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Question?: Autism Signs 2 Year Old

Paul asks…

Autism,my 2 year old has it, what does the future hold? He communicates by holding your hand and pointing?

My 2 year old son has been diagnosed with autism,he cannot speak at the moment,his signs of autism are good, he’s very loving.He loves to kiss and cuddle up and to hold hands and walk everywhere, he hates using the car to travel. When he walks he likes to walk the same way, and signs on the pavement he stops to look at, they fasinate him.Luke can hold a spoon and fork and feed himself, and he is going to hospital in september to find what form of autism he has, t’s like a playcentre in the oxford jr hospital and the staff monitor his play and behavour. But he loves to laugh and smile and go on the trampoline with his brothers and jump up and down with them.Tv i notice is bad for him, he’s like in a coma with it, in a trance state,he loves dora.But im wondering if he will ever speak or be able to run,as he can only walk.Has anyone a guess what sort of autism he might have or what his chances of speaking are.I wondor if he will ever share a room with his brother?He handflaps when happy

admin answers:

Sounds like my son!! My son is now 5 years old and I’m happy to say he talks all the time! When my son was two, he didn’t speak either and I was getting quite worried. Yes, he used to take my hand and pull me towards whatever it was he wanted. But he started talking about age 3.

I don’t remember if he ran or not at that point (he does now) but he was definitely clumsy with his motor skills. And my son also handflaps when happy (and sometimes when agitated). He also reads soooo well and has been reading since he was 3; he’s truly amazing.

Over the years he’s matured so much and has grown out of some of his earlier problems (such as having trouble waiting in line, not wanting to be potty trained, not talking…) He still has issues with food (he’s very limited in his food choices) and is scared of loud noises but then again, I know he will always have some issues. He’s come a LONG way!

He doesn’t share a room with his sister but he definitely could if he needed to (they get along soooo well).

I would look into NAET therapy from a chiropracter or holistic doctor. It’s not very well known and looks a bit weird but try it. I did it with my son and the results were amazing. I’d suggest doing a few treatments and seeing what you think. The day after one of the treatments, he just started talking nonstop… It was almost as if he “woke up”. It was really amazing.

Good luck, you’re on the right path!!

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Question?: Autism Signs In 3 Year Olds

James asks…

Does this sound like Autism in my 3 year old?

We waiting to go to the Children Hospital.For another opinion. But this is my DD actions everyday…
_rocks and spins toys.
_ Like to play by herself.(not with siblings or kids in school)
_no eye contacts.
_don’t like being touch.
_have no speech what so ever.

admin answers:

The speech delay may be an issue, but mainly you need to check if she is making an effort to communicate with others.

Rocking, spinning, playing by themselves, not making eye contact, and not liking to be touched are NOT signs of autism.

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Question?: Autism Signs In Children

John asks…

What age did your child put together jigsaw puzzles?

My son is 4 and loves to put together 150-200 piece puzzles. He will sit for hours on end and focus only on his puzzle. He was treated for speech problems at age 2-3. Is this normal for a four year old to concentrate so long? Do you think he is on the autism spectrum? Thanks.

admin answers:

This one sign alone would not cause me to think he might be on the spectrum, although it is very unusual for a 4 year old to be interested in 200 pc puzzles for hours without wanting help/getting frustrated. I have an almost 5 year old who happens to be ahead of her peers intellectually, but she would NEVER spend hours on one puzzle. However, her sister who is 2 years younger and not nearly as ahead at this age, is MUCH better at puzzles than she is!

Have you googled it and looked for other signs of autism or autism spectrum disorder? I understand your concern, but he could just be a very cognitive little boy! Apparently, my brother was playing chess with my dad by age 5 and was very good at it! He’s not at all autistic, just very, very intelligent and very in to “mind” games (AKA the intellectual type). Maybe you just have a little “genius” on your hands!

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In 7 Year Old

Chris asks…

what is autisme exactly about?

i have a sister, she cannot talk even she’s 7 yearold. some doctor said that she is hyperactive, but, other said that she is autisme. what is autisme exactly about? i’m very confused!!!

admin answers:

Autism -brain disorder that often interferes with a person’s ability to communicate with and relate to others.

Signs of autism almost always develop before a child is 3 years old, the condition is sometimes not diagnosed until later. Parents first become concerned when they notice that their toddler does not begin to talk or does not respond and interact like other children of the same age. Toddlers with autism do not usually develop speech normally and may seem to be deaf although hearing tests are normal.

Autism also affects how a child perceives and processes sensory information.

Severity of autism varies. Some ppl need assistance in almost all aspects of their daily lives, while others are able to function at a very high level and can even attend school in a regular classroom. This is a lifelong condition that uaually results in some degree of social isolation, treatment can make a major difference in the lives of people with autism. Early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment has resulted in increasing numbers of people with autism being able to live independently as adults..

What causes autism?
Autism tends to run in families, suggesting a genetic link. Because people with autism can be vastly different, scientists suspect a number of genes are responsible. Ongoing research is targeted at pinpointing these genes. Some experts also believe that environmental factors may play a part in causing autism, although scientists have studied several factors, including vaccines, and have yet to identify such a cause.

Brain scans of people with autism have shown abnormalities in several areas of the brain, including those responsible for emotion and social relations. Other studies suggest that people with autism have high levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, a chemical that sends messages in the brain. However, these findings are preliminary, and ongoing studies seek to explain the brain and autism.1

What are the symptoms?
All people with autism have difficulty with social interactions and relationships. Parents often describe their child with autism as preferring to play alone and making little eye contact with other people. Other symptoms of autism include:

Difficulties with verbal and nonverbal communication. Language development in children with autism is almost always delayed.
Limited, repetitive, and overused (stereotyped) patterns of behavior, interests, and play. Many typical behaviors-such as repetitive body rocking, unusual attachments to objects, and holding fast to routines and rituals-are driven by the need for sameness and resistance to change.
There is no “typical” person with autism. Although autism is defined by the above characteristics, people with autism can have many different combinations of behaviors in mild to severe forms.

Do any other conditions occur with autism?
Although it is difficult to determine, studies show that below-normal intelligence occurs in about 70% of children with autism.2 Teenagers with autism often become depressed and have increased anxiety, especially if they have average or above-average intelligence. In addition, about a third of children with autism develop a seizure disorder (such as epilepsy) by their teen years.3

How is autism diagnosed?
Your health professional will use diagnostic guidelines, established by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), to determine whether your child has core symptoms.4 A child may also have hearing and other tests to make sure developmental delays aren’t the result of another condition with similar symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment of autism is important to make the most of the child’s potential.

How is it treated?
Behavioral training, speech and occupational therapy, and parent education and support can often improve a child’s problem behaviors, communication skills, and socialization. Medications are sometimes helpful as well. A child with autism responds best to a highly structured, specialized educational program tailored to his or her individual needs. However, specific treatment varies depending on the range of individual symptoms, which can combine in many different ways and change over time.

Parents, school staff, and health professionals are usually all involved in planning a child’s treatment.

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Question?: Autism Signs And Symptoms

David asks…

Do children with autism have a bigger shaped head?

I am researching autism in children under 3 right now. My friend and I have been discussing my son. We believe, my son is showing signs of autism. My friend said he has autistic children in his family and those children have big heads. Like rounder in the back of the head.

Does anyone know if this is typical in autism?

admin answers:

It’s typical of autism.


In fact, all children who suffer severe stress in early infancy–premature birth, caesarean birth, surgery or severe illness shortly after birth, etc– experience rapid neuronal overgrowth.

The big exception is a supposed form of autism called “Rett Syndrome” where one of the symptoms is microcephaly.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Chris asks…

What are the first signs of Autism / Developmental Delay that you start to see when they are a baby?

admin answers:

I second everything that Robin wrote. My son was just like that too. He would even break down if someone cleared their throat. Today we use headphones for the auditory. After I taught him to read and write he was able to use a Dynavox which has brought much fewer meltdowns. He is 8 this year and he just pointed for the first time last month. We don’t do any kind of treatments or special diets. We just love and accept him for who he is. Give him patience to learn at his own pace and style even if it means coming up with 50 different ways to teach the same thing until you find one that clicks for him.

I once read a t-shirt that said “Autism isn’t a processing error, it’s a different operating system.” If you can remember that and learn the different system they run you can better understand how they experience the world. My feeling is that autism isn’t a tragedy but an adventure. Simply by experiencing the world differently an autistic person has greater potential to become an innovator. The intense focus that some see as obsessiveness I see as beneficial for reaching a level of expertise in a chosen field. After all a jack of all trades is usually a master of none.

If your child is autistic figure out their triggers and motivators first and the rest will fall into place. Stay positive and best of luck to you.

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Question?: Autism Signs In Toddler Girls

Jenny asks…

3 month old Autism advice?


My 3 month old daughter is unfortunately showing the signs of Autism. Our Pedi is asking us to wait 2 more weeks to see if she starts to make better eye contact and starts to smile but in my gut, sadly, I feel like this will be the diagnosis. We have already called a specialist who wont be able to see us until August.

My question to the group, is there any advice in terms of treatment or exercises I can do with the baby to help her along? I feel helpless and want to do anything I can to help my little girl.

Thank you in advance for your replies
I truly appreciate the posts so far. 2 follow ups 1. We had her eyes checked last week and she passed with flying colors. 2. According to several websites early signs of Autism can be detected in 3 months http://www.parents.com/baby/health/autism/autism-month-by-month-guide/

Thank you all again!

admin answers:

I am by no means totally educated on the fact, but I am fairly certain that autism is not something that is diagnosed in infants. It becomes apparent in toddler hood and a lengthy observation period follows before a true diagnosis of autism. If your baby is unresponsive to stimuli and not smiling, there could be literally hundreds of other reasons. Your baby is only 3 months old, I would not stress out until you know a bit more information. But please try and relax in the knowledge that autism is not apparent in a 3 month old baby.

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Laura asks…

How early are the signs of autism?

And are they linked to vaccines

admin answers:

For some autism they are born with and signs are immediate. A child may not like to be held and squirm to be put down, they don’t smile or sustain eyecontact.

For those that develop autism the signs can start showing before 12 months. I have a son that was dx at 9 months. He did not answer to his name, and repetitively played with the same toy, he was a picky eater, and avoided eyecontact. He is not vaccinated. He has a dx of PDD.NOS

My oldest son developed autism later he also is PDD.NOS and was typical through 15 months. He was vaccinated through age 2.

Is autism linked to vaccines? Autism is an autoimmune disorder, and autoimmune disorders in general are on the rise epidemically especially allergies. I believe that vaccines contribute. The overload of toxins on an immature dysfunctional immune system can manifest in all kinds of ways like autism, allergies, bipolar, ADD/HD ect. Genetics are an integral component. So my answer would be yes indirectly autism can be linked to vaccines in some cases. So can a virus, oxygen deprivation during birth resulting in TBI traumatic brain injury, there seems to be an Rh connection in mothers of autistic children, also many moms fail the triple screen when pregnant who go on to have autistic children. There are so many correlations, its very complex.

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Question?: Autism Signs 2 Year Old

Daniel asks…

Autism,my 2 year old has it, what does the future hold?

My 2 year old son has autism, he cannot speak at the moment, his signs of autism are good, he’s very loving. He loves to kiss and cuddle up and to hold hands and walk everywhere, he hates the car. When he walks he likes to go the same way, and signs on the pavement he stops to look at. Luke can hold a spoon and fork and feed himself, and he is going to hospital in september to find what form of autism he has. But he loves to laugh and smile and go on the trampoline with his brothers and jump up and down. Tv i notice is bad for him, he’s like in a coma with it, in a trance state, he loves dora. But im wondering if he will ever speak or be able to run, as he can only walk.Has anyone a guess what sort of autism he might have or what his chances of speaking are?

admin answers:

I can’t say what level of autism he may have, but you are the best source of knowing what level he has. When my son was evaluated, they asked me several questions about his behavior. They also did another question session with me and my husband at seperate times to compare our answers. We went through a month of evaluations before he was diagnosed. You know your child best. The best thing you can do is be as precise as you can when answering any questions pertaining to him.

I have a 3 yr old with autism..I highly suggest going to the American Autism Society’s website. This site is so informative. It will tell you exactly what they look for, treatment options, etc.

With autism, each child is different regardless of what similarities of symtoms they may have. Some therapies work with some and not with others. Sometimes with autism a child never speaks, sometimes they will start speaking then stop and never speak again, some will speak and continue speaking throughout their lives.

My son doesn’t really speak. If we spell out a word and then say the word he will repeat the spelling and the word. Unless we do that he will not say any words. He will say letters and numbers on his own. Sometimes, but very seldom, he will start spelling words on his own if he sees a sign, sees it on tv, etc.

My son is drawn to the tv as well…he loves game shows such as price as right and jeopardy, he loves sports, and the news because of the numbers. He loves wheel of fortune because of the letters, that’s actually what got him to begin saying his alphabet on his own. As letters are called he repeats them and points to them on the tv.

Another thing we have began to do is teach him American Sign Language. Even though he is progressing slowly with speech, there is no guarentee he will keep progressing and will be able to talk fully. This gives us another form of communication. He at this time only knows the alphabet, but when I sign each letter he can tell me what they are on his own. It was quite surprising on how quickly he picked up on them. Whether or not he picks up on other signs as quickly is yet to be known, I still am learning them myself.

After your son has been evaluated he will begin occupational and speech therapy. It depends on each child as to how much of each the child may need. Many people with autism lead very normal lives. Many excel in math, music, and art.

Having a child with autism can be very stressful and can wear you out, but no matter how hard it gets, never, never give up on what your child may do in the future. He may surprise you. Alot of parents I have spoken to says their child has actually made them a better person overall.

Good Luck =)

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Ruth asks…

Why would a toddler star blankly and shake his arms/legs uncontrollably?

My 15 month old son shakes his arms and legs and stares blankly, the shaking can last up to a couple of minutes and the staring longer. He does the shaking worse when he first wakes up from sleeping and when he gets excited. Plus he startles EASILY! Also he has very mottled skin and seems to always have cold hands and feet…what does this mean?

admin answers:

The things you are describing are signs of autism. Take your son to his pediatrician asap. It’s not a seizure. Does he ever flap his hands in front of his face?

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