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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

Thomas asks…

Can you develop autism as a teenager/adult?

I have been seeing a therapist for a few years, and she seems to think that I am developing autism. I’m 16 years old, and I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to develop autism at this age. I’m almost positive that my therapist is just a nutjob, because she’s also told me that I have mild schizophrenia, which is in no way true (and I actually DID see a doctor about that). I just want to be sure.

admin answers:

No, autism is something people are born with, not something you can acquire. One of the criteria for classic autism is that the symptoms must appear before the age of 3. It’s possible to be diagnosed as a teen or adult, but not to develop it.

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Question?: Angry Autistic Teenager

Mary asks…

I’m scared to go in public. I’m only 14 years old. What will life be like later life?

Couple years ago i started year 7. (Im Autistic btw) Everytime there was an argument or some b*tchy girl was being mean i felt like punching them in the face. Don’t we all? But then it got worse, whenever i felt sad I wanted to hurt someone, I didn’t want to though. I vivdly remember going to y dads and playing with my little brothers (3 and 5 at the time) The older one was jumping around the round screaming and wooping. He is very energetic and bouncy. I got stressed from the noise and i picked him up. I wanted to throw him but i just gained control and put him down on the armchair. I said”Angus, you need to calm down now. I am very tired ok?” he said ok and ran off to play sandcastles with Monty the younger one. I felt horrified about thinking such a thing. I do still have moments now but I am 100% in control. I only think thoughts rarely but i never do anything. very rare happen now but I do still have problems. I am scared of loud noises which i do sometimes find disturbing and therefore i do not like crowds. If I’m alone for a moment I freak out turning all the lights on and turning on TV’s to make it think there’s someone in the house. I feel there are ghostlike people in our house and the only place that is safe is with someone or in my bedroom. Sometimes I’ll want to cry for no reason, yet im not depressed.

Because of all these problems I’m scared of setting foot outside alone now. I could walk all the way to the shops before high school, now i can’t go anywhere. I accept the fatc that “im just 14” but what about in later life? Im autistic remember so these problems may never go away. I don’t want to do counselling, it didn’t work before.

admin answers:

Maybe you should try talking to someone you trust like your parents or a teacher? They could help you see that there really is nothing to be afraid of. I’m a teenager and I’m not autistic or anything but I know when I have a problem or something it helps to talk it through.
You said counselling didn’t work for you, well maybe you could try a different counsellor, as not everyone clicks with certain people.
It’s really great that you have learned to control yourself in the situations where you feel angry and violent, but you should definitely talk to someone you trust about this, because you never know when one day it could go too far and someone could get hurt, including you.

I wish you all the best xxx

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

Sharon asks…

Without them telling you can can you tell if a teenager/young adult suffers from the following conditions?

1. Autism
3. Dyslexia
4. Anorexa

You dont have to pick all 4 conditions if you dont want 2. If you just want to pick 1 or 2 then thats fine 🙂

admin answers:

1.sometimes i can tell it really depends on how severe it is. But most of the time i can suspect but i couldnt actally know without meeting them and iinteracting with them and stuff

2 no because symptoms of adhd can all be signs of other things as well. For example some of the signs like inatentiveness and zoning out could actually be explained by a diagnoses of one of the autistic spectrum disorder’s ( autism, asperger’s, ect.) they can also be signs someone just is tired or bored and stuff

3. No how do you know its not some other larning disability or even not an ld at all but alanguage barrier.

4. No you cant tell by just looking

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

David asks…

Is it possible to develop autism later in life (like as a teenager or into adulthood)?

Or another words can people be totally “normal” as toddlers and children, and show signs for it as they grow older? Thanks 🙂
Oh and no I do not think I have autism or any other mental disability. I am purely curious because I am reading a book about someone living with autism right now.

admin answers:

No. Autism is a developmental disorder, meaning the symptoms develop early on and last throughout the lifetime. One of the diagnostic criteria is that the symptoms must be apparent by the age of 3. If autism-like symptoms appear later, it is due to some other cause.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome

Helen asks…

Parents who have a child with Asperger syndrome, how do they get along with peers?

I am a college student.
I am doing a study on Asperger syndrome and high functioning autism and peer acceptance.
I also have a 16 year old son who has Asperger syndrome.
Any help in this matter would be greatly apprectiated.

admin answers:

Lifeline you are wrong.

My brother is 14 and has aspbergers. Sure, he is a little awkward sometimes, but not much more than any teenager. He had issues when he was younger mostly dealing with anxiety, but he has gotten better with age and therapy. He is on medication, but he is on less as he ages. Children with aspbergers do usually have “sensitive” stomachs and may have allergies or intolerances. But aspbergers is a type of high functioning autism and will not affect a person’s life negatively if the right steps are taken-my litle brother is proof!

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

David asks…

What do you know about getting disability if someone ?

Is not diagnosied for autisum but feels they have it and has symptoms of sever depresion were can they get help to survive?

admin answers:

Disability benefits aren’t what you need first. Your depression could very well be treatable. If so, you would not be eligible for benefits. Are you depressed because you think you have autism? Autism at your age (I have to assume you are at least a teenager) has usually not gone unnoticed by schools.

My guess is you are a product of the current society which seems to be bent on diagnosing teenagers and young adults who are going through absolutely typical rough spots in their life with a disability. If you are in school – go talk to a school counselor or social worker. If you are out of school go to a local mental health center.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

William asks…

how do i know if i have bipolar disorder or high function autism?

i think i might be bipolar and i also think i might be autistic. whats the best way to tell? what are symptoms?

admin answers:

I don’t know much about autism ..but I know a lot about bipolar..because ..that would be me! If you have this chemical imbalance..you will have really big changes in moods. Not just changes but going from being really talkative..outgoing..”smart” creative..just about the finest person you know…to feeling like the whole world is closing in on you..like you can’t possible be worth anything to anyone..like you aren’t capable of getting your act together, because you really have no act!
One side is Manic / (mania) the other side is severe depression..
If you think this is what you have…you can’t fix it by yourself.. If you could ..you would have by now. There are medications available, that can be prescribed by your doctor. Most of them have minor side effects. It takes them about 3 weeks to get into your system before you can tell much difference. Bipolar is also a much tossed around term right now. Everyone and his dog thinks he must be bipolar because his life is a mess and he’s moody. Symptoms like these can just be part of everyday life…especially for a teenager. You have so much going on in your body tat it’s amazing it can go to sleep and wake up everyday! I think autism is more of a general “non ability” to fit into social situations, andlife in general. It comes with actiung out behavior. It doesn’t come with the strong on and off black and white emotional swings that bipolar does. Check on line..you’ll find more stuff than you’ll want! Basically, if you think this may be your problem,call you doctor and have a talk with him. He can run some tests and tell you more about your options. All I know is…life doesn’t have to HURT…life is a struggle for everyone..but it doesn’t have to hurt! Think about this…do some more checking and then call your doctor. The medications available are wonderful..IF…the two of you can figure out what is wrong ..it can be fixed,or at least made much better good luck ?

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

Thomas asks…

What is mild autism and how does it affect a child?

I was diagnosed with mild autism when I was three-years-old. I have three questions:
(1) What is mild autism?
(2) How does it affect a child?
(3) Does it keep on going through your teen years, when you’re a teenager?

Thanks ?

admin answers:


Well, mild autism likely means that you are on the higher functioning end of the spectrum, perhaps with Aspergers.

As far as how it affects someone, this varies depending on the person because everyone is so different.

Likely, a child with mild autism is awkward in social situations, may act out or not really know how to play with other children very well (although this may vary depending on how much a child is affected). The child may have trouble communicating.
The child may have frequent tantrums or trouble transitioning from one activity to the next. This may cause stress.
Often, a child with autism will have something s/he is very interested in, such as cars or planes, or cereal boxes. The extent of this too depends on the person.

As far as what happens when you become a teenager, this also varies, and I would say is somewhat unpredictable because of all the changes that happen to a person in their teenage years.

It probably won’t just “go away”, as autism or aspergers is something that is a part of who a person is. But depending on the person, the symptoms may lessen or become less apparent. It all depends on how well someone has learned to adapt to their circumstances and deal with every day life.

If you want to read about my experiences as a teenager with aspergers, please take a look at my book, Raging Horrormoans. It’s available on my website:


Good Luck!


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Autism Has Been Cured

Or so the American Psychiatric Association says. The APA has a new diagnostic definition of Autism which will make the one in 110 epidemic go away. What will really happen is that the children with a higher functioning autism spectrum disorder will cease to get the help they need.

Statistics prove that early diagnosis and early intervention is key. Without the diagnosis of PDD-NOS, PDD, Aspergers, and High Functioning Autism, that help will be nonexistent for a lot of families already struggling to make ends meet. Very few insurances pay for the therapies these kids need in order to be functioning adults in society. The estimated costs for some of these therapies can be from $39,000 to $130,000. In Pennsylvania, some programs can be paid by the state with medical assistance. But, to qualify for the medical assistance, the child needs to be declared as disabled. This new definition will have these kids falling through the cracks.

Regardless of a diagnosis, children with autism-like symptoms need professional help. Teachers don’t know how to get through to some of these kids to give them the help they need. Unless they are learning support teachers, they just are not taught how to deal with the behavior problems the students with autism spectrum disorders are plagued with, some times due to the stress of school.

On the other side of this debate, the new definition will weed out the children with autism-like behaviors brought on by abuse, neglect, and attention. Schools will not be allowed to make on the run diagnosis in hopes of more funding. There will be a stricter criteria that must be met for a true diagnosis.

Personally, as a mom with a teenager that has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS, this new criteria scares me. My son has a lot of behaviors that he has outgrown, but a lot that he still struggles with on a day to day basis. Without the special programs in the area, he wouldn’t be doing as well as he is. But, the new diagnostic definition is a needed change because I, as a parent with a special needs child, see teachers and other adults that are not qualified to do so, make unprofessional opinions on children based solely on the child’s behavior. Which is unfair to that child who has now been labeled by someone who is supposed to be advocating for all children. And that child will now be treated differently by the adults around him all because of one biased opinion based solely on behavior.

My hopes for this new development is that there will now be more money spent on therapies for the children and adults that truly need it.

Sherry Vulgamott has been married to her high school sweetheart for 24 years and together they have 3 great kids. In her spare time, Sherry enjoys being with her family and friends, reading, writing, camping, and taking care of her parrots. Sherry invites you to her blog: http://sherryvulgamott.wordpress.com/ and asks that you comment on her posts with any questions or statements you have.

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