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Question?: Autistic Artist

Steven asks…

How common is it for people with Aspergers not to have a special interest?

I don’t have a special interest. There are just things that I am passionate about the same as other people so I am curious about how common it is.

admin answers:

Just as common as in the general population. There’s this stereotype purveyed by the popular media that all people with aspergers or more sever autistic spectrum disorders are savants or really dedicated to one particular subject.

What you see on TV are only the people who they deem interesting enough to show you. Who’s more interesting? An autistic artist or a “normal” autistic person who doesn’t really specialize in one thing? Most people with a disorder such as aspergers or autism do not have one special interest.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism

Chris asks…

How do I start an autism treatment center?

I have a Masters degree in Special Education, ABA training, and almost ten years of experience working with children with disabilities. Over the years, I have developed a special interest in working with children with Autism. What other credentials (Licensing, etc.) will I need in order to start? I’m considering attaining my BCBA certificate, which will only take me an additional two semesters of school. Any help would be appreciated.

admin answers:

Before you start. I would take a survey of at a local human service agency in your area. Find out what clients want for their children or adults with autism.

You could do some linkage work with another agency in town. The more you do work with other agencies in town. You will be recommend to go to your autism treatment center.

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Definition Of Autism – A Definition of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Definition Of Autism

Autistic Spectrum Disorders are written about a large amount of readily in today’s society. This may be due to best identification of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and at an earlier age. Teams of speech and language therapists will see many children who are diagnosed or at the early stages of diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder also seeing young adults who are living with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Working with local multi-disciplinary teams, to help families consider a diagnosis at an earlier age.

This has more recently involved, joint nursery visits with Pediatricians and Educational Psychologists to consider the child’s presenting needs in a range of settings. Through such joint assessments the team of professionals have been able to more consistently support families considering a diagnosis. It is our experience that families report they would have preferred a much more unified approach from the differing disciplines supporting their child.

It is also crucial when considering such a diagnosis that the family is able to build up a rapport with the professionals and that information is shared readily and sensitively along the way. We are sad to hear if parents report that information has been shared insensitively and without due time and care to explain their findings further. It is important to find Speech and Language Therapists who have a special interest in children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders who can offer some extensive experience in supporting the assessment procedures and providing a therapy program to support the individual. Definition Of Autism

Managers of speech therapists will have a specialist interest within this group of children and young adults and take pride in striving to ensure that they know about the latest approaches so that therapists are informed to use a personalized combination of these approaches to suit the child, young person and their family. — What is Autistic Spectrum Disorder? People with autism have difficulties communicating, forming relationships with others and find it hard to make sense of the world around them.

Autism is a life-long brain disorder that is normally diagnosed in early childhood. Repetitive behaviors are common across the spectrum, which includes Asperger’s Syndrome. This is a form of autism in which speech development and IQ are normal, but in which social disability can be compounded by depression or other mental health problems. Autism is a spectrum disorder varying in symptoms, severity and impact from person to person and ranging from those with no speech and limited cognitive ability to those of high IQ and typically highly-focused interests and abilities.

Some people with autism demonstrate significantly challenging behaviors. A distinction is made in assessing the needs of people with autism between those who have an IQ of less than 70, who are described as low functioning and classified as having a learning disability, and those who have an IQ above 70 who are often described as high functioning. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Definition Of Autism program now!

Definition Of Autism is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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Supporting Your Child With Aspergers To Make Friends

For children with Aspergers, friends are difficult to make and keep. When a child without Aspergers Syndrome makes friends, parents are not often involved in the choice of the friend or the facilitation of the friendship. In Aspergers children, however, the parent may need to be an active participant in helping the child make and keep real friends.

Part of the process involves concretely teaching the child how a normal friend should act. Politeness, restraint, talking and establishing eye contact are all skills your child will likely have to be purposefully taught. Finding the appropriate child to be your child’s friend in a school situation often takes careful planning and effort. It is very helpful if you can volunteer in your child’s classroom so you can get to know the children your child interacts with every day.

If you find a child who is fairly mature and receptive to being friends with your child, talk to the child’s parents. Find out if the two can play together and give it a try. Rowdy or noisy children can distress the Aspergers child, so make sure it is a good fit. If your child is one of the many who have specific interests or musical ability, make the effort to put your child in groups or settings where they will be able to meet others of a like mind. Having similar interests to other children will help to facilitate friendships. Even if your child doesn’t have a special interest, consider a structured group. Boy Scouts or a church group can provide opportunities to make friendships. These groups will provide regular contact, as well, which will make it easier to maintain the friendship.

You want to facilitate friendships, but don’t do something like invite over lots of children all at once. One child at your house at a time has the best chance of success. If the other child has some maturity, try explaining Aspergers to him or her. If the child has some understanding of what your child has to deal with, it can reduce the frustration or confusion that some children can feel around Aspergers children. Not every opportunity to foster a friendship will pan out and your child may seem resistant to all of your efforts. If you child does prefer to play alone, don’t fight it. Wait for signs of being receptive to friendships and then try again later.

Friendships are important for all children, but it can be more complex for children with Aspergers. However you should continue to support your child in this area, as the results can be make it all worthwhile.

Dave Angel is the author of three best-selling ebooks about children with Aspergers Syndrome. To find out more about helping your child with Aspergers to make friends go to http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com/public/343.cfm
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Schools Aspergers – Characteristics Of Asperger’s Syndrome And How To Deal With A Family Member Having The Syndrome

Schools Aspergers

Asperger’s syndrome is a disorder that may exhibit similar facets with autism but somehow milder as opposed to it. The most common characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome is abnormal social interaction, restricted models of behavior, crisis in communicating and expressing, and may own delayed development of motor skills and thus they may typically be clumsy. Schools Aspergers

Other characteristics of Asperger’s may include sticking to a routine and may not be want new changes to a routine that he is used to and thus they may find it difficult to cope up with a quick-changing environment. They may also be focused on a special interest. They may also be very sensitive with touch. Because they have difficulties with social interaction and communication, children with such disorder may find it difficult to adjust in school and in interacting with other kids. In adults, building relationships may be a challenge not only for them but for their partners as well, especially that sufferers of this disorder may exhibit lack of empathy.

If you are dealing with this disorder in the family, whether in a child or in an adult, it helps a lot to try to understand their behavior and their specific needs. It is important that you help a child in dealing with this disorder if you want to improve his confidence and skills that he will need. Support, understanding and education are still important aspects in dealing with Asperger’s syndrome in the family. Schools Aspergers

For children, you can find special education schools that can help build confidence in the sufferer. Home schooling may also be an option. If you suspect this case in the family, it is important that you have the child seen by a doctor or mental health counselors to identify other underlying conditions of the child. For adults, it is important to find support groups that he can openly discuss his condition but of course, there is also a need to be diagnosed with health professionals.

To help you understand and deal with sufferers of this disorder, it is important also to have a wide understanding of the disorder. Although there is no cure for such a disorder, you can help the sufferer cope up with it, and indeed, you can see improvement if there is proper support and education given to the sufferer. Adults with Asperger’s can even be successful in a chosen career and can live an independent life as well. Some may even excel in music or in a specific interest that they want to focus on. Schools Aspergers

Aside from learning everything about this disorder and giving support and education to the sufferer, it helps also to be a good friend to the sufferer. Learn to be attentive to them and listen to what they say. You may have to ask specific questions if you want specific answers. Learn also to read their body language as it may also tell you something that they might find difficult expressing. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Schools Aspergers program now!

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