural Remedies [comprising Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Bio-chemic salts, Herbal Remedies, Yoga/Meditation, Magneto-therapy, Sidha, etc.,] can meet all the requirements.
• Acupressure Techniques—NO SIDE EFFECTS. NO HOSPITALIZATION. Costs Affordable even by the poor. An acupressure Therapeutist can, not only diagnose any disease instantaneously, but, also prevent/treat any disease & or the affected organ[s] with the aid of Indian natural remedies. All stipulated instructions must be followed most religiously. The % of success depends upon the extent of compliance.
Remote control Acupressure points given by the God. For Treatment, hard-pressure is to be applied on & around these points with Ur thumb and middle finger.
Dorsal side of Palms & soles to diagnose & treat ailments of eyes, spine, breast cancer, etc.,:
4. U may try acupressure techniques and natural remedies strictly for 45 days and If U find any perceivable improvements, U may continue it for another 45 days & thereafter to have total cure.

PS:If satisfied/benefited with, U may inform others to browse ‘Yahoo Answers’ on any health issue.

Source: ‘HEALTH IN UR HANDS’ [Vol. & II] available in all Indian Languages all over the globe] by Dr.Devendra Vora, DSc.,MD.,FRCP.,—an octogenarian & the pioneer in Acupressure in India.
Dr.Vora, the world renowned Acupressurist, an octogenarian and the Bhishma Pithamaha of acupressure in India— cured and caused to cure more than 150000 cases of Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, irregular menses and also many other most dreaded diseases—Dr.Devendra Vora has analyzed that pressure applied on certain points located on the palms and soles helps to stimulate all organs of the body, prevents disease and assists in maintaining good health. Acupressure also helps to diagnose, prevent and cure diseases like common cold, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Migraine, Paralysis, and even cancer, HIV/AIDS. Autism, Thalassemia, Muscular Dystrophy, all brain and spinal cord affected diseases.
In order to prove the “Miracles of Acupressure Techniques & Indian Natural Remedies”, we made Recorded documentations with cure for Autism, Thalassemia, breast cancer, Wilm’s tumor, Arthritis, Muscular Dystrophy, HIV/AIDS, Autism, etc., etc.

Latest updates* on “Miracles of Acupressure & Indian Natural Remedies.” With recorded documentation.

• 2. A diabetic patient aged 62 years from Hyderabad. Mastectomy of left breast in 2005 and recurrence of tumors in the left chest in 2011. Metastases/Secondaries spread to sternum and complained of breathing problems, constipation, insomnia, severe pain edema in the left chest. Chemotherapy is fraught with severe reactions & doctors refused to treat her due to advancing age & extremely weak constitution. Patient shifted to Acupressure Techniques & Indian Natural Remedies on 17102011. Feed back Dated 01012012-sleeping well, edema and pain subsided substantially and no problem of breathing on passing very stinking stools on 15122011.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Research

Betty asks…

Interventions Rett syndrome?

Hi im doing research about Rett syndrome, when i search there a topics about it. But what i want to know are some of the things what people do when someone with RS starts to scream/cry/yell? How do you act when they start doing that?

My question is the intervention when someone with RS wringing hands, cry etc.

Thanks in advance

admin answers:

You act normal, casually try to soothe them
try to identify soothing activities, move the person a round, walk, reposition.

For the hands..give them something to do with their hands –maybe something to hold on to like a squeezable ball or textured item

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Question?: Schizophrenia Causes

Susan asks…

what are the cognitive views of what causes schizophrenia?

I have an assignment at my university dealing with a case study, i chose the one who had schizophrenia and the question asked for the cognitive theories to what caused the dysfunction. I would like to know the cognitive factors. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Schizophrenia has many causes. Could be genetics… An experience in childhood.. The best way to get true life facts on this disorder would be to start at your university library. I studied bits of it in my psychology course in college but that doesn’t mean I have enough answers for you. This disorder is one that is so interesting though in that you can find so many medical books and studies to help you with this exact question. Good luck to you.. Also I have to add and I’m sure your learning this at your university… Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Much luck and well wishes.

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Video

Linda asks…

Does anyone know the name of this genetic disease?

I’m trying to write a short story about parents whose child is diagnosed with a genetic disorder – it’s one that I saw in a video in 8th grade science, and now I can’t come up with the name.

All I remember is that the child is born and develops normally for (I believe) anywhere from several months to one or two years, and then suddenly begins to regress both physically and cognitively. The child usually dies very young in life, before he or she is five. This is rough information and probably not accurate, but it’s what I remember. There’s no cure, and very little treatment – parents just have to make sure the child is comfortable as it regresses.

Does anyone know the name of this disease? I’ve spent an hour on Google and so far Rett syndrome is the closest I’ve found, and I’ve almost definitely ruled out PDD.

Thanks in advance for the help!

admin answers:

ALD? Not sure..sorry!

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