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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Quiz

Nancy asks…

What is it like having an autistic / asperger’s syndrome student in your class?

admin answers:

My mother works with autistic kids at an elementary school, and she says the three biggest issues are disruptions, accomodations, and acceptance. An autistic student may inadvertantly do or say things that are socially inappropriate, like taking another person’s toy without asking. The teacher may need to devote more attention to this student, which means less attention to other students. If the student receives accomodations, like having an education assistant in the classroom, this would draw attention to his differences. The other students may be jealous that the autistic student gets extra time on quizzes, or leaves the classroom sometimes to go to his social skills group, or whatever the case may be. And of course, some of the other students will not accept their autistic classmate as part of the class unit. They might exclude, tease, or bully him. Having an autistic kid in the class can be a very good thing, though. It exposes the students to different types of people, and teaches them about diversity, patience, and tolerance.

Each autistic person is different, though. The student’s personality and level of functioning affect what he or she is like in the classroom. I have Asperger’s, and I was always very well-behaved in class and polite to my classmates. My Asperger’s had little to no effect on my classmates; most of them probably never guessed I had a disorder. I’ve had classes with other people on the spectrum, though. Some kept to themselves and rarely said anything, some were disruptive and constantly in trouble, and some seemed a bit odd but mostly got along fine.

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Parenting A Child With Aspergers – Parenting Aspergers

Parenting they say is one of the toughest jobs in the world. There is no grading system involved, no one knows for sure where its limits are, where it ends and where it starts. Parenting is an endless job wherein devotion and love is given much without asking for something in return. But if parenting is tough, how much more a parent whose child have Aspergers?

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Parenting a child with Aspergers is tough. Aspergers as we all know belongs to the category of autism. It is neurological in nature with no known cause . In order to distinguish it from other disorders of the same kind, one must observe the following: 1) Difficulties in social relationships. 2) Difficulty in language for communication. 3) The child have repetitive, ritualistic movements and actions.

The syndrome is much more prominent in boys than girls. Children with this disorder are extremely brilliant and considered geniuses. They are often pre occupied and are much closer to adults than children their age. Because adults tends to understand them more than others. In order to help children with this disorder one has to apply a multidisciplinary approach.

Psychiatric assessment, management, social skills group and proper diagnosis should be involved so that proper intervention can be done. As a parent, you should support your child with coping with the difference in their environment and live a normal life as possible. Help them learn from their mistakes, form relationships, body languages, solve their problems and play.

Parenting a child with Aspergers is such a difficult task. One must have extra patience. More efforts and more time for their children. No one can understand their child better than a parent can. That is why we have to commend parents who have children with Aspergers. One has to open their hearts and minds for people with special needs. Kudos to parents whose children have Aspergers.

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