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Question?: Pdd

Helen asks…

Anyone with a child that has a speech delay and/or PDD?

Was potty training more difficult for you? What worked?

My son is 3 and has both pdd and a speech delay and I am having a really hard time. I figure it is hard with a child that has normal communication skills, but he just doesn’t understand what I am getting at when I try to show him anything with the potty! Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Yes I know where you are coming from. My eldest daughter is now 5 years old and she didn’t talk till she was nearly 3 years old. She was diagnosed at 2 yr old with Williams Syndrome. Like you tho, toilet training was a nightmare! Eventually we did get there but probably more thanks to her younger sister who is now 3. It took our now 5 year old 14 months to toilet train her but just during the day. She still isn’t night trained yet but that is for another time! She also just didn’t get it. Now that we have had her diagnosed with mild intellectual impairment, this has made things a little easier for us because we at least know what she is and isn’t capable of understanding to a degree but we still have our bad days that’s for sure. We just kept persisting with her, but it was frustrating. When we started to train our then 2 year old, we were preparing ourselves for a tough road of training but to our surprise and huge relief, our 2nd child only took 8 weeks to train for both wees and poos. A couple of months later she trained herself at night too so no more nappies or pull up for her thank god! Now that my eldest and 2nd child are both trained we are hoping that our youngest now 21 months will be just as quick as her 2nd sister. Really sweetie, it will take a lot of patience on your behalf. Get him to watch daddy too if possible. All children are different so what may work for one child with a speech delay may not work for another. Have you been in contact with your child’s speech therapist or an occupational therapist? They can definitely help though. But seriously, don’t be in a hurry sweetie, it will happen in time. My hubby and I also did a course called “The Hanan Program – It takes two to talk” which is designed for children with speech delays and within 10 weeks we were getting words and very short sentences from our daughter. It doesn’t work for all children but it will definitely help mum and dad and therefore may still assist the child. Ask your child’s doctor or therapist about it if you are able. Good luck sweetie and all the very best of wishes.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Donald asks…

Is there a link between Clomid and autism in kids?

Does Clomid effect the baby any? I am so worried. I am suppose to start today and don’t want to cause of me worrying. Please help me to know the answer.

admin answers:

This may come as a surprise, but recently, a large research study out of Scandinavia has shown that children born from fertility treatment actually have a LOWER incidence of autism than children conceived naturally. The reason is not clear.


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Camp Stimey is Dead; Long Live Camp Stimey

So. Camp Stimey. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that every summer I run Camp Stimey for my kids. I plan theme weeks and we do activities to keep busy and learn.

You can find a summary of most of our theme weeks over there in the right sidebar—or by clicking this link.

Camp Stimey is beloved, by both me and by a lot of you. So it is with great sadness that I have to say that I think Camp Stimey has run its course as an official, consistent activity of Team Stimey.

I’m sorry.

Part of it is that I’ve lost the energy to organize and plan it every week during the summer. Part of it is that my kids are older and need less structure. Part of it is that it is harder to come up with activities that keep the attention of all three of them. And a big part of it is that Jack is in full-day camp for five weeks every summer, so it is hard to plan all the fun stuff without him.

I came to this realization during this summer’s Week One, which was Magic Week. Never fear, I will be regaling you with our activities. They include a knife fight. For reals.

Also, don’t cry too much about Camp Stimey. Camp Stimey will stick around in some form or other. It’s just that it will be less consistent and formalized so I don’t feel bad when I flake on it. And I know none of you are all, “Why the hell did she take a week off from Camp Stimey?! UNFOLLOW!!!” but I don’t like not following through on things, so now instead of being all, “Dammit, I have to think of something to do for Camp Stimey, oh, fret, fret, fret!” I will get to say, “I know no one expected Camp Stimey this week, but I set up an entire Olympic tournament to take place in my yard this week, which makes me awesome for going above and beyond!”

See how it works?

Also it’s the end of July and we’ve done exactly one Camp Stimey week, so I can’t imagine that this is a surprise to anyone.

Please address your comments and concerns to Head Counselor Stimey.

p.s. Do you think I could use the term “Stimey” more in this post?

p.p.s. Stimey

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Should An Autism Teacher Show Students How To Lie?

An autism teacher has a truly awesome job, one not to be taken lightly. Autistic children need a tremendous amount of attention and instruction — not necessarily just in the basics like reading, writing and arithmetic, as those are skills that all students at all levels need to know, but in other skills that you may not find specifically written down in the curriculum — social interactions.

You need to understand that autistic children, for the most part, are not stupid or even dumb. In fact, many studies and tests have concluded and come to realize that autistic children are generally some of the smartest children in the school, at least from an academic standpoint. Many of them will learn quickly if the autism teacher has employed the right kind of teaching aids and approaches that are required when teaching children with autism.

But where these types of students need the most help is with social interactions. For whatever reason, their social skills are severely impeded and they need instruction and repetitive teaching to help them understand how to act, behave and react in today’s society. One of the ways these types of students seem to learn best with the most retention is by example, and not to anyone’s surprise, the typical example they examine and view as a role model is their autism teacher, which puts an additional load of responsibility on that teacher.

You may think that these students only learn in the classroom but that is far from the truth. Yes they learn in the classroom but they also learn a great deal outside the classroom, and since they usually live in the some city or general area, they will frequently see their autism teacher out and about, and will continue to see them as an example or role model to be following and imitating.

While most autism teachers take their responsibility seriously and recognize this fact, there are some, as shown clearly in this case study, who should not be teaching autism because their life outside of the classroom is NOT something that should be viewed by anyone as an example or a role model. As an analogy, how much respect would you have for a priest who is seen most evenings very drunk in a local bar? Would you be inclined to become a member of that church in that case?

Children are incredibly perceptive, particularly autistic children, and they see, observe, internalize and contemplate much more than we usually give them credit for. When they observe their autism teacher lying to another teacher, or continually complaining to others about the behavior or actions of another teacher, what is that telling them? It tells them that such behavior is fine and acceptable. When the students see their autism teacher being “flirty” with virtually anyone who comes into the classroom or even outside the classroom, those actions are teaching the student that such things are acceptable and should be done as a part of everyday life. What message is being given to that autistic student when they observe their teacher locked in a passionate embrace in the school library with someone else that they recognize is not the spouse of their teacher?

Perhaps there are some non-teaching professions where the Jekyll/Hyde nature of a person does not impact other people, but for an autism teacher, such behavior should be considered unacceptable, as those observations from the autistic student are sending conflicting messages to that child, only serving to further confuse them as to what is right and acceptable in today’s society.

How much do you really know about your child’s autism teacher? Perhaps they appear to do a good job in the classroom, but as this case study demonstrates, appearances can be as deceiving as this type of autism teacher. Are they a totally different person outside the classroom? And if so, how long do you think that somebody leading such a “double standards life” can be successful at keeping those lives separate and distinct, while their life as a role model is sending entirely the wrong message to any students who observe them?

If you have not gotten to know your child’s autism teacher, there may be a huge something that you are missing, and actually discover that this is not the type of person that you want to be seen as a role model for your autistic son or daughter. To read the entire case study and to get more insights about autism in children, please visit our web site at http://www.autism-explained.com/selecting-the-right-autism-teacher-for-your-child/

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Autistic Eye Contact – Methyl B-12, Eye Contact and Headache

Autistic Eye Contact

Methyl B-12 injection therapy is a especially helpful biomedical treatment for children amidst Autism. It is somewhat I prescribe frequently so when a grandpa came in with her young son amid Autism it was not a surprise the present she wanted to try it with him. He was facing treatment issues, very typical in Autism, as well as a terminology delay. Autistic Eye Contact

But how did surprise me was her would like to try methyl B-12 injections herself. She explained this she had faced treatment problems for a good amount of of her life. I prescribed methyl B-12 injections for both of them and had a follow up with them six weeks later. Her son’s progress was going well. She wasn’t seeing much in the way of increased attention by six weeks but she did report a reduction in head pain with eye contact.


It turns out that she had head pain, in the back of her head, when she made eye contact for prolonged periods of time so she also had fleeting eye contact. When you understand how visual stimuli is processed you know that it comes in through the eye and is transferred to the back of the head. Many adults and verbal children report a reduction in head pain once starting methyl B-12 injection therapy. Autistic Eye Contact

I even had one patient gesture when he needed more methyl B-12. He would pat his head as a signal that he needed his next dose. This type of information in very valuable in treating others, many non-verbal, who cannot express the relief that many of these biomedical treatments like methyl B-12 injections can provide to children with Autism. Autistic Eye Contact

When we start to understand the physical issues contributing to behaviors in Autism we can see how they make sense. If a child is suffering from pain from eye contact, it makes sense that they avoid it. And we understand how much of a connection we get with other through eye contact. The visual and expressive cues are so important for our human interaction. This gives us one more bit of information to help understand and help children with Autism. Autism really is treatable! Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autistic Eye Contact program now!

Feeling lost without solutions? Autistic Eye Contact is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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Recommendations For The Parents On What Needs To Be Done Regarding Kids With Asperger Syndrome

The challenging role of explaining and understanding the condition of their kid needs to be done by the parents in order to help them. Kids having aspergers have so many demands which should be met. As a parent, working on your own is not a good idea. It can be too much for you to handle the situation alone. You need guidance and so you must get some guidance, not only for your kid but for yourself as well.

Get a Counselor:

Children with Aspergers are often times at risk of depression, even to simple matters. This emotion might just occur in a surprise that if you cannot notice immediately, might lead to something more serious. And you as a parent, you might get upset with your kid’s behavior and lose your patience. A counselor can keep you focused on your drive for your kid thus it is smart to ask for their help.

Coordinate With Family Members:

Everyone in the family should play their role, as a mother, father, sister, or brother – each of the family has a role and it is extremely important that this role is acted with consistency. Keep in mind, kids with aspergers have the tendency to repeat a certain routine or action, depending on what interests them. As a family member, therefore, you must be willing to understand this behavior. You, as a parent, must make it clear to the rest of the family what their child is experiencing so they too could be equipped and could provide assistance and suggest the best approach they’ll make to cope with the situation.

Share Your Emotion With Your Pals:

As much as your friends might feel affectionate towards you, they do not know what you’re experiencing unless you share with them what you’re going through. True friends will understand and support you. It is easy to work things out when many individuals are willing to provide assistance and get involved. Your pals are even amazing stress relievers and above all, you need this to keep going and keep your spirit lifted. Connection between you and your kid is of paramount importance and you need to keep this with the child.

Parents of kids with aspergers should try to lead a normal life despite of the condition of their kid. They should not isolate themselves from others. So if you’re one among the parents of a kid with aspergers, you must equip yourself and get all the guidance you could get to provide assistance to your kid and make him feel indifferent from other persons.

Access the best Asperger syndrome community to assist with your parenting by going to http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com
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