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Question?: Autism Signs In Toddler Girls

Michael asks…

Does my son just have a speech delay or is it something more?? Maybe autism?

So I already know that he has a speech delay & I am already planning on taking him to get evaluated. But I just want some opinions from some other moms out there, especially mothers with sons. Okay I have a 3 year old son, he speaks a lot actually, ask him his name & he responds with both his 1st & last name. He knows his age, he knows his colors (but always calls red, blue for some reason lol) He can count 1-30 & recognizes all of them including the number 100. He knows a lot of shapes, when he sees a stop sign he says octagon. He also knows his ABCS & recognizes them & will sing the whole alphabet song clear as day. He follows directions, I tell him to pick up his toys & he will. He’ll sit down when I tell him to, etc. He even will comfort his little brother when he’s crying and says It’s okay baby, I’m sorry. Shhhh be quiet. He will let me know what he wants, I want a drink a water. Or I want cheese, popsicle, juice, milk, poptart, chicken, fries, cereal etc. Also since I’m mentioning food, he’s very picky, he’s only ate pizza once & that was when he was 1, he won’t try cheeseburgers, sandwiches, etc. He’s very sweet & loves to cuddle. He’s a little too social sometimes & embarrasses me at the store b/c he says hi to pretty much everyone he encounters. He loves other children but also I can see that they don’t accept him sometimes. Like maybe he’s trying to hard to be their friend. I’m trying to teach him that you can’t just expect everyone to give you attention. Anyway there’s one HUGE concern of mine… he sometimes, to converse will repeat exactly what I am saying or what the other person is saying like for an example, you say Hi Gavyn & he will say Hi Gavyn back… I know its echolalia. I hear autistic children have it sometimes but also I hear children with just a simple speech delay have it. I’m just scared though for him b/c I do feel like little kids are being overdiagnosed these days so a part of me wants to protect him from the label & that its my job as his mother to protect him but then at the same time I want him to get the help he needs if it is something serious. He has been a stay at home kid since day 1. My husband & I have been trying to think if we should home school or not but I would really like him to have the whole public school experience & make friends. To me he’s just a normal boy but sometimes I do catch people looking at him weird especially when he repeats stuff. So I was wondering was your son like this as well? Did he end up being okay? I just love my son so much & want the best for him. Any opinion is appreciated. Thanks

admin answers:

From what you posted…it doesn’t seem like he has Autism. My son is now 8, when he was a toddler I thought he may be Autistic because of some of his behaviours. He had a speech delay and sensory issues but…not Autistc. Alot of kids have Autistic traits, some adults also. My main concern with my son was flapping his arms. That is a charactaristic of Autism but also a sensory thing. I was told by alot of people..he is fine, he will grow out of it. BUT…i went ahead and got him tested. I had to because…what if? So..relax…get your son tested to be sure. He seems very vocal and very smart. Alot of times children that are very smart…have quirks.

Home Schooling is something I never concidered….it wasn’t for me. I have a friend who homeschools her 4 children. She sent them all to preschool and kindergarden. She was is a teacher, but isn’t working in a school. I asked her why she sent her kids to preschool and kindergarden. She said, she wanted them to go to learn to be social, learn to be around alot of other kids, and make there own friends, and have that backround. . At that age learning to share with others, and be around other kids was important to her. She also gives the choice. She homeschools 1st and 2nd grade, then asks the children if they want to to to school, or homeschool. They have all chosen to homeschool. They are lovely girls and very social. To me, it could be there personalities but..all of them are very outgoing and try hard to make frineds..which is good, but makes me wonder if they “need” to be in a classroom. But they are able to make that choice. The do have friends, they are in karate, and go to a homeschool group once or twice a week, and are very involved in there church and go to chruch school.

What is his speech delay? Seems like he talks alot. Lisp, studdering?

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Question?: Autism Signs In 3 Year Olds

Mary asks…

What are the signs of apraxia of speech?

My almost 3 year old is still very speech delayed although he has come along way, it’s been slow, we are looking into apraxia of speech. For the record we had him tested for autism and he is not autistic.

admin answers:


This has tons of info – an entire online library you can check out.
Here is what it says about the points of diagnosis.

“Difficulty in achieving and maintaining articulatory configurations
Presence of vowel distortions
Limited consonant and vowel repertoire
Use of simple syllable shapes
Difficulty completing a movement gesture for a phoneme easily produced in a simple context but not in a longer one “

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Autism Shirt – Tips For Collecting Data During Home ABA Therapy

Autism Shirt

For parents conducting intensive ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy at home, collecting and tracking data can seem covet a daunting task. Some parents feel that they seek to remain rigorous info in regards to most every problem to a degree that it hampers such a ability to teach effectively, while some parents feel which properties can rely on memory to track their child’s progress and note both impairments and improvements.Autism Shirt

The truth is that info collection is a delicate equate between ensuring that progress is properly noted without receiving so wrapped up in things overly the lesson suffers. What follows are some basic information for collecting data.

It should first be noted that parents are encouraged to use data collection sheets. Professionally designed to offer task analysis as well as the creation of easy to read graphs, data collection sheets simplify analyzing your child’s progress with ABA therapy. For parents who opt to create their own data records, however, there are some tips to simplify and streamline the process. It is recommended to record data for separate sections and skills on separate sheets of paper and to document results only at the end of the lesson. Autism Shirt


One tip many parents find helpful is to take a task such as getting dressed and break it down into smaller sections, such as choosing clothes, putting on underwear, putting on pants, putting on shirt, putting on sock, putting on shoes, putting pajamas in hamper, etc. When each step is outlined, it becomes easy to outline which steps were taken without prompt and which required prompting. This helps to outline trends and areas that need more work.

The same theory can apply for any activity, including things such as shape or color recognition, with notes being taken of shapes or colors recognized alone and those requiring a hint or prompt. It is important to count only the child’s first response and to be truthful in your data recording, as counting partial answers can skew data and harm your progress in the long run. In short, data collection can be a relatively simple process even though it is highly important. Autism Shirt

While professional collection sheets are recommended, many parents find success using their own data collection methods. Applied Behavior Analysis relies heavily on the assessment of the data that is collected from each lesson, but as long as the proper data is recorded and the proper points are stressed and worked on, ABA is designed to help your child function as normally as possible. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autism Shirt program now!

Feeling lost without solutions? Autism Shirt is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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Do You Think Your Child May Have Aspergers?

Lots of people have Aspergers syndrome, which is a type of autism that is relatively mild, and many children begin showing symptoms at an early age. Some of the common symptoms of Aspergers can also be present with other disorders, so if you suspect your child has Aspergers syndrome, you should have him or her tested by a child psychologist or other professional. The following are some common Aspergers symptoms you should be aware of.

While kids afflicted with Aspergers syndrome probably have tight relationships with family members, they typically have very few if any friends close to their age. There is a plethora of reasons for this, however a high amount of it is linked to their incapacity to communicate in a way that other people this is regular. A child with Aspergers will seem very shy, aloof or strange to other kids. Communication can also be challenging, as children who are afflicted with Aspergers will at times say things that are improper or maybe shout for no clear reason. From this motive, these kids are habitually broken up and placed in special education classes or in some situations even home schooled, despite them being typically intellectual or even above average. The complexity with socializing is a key syndrome of Aspergers. A symptom of aspergers to keep in mind is sensory input sensitivities such as to light or sound. They may want to avoid bright lights or loud sounds, as well as certain smells or foods. You may find them refusing to eat certain textures or smells. Where many kids won’t react to sounds shapes or odors in their environment a child with aspergers probably will. Especially because the behavior or reaction may be unpredictable it’s important for parents and teachers to learn the triggers. In most cases this can be changed by certain treatments.

Aspergers may also cause kids to have difficult concentrating in school, even if their intelligence is high. These children may have one or more intense interests, and will find it easy to focus on these, but they may have a hard time concentrating on other subjects. Many kids will do better in a subject they like than one they don’t, but the child with Aspergers may do very well in one subject and make no effort at all in another. Children with this condition may get A’s in one subject and F’s in others. Sometimes the child’s teacher may notice that he or she doesn’t follow instructions, even simple ones. This is one symptom of Aspergers, but of course there can be many other reasons children have difficulty with certain subjects in school. The more you are knowledgeable of Aspergers syndrome, the more you’ll be able to collaborate with kids in your life who have this disorder. In this day and age, it’s turning out to be easier to notice and minister to those children and they can more easily lead rather customary lifestyle. If you are guessing that your child is showing signs of Aspergers, the imperative thing is to find out how to communicate effectively with them, so don’t dawdle in looking for the help you might need.
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Autism Toy – What Kind of Toys Are Helpful For Autistic Children?

Autism Toy

Are you conscience of how difficult it is to search for toys for children who have autism? It is difficult, because properties do not receive the same interest and play through toys as the majority of children do. Autism Toy

What is making executed right about the challenging issue, is, there are more companies and supplies to reach the conclusion this frustrating problem, by creating toys the current are made for the purpose to swell sight, sound, and texture to produce interest to the autisc child. Autism affects the ability of the child to communicate and interact with others, play, and learn like other children their age.

In addition, it has a wide range of characteristics and causes a multitude of different problems. Many children feel uncomfortable interacting with others. They would rather play alone until they feel more conifident and comfortable to interact with others. Most children with autism display a lack of social play or make-believe play. Autism Toy

There has been extensive research on what kinds of toys and play things children with autism most enjoy. Although it will be different for all children, the following are some examples of toys autistic children have found interesting. First, they often enjoy toys that are visually stimulating, like shapes, colors, and something as simple as bubbles.

They also enjoy visually stimulating objects like puzzles and interactive books. Toys that stimulate touch, for example, books or toys with flaps and different fabrics or materials, seem to be the toys they gravitate to. Toys that make noise, such as amimals, dolls, or other items that play music or sing songs, are the ones, they enjoy. As a child ages, it is important to incorporate computerized software to assist in developing vocabulary and tasks, for example counting.

To help develop communication skills, play therapy or floor time therapy, is a play technique that incorporates a specific toy to gain interest of the child for playtime. Many children with autism do not relate to play into relationships or communication, so the intent of play therapy is for the child to interact the way they choose to. Autism Toy

In addition, if the child chooses to play with a toy car, he or she may choose another car to bump into a different car, forcing them to get away from obsessively focusing on the one car itself, but instead on the act of play. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Autism Toy program now!

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