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Question?: Pdd 51

John asks…

Will Obama enact ……………………………..?

pdd 51 http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2007/05/20070509-12.html when his secretary of treasury declares a force majeure and the amero http://craphound.com/images/amerocoin.jpg is suggested as the only answer. The amero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hiPrsc9g98&feature=related will serve as currency for the NAU http://www.newamericancentury.org/.

World leaders had this to say regarding the economic crisis http://innerstreams.net/forums/index.php?topic=706.0

When people realize that their money regardless of location will be depreciated, possibly .40cents on the dollar, will the civil unrest caused by this force the implementation of martial law http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYxTzDFofZQ ; as a result the U.S. will call on canada with the new agreement to send its army over to assist http://www.mainemediaresources.com/ffj_03120801b.htm ?

What the stock market thinks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hiPrsc9g98&feature=related

The question is, are you ready?!
This is no conspiracy theory as one has suggested, I have provided you with substantial information (which your media will not). Feel free to research more.
Edit: when I last stated that this is not a conspiracy theory, I meant to state that this is NOT a fictional conspiracy and the theory is substantiated.
Thanks Shinji, I almost forgot to mention/post. Here is what FEMA is been up to. What would your box to say?


admin answers:

Ready for which thing…?
Imprisonment and execution in one of the 800 death camps here in the states,

Forcibly getting “chipped”,

codex alimentarus,

or Standing up to help in bringing it down!

Better to die fighting for what is right than to be put to death by those who only seek to murder and enslave.

If people refuse to defend the Constitution of these United States, then they truly do deserve to lose it. Unfortunately for us all, that process has already been set in motion.

Is everyone proud of their blindness and apathy now?

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How to Hack the Stock Market! – WHAT?

Do you know anyone with Aspbergers Syndrome who is also a stock market savant? Well I do and you can too.

His name is John Bell and here is his picture.

John Bell
John Bell the guy with Aspbergers that knows the stock market.

Do you know the answers to the following 5 questions?

1)     The stock market takes a sudden dive. What should you do?

2)     The market has been in the dumps for months. What’s the smartest move?

3)     Tech stocks are hot. Should you change your allocation tech from 10% to 80% of your portfolio.

4)     Which  investments offers you the most diversification?

5)     You’ve invested in a particular fund for years, and it has done fairly well. You receive notice that the fund manager is leaving, and the new manager will change the way the fund invests. You should do what?

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Some people know what to do and some don’t. With Johns system you won’t need to know any of these because you are only looking for a minor loophole.  Find it and snag it – you’re done.

Do you remember the movie about Temple Grandin? She was the Autistic person that revolutionized the  live cattle business. I believe if Temple Grandin could do it with the Live Cattle business John Bell could do it with the stock market. No sales pitch here, but if you want to investigate this then follow this link. Click Here!