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Question?: Asperger Syndrome In Adults

Susan asks…

How to cope with my daughter with asperger’s being depressed?

My daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with Asperger‘s Syndrome at age 6. She is now 16 years old. She’s been depressed because all these years, she’s never actually had a social relationship with others. She really wants friends. But, I don’t know were she can develop peer interaction with others now that school is out. Any tips on her coping with depression?

admin answers:

Look to the autism support network,there are kids with aspergers there and can help support each other.Can also get advice from adults with it.Look at the books Gut and psychology Syndrome and Balance Your brain balance Your Life,and look at reviews at Amazon.

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Here Is How You Can Recognise Children With Aspergers

Though we all want our children to be perfect this is not often the case and you would learn to love them no matter what they might have or be. A condition which has become very common in children today is Aspergers and learning to handle the problems it might bring could be a challenge. You would need to research the condition well to fully understand what it is and how you could best help your child.

Aspergers is a condition that will stop children being able to communicate easily with people and they may find social skills to be more difficult. These problems can lead to your kid having behavioural and emotional problems and they may find it more difficult to make friends. Your kid may suffer from very mild or very extreme symptoms and the treatment and support is the same. Some kids have such mild symptoms which you may hardly ever even notice and are usually never even diagnosed. Children with Aspergers sometimes simply learn to live with heir condition and do not even realize they are different.

Kids with aspergers will have trouble in making friends due to the problems created by the lack of communication. Their lack of discernment when it comes to judging how others are reacting can cause issues. Your kid may not even be aware that they are doing anything wrong and they usually will talk without showing any interest to the person they are talking to. Your kid may also find it difficult to understand humour and literal translations and may take things to heart. You’ll need to talk through different situations with your kid to help him understand.

Body language and facial expressions can also be misjudged by children with Aspergers and social relationship may be hard to establish. Your kid may become obsessed with routines and interests  and might also be attached to unusual insignifican items. You would have to encourage these but even try to establish a relationship with a friend for them. As a kid they’ll need to play and socialize with other children as this is a huge part of their growing up.

Children with Aspergers would also find it hard to creatively play and will lack imagination though they’re normally of above average intelligence. They may be extremely good with facts and numbers so their strong lessons will be math and history. You would need to encourage these subjects and although they might struggle with other ones you must try to encourage some form of learning in them too. There is no specific cure for Aspergers and all you will be able to do is support and encourage the child to achieve the best they could with their lives.

The symptoms vary between cases and children with Aspergers may try to hide the fact they’re different from other children. It is advisable to have your child diagnosed as soon as possible so you can set up the support system they need to achieve the best they can in their lives. Helping them with their development is essential and being a supportive parent is all your kid could ask for. To know more head to, http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com
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