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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Infants

George asks…

What are the symptoms of a child with autism?

how do you know your child is autistic?

admin answers:

If your baby otherwise seems to be growing and developing normally, then that is probably not a sign of autism. Among other normal developmental milestones that you would expect at this age include that your baby smiles, is usually comforted or soothed when she is picked up, follows objects past the midline of her face, make ‘ooo’ and ‘aah’ type cooing noises, and maybe has begun laughing. You should definitely discuss it with your Pediatrician if you don’t think your baby’s behavior is normal though.

The symptoms you describe could also be seen in infants with high muscle tone, especially if her muscles usually seem extra stiff. This is something that you should also discuss with your Pediatrician, but it isn’t really related to autism at all.

Among the early signs and symptoms that parents and Pediatricians look for to alert them that a child needs further evaluation for autism include:

* not smiling by six months of age
* not babbling, pointing or using other gestures by 12 months
* not using single words by age 16 months
* not using two word phrases by 24 months
* having a regression in development, with any loss of language or social skills

Infants with autism might also avoid eye contact, and as they get older, act as if they are unaware of when people come and go around them, as you can see in this autism screening quiz.

Keep in mind that autism usually isn’t diagnosed until about age 3, although some experts believe that some children begin to show subtle signs as early as six months of age.

There is also an autism study that showed that some children with autism had abnormal brain growth. Specifically, they had a smaller than average head size at birth (at the 25th percentile), but then had a period of rapid head growth during which their head size moved up to the 84th percentile by age 6-14 months. But rapid head growth is not a sign in all kids with autism.

In general, if you are concerned about your child’s development, especially if you think that they might have autism, you should talk to your Pediatrician and consider a more formal developmental evaluation.

And keep in mind that when a child arches her back a lot, it can be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux (Sandifer Syndrome), although you would usually expect other symptoms, like spitting up and being fussy.
Getting An Evaluation
One of the frustrating things that occurs when parents think something is wrong with their child’s development is that they may be told ‘not to worry’ or that they ‘should just wait.’ Experts think that it is better for parents to trust their instincts and get their child evaluated if they think that they aren’t developing normally. This guide from First Signs is a good resource for parents trying to share their concerns with their Pediatrician.

Your local early childhood development program may also be able to do an evaluation if you are concerned about your child’s development.

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Question?: Autism Signs And Symptoms

Sharon asks…

How do you know if a child has Autism?

My three year old nephew is a pretty regular kid. He can tlk but he doessnt understand things and usually ends up repeating you but he is very smart in many ways. My other relatives say it could be autism. How do you knnow for sure?

admin answers:

Most autistic children have a normal to high I.Q. The biggest symptom is the failure to acquire language. If your nephew is not using his language appropriately and just repeating what he hears, it could be something called echolalia, which could be a sign of autism. The best way to know is to take him to the pediatrician, and see if they recommend a screening. They will tell you where to go. You really need a professional to see him because autism can be a spectrum of symptoms and behaviors and some children have it more severely than others.

One thing is for sure, early intervention is the key. So, if you really suspect autism, don’t hesitate to have him diagnosed. The sooner he is diagnosed, the sooner he can receive help. Children who receive early intervention are usually more functional as they grow.

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Question?: What Is Autism In Spanish

Charles asks…

My two year old does not want to open his mouth to speak. He only mumbles. Any speech therapist out there?

He does seem to understand the contents of his books because if he hears me recite the story, he immediately locates the book and even the page I am reciting. . He has books in Spanish and in English. He also likes to play with his baby keyboard softwares.

admin answers:

If he’s learning two languages, it’s normal for there to be a delay. He actually has a larger vocabulary than unilingual kids, but won’t speak till a bit later.

Make sure he uses words when he wants something. If he points and mumbles, say “Do you want milk?” until he responds with an actual word. Do not give in until he uses a word.

His amazing memory paired with his inability to talk could also be a sign of autism. I’d get him to a doctor if I were you.

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Question?: Autism Signs In Toddler Girls

George asks…

Could this be a sign of autism?

My 2 year old niece has been living with me and my parents for about 8 months now. Her mother is in the Marines and her father left them as soon as he was out of the military and she was only 1 year old.
My mom really believes that the little girl is acting out because she is not with her parents. When her mother does come to visit during the weekend, she yells at her and says things like “what the f— do you want!?”…
The little girl has a real bad habit that at night, she throws fits when it’s bed time, if we say NO to her or she gets real angry (this happens when she doesn’t get her way or we take too long with her bottle, etc..) she bangs her head on the floor and bites herself. We have told my sister that she needs to take her to the doctor and explain to him what she does, all my sister says is that it’s not big deal “she’s just a brat.”
Could this behavior be signalling something more serious?
Olivia J.. It’s actually the girl’s mother who yells at her and says thing like “what the f— do you want” to her own child… The mother is no better than her father… She is an alcoholic who sleeps soundly at night while her little girl is living with us and acting out terribly.
Just this morning, we were all awake becuase she was having an episode. She was screaming, crying, rolling around the bed, throwing herself on the floor… My mom and dad had to finally just take her out for a drive… She went to sleep at 5 in the morning…

admin answers:

First of all,.. You are a very kind aunt and thank goodness this innocent child at least have you and her grandparents. Her behavior is not Autistic.. Just the terrible 2s.

I have a toddler and “NO” is something we try not to use since it is a sure trigger for a tantrum. We often use distractions instead of directly saying no. Also toddlers have zero patience and no idea about time so they always want instant gratification… So got to keep them occupied while waiting and give a lot of attention. They love/need to hear you talk to them and narrate what you are doing. This is how they pick up words and learn to talk.

I understand why you are still giving her the bottle at night. It is a soothing comforter for young children and she needs all the comforting in the world she can get.

I think what your niece really needs is stability and a warm loving environment. Her mom’s obvious lack of concern is making her very insecure and starved for loving attention. Throwing a tantrum until 5am, while her Mom sleeps, is a good example of her very real need to get mom’s loving attention.

Please ask your parents to talk to your sister about keeping away from her daughter if she can’t behave like a mother. This girl has been through enough turbulence so early in her life and her mother should know it very well. Maybe your sister needs professional counseling to get her life back on track.

May good fortune bless her and your family and give her a loving home..!

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Question?: Autism Signs In Older Children

George asks…

Is too much independent play a sign of autism?

My daughter is completely content playing by herself pretty much all day long. She constantly wanders off by herself. Do children with autism typically behave this way? She’s 11 months old.

admin answers:

OMG that is so normal for an 11 month old. In fact until they are two years old they don’t play with other kids. They play along side each other but not with each other.

Relax, she is only 11 months old.

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Question?: Autism Signs In 3 Year Olds

Richard asks…

Is it natural to a 3yr old baby boy that cannot talk?

I have a 3yr old baby boy but until now he can’t pronounce any word except for mama, papa,tita. And every time we talked to him and we teach him other words he just ignore us. And sometimes even we talked loud sometimes we have hard times calling him, but we already went to doctors for hearing and they just said that there’s no problem with his ears. I want to know if there’s something wrong with my baby?

admin answers:

I am a speech therapist and yes you should have him tested by a speech therapist.

Here’s how: go to your pediatrician and ask for a prescription/ referral for a speech language evaluation. If they will not give you one or think your child doesn’t need one then you need a new pediatrician. They will probably know some local companies that do speech therapy. It depends on what type of insurance you have becasue your child is over the age of 3 years. If you have medicaid, then only some companies take it. Some insurance does not cover speech therapy. But if you can’t find anyone that takes medicaid or if your insurance doesnt cover speech, you can call your local school district… The one he will attend when he turns 5. Tell them you have a child that has a speech delay and that you want him evaluated. They will give free sessions through the school… Legally they have to. The down side is that soemtimes these sessions are not as intense as individual private therapy sessions- it really depends on your school district. You can also do both private and school therapy!!!

By the age of three, a child should be able to use 3-4 word sentences and be 75% understood. Check out the website below for other language and speech skills your child should have

not speaking is a definite sign of autism- but it doesnt mean he has autism- take a look at the autsim sites to see if you should be concerned- there are lists on these pages about typical charactersitics of children with autism. If your son is doing these, then you defenitiely need to seek out an autism evaluation.

Good luck! Hope this helps!

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Question?: Autism Signs In Toddler Girls

Paul asks…

How good is eye contact supposed to be in a toddler?

I have a 19 month old little girl who is extremely smart. She isn’t speaking yet and we are getting early intervention for her language/cognitive skills. Her pediatrician, speech therapist, interventionist, and playgroup director have all told me she is not autistic (or seems to be) and really just needs a jump start to better her communication and speech. I always thought that she had good eye contact. I never thought that she had a problem looking at me. However, recently, I’ve noticed that it’s been harder to grasp her eye contact. Of course it’s still there but she seems so much more into things and busy. If she’s playing with something, she won’t even turn to me anymore unless I say something that sparks her attention. I’ve looked at other kids her age and they seem to look right into my eyes. Is this something common of children her age or is this something that I should bring up at intervention. I would like some opinions of those with other kids. Thanks!

admin answers:

I would definitely bring it up. Lack of eye contact can be an early sign of autism. I’m not saying that’s what it is but any information that you think is important should be brought up. When you talk to her, does she look at you? It’s normal for kids to be so engrossed in an activity that they hardly give you the time of day. When you do get her attention, does she look around you or is it brief eye contact? Again, I would bring it up. If it’s worriesome to you, it’s worth noting. Good luck to you and your daughter! 🙂

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Question?: Rett Syndrome Pictures

Paul asks…

Why is my 2 yr old not talking or paying attention?

I have a 2 yr old, she is very active, interacts with others, looks at me when she needs something. As far a physical abilities shes great and slowly shes starting learn new things, but she is still not talking she will bable in her own language but never try to focus on what we are saying. She is in speech therapy as well as developmental therapy and no there is not sign of autism nor hearing problems. I am concerned what else it could be. Also, she does understand the meaning of no and let’s go. Most of the time when I call her she will not look at me and if she does she will turn back around to continue what she is doing. She does follow signs and gestures but when I point to something she will look at me and my finger but not the direction my finger is going in. If I tell her come here she will only do it at times and other times she will just ignore. Any idea what this could be? I talked to the pediatrician and she could not figure it out as well. Any other tests that could be done or is just a delay? I also tried showing her family pictures and I know she will not be able to name the people but she does not show any interest or show that she even knows them she will quickly turn the page. im assuming most kids would at least have a smile on their face or point or something if they saw a familiar face or even stare for a little bit. Help!
Ashley- I already spoke to her doctor

admin answers:

Since you’ve spoke to her doctor can you take the next step, ask to see a developmental ped?

Take the opportunity to rule out conditions such as Angelman, Fragile X or Rett Syndrome (these conditions are genetic, ruling them in or out is important it may alter your therapy plan, syndromes might also have medical conditions you should be aware of and with research treatment, related to the core deficiencies of these syndromes is rapidly evolving).

Sources provided below on the conditions listed above. Good luck, I hope you find your answers.

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Donna asks…

Is speech impairment an essential symptom/sign of autism?

Most autistic children do not speak normally.What are the other symptoms of autism?

admin answers:

Yes. Autism is typically recognized between 15 – 24 months old. Though it may not be diagnosed until much later. In those 9 months a child with Autism will begin displaying signs that may indicate and delay or regression. The earliest signs can come in the first year. A child that isn’t smiling when they are suppose to and tip-toe walking are common early signs. The first major signs are a delay in communication or a regression in communication. Parents of children with Autism usually describe either A. Their child didn’t start talking “on time” ( same time as peers) or that they stopped saying words they usually said before.(regressed) . The delay in communication is usually paired with a sense of confusion or disconnect the child may have with peers or siblings. Example not responding when name is called, not making eye contact, unable to follow simple instructions, parallel playing with peers, not engaging in conversations with peers. Because of the lack of speech and communication the child may become frustrated and display tantrum behavior. Tantrums usually take the place of words early on in children with Autism. Behavior can also be due to the fact that the child is very particular with how they expect things to be or happen. They can have rigid routines and not like transitioning. These are also sensory issues that most children with Autism have. Other sensory issues include sensitivity to loud sounds, touch and textures. There are many other signs but these are the typical first major indicators. There are several levels of Autism the earlier Autism is recognized and therapy begins the better the outcome.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Toddlers

Charles asks…

My toddler walks on his tip toes?

My son is 21months he always walks on his tip toes! His happy to run nmd walk with no pain!
Is it a medical condition or a habit?

admin answers:

That is a strong sign of autism.

Is he speaking well and growing a strong vocabulary? Making good eye contact?

Walking on tip-toes is a sensory disorder… Which often is part of autism. He should be seen by a pediatrician.

It is possible it is just a quirk he does (it is for some kids), but often it is a sign of a larger problem. In that case, you want to start intervention as soon as possible. Outcomes are much better when treatment is started before age 2.

Look at this quiz to see if your child is reaching his other milestones. Http://pages.uoregon.edu/asqstudy/

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