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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Test

John asks…

Should i go to the doctors to be tested?

I just did an online survey for aspergers syndrome and the results showed that there’s a 79% chance that i have the condition, should i go to the doctors and request to be tested for it? Also what kind of treatments are available for it?

admin answers:

In all honesty, I think you’re over-reacting.
You’re young, forget about it. It’s just you growing up.
But, to be honest, if you’re worried, go to the doctors, don’t moan about it on here.
I’ve read your other questions and I just want to say that i think you’re an attention seeker. Being engaged while being a teen is far.
You’ve not even properly experienced love, and to go out with someone entirely new after two weeks is pathetic. If you’re so “heartbroken” it’d take you a good couple of months to get over, so Sally, grow up. Seriously.

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