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Question?: Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Thomas asks…

How do you know if a child has mild autism ?

My friend has a 5 yr old son who can say a few words then cuts of into bable. She doesn’t talk “baby talk” to him. When she wants to get his attention he avoids eye contact by rolling his eyes in every direction. When we took him to the fair certain noise would bother him and he would cover his ears. The noise didn’t even have to be high pitched or very loud. When she asked the doctor about his speech, he simply said it was a speech impediment that once he starts school he will get help for it. I’m not sure how to approach her about it either.

admin answers:


Early intervention is key in cases of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and delayed speech.

Please ask her to take the following steps immediately:

Find a pediatrician that specializes in children with developmental disabilities.

Contact the school system for a complete evaluation (this is free, and could have been before the child trained 3!).

The school system will choose a team of professionals to evaluate the child, including, but not limited to a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a school adjustment counselor, a school psychologist, a teacher and an expert in special education. His parents will be part of the team, and they may bring any experts they so choose to the team meetings.

The child’s new pediatrician will submit a recommendation for the services the child needs. The child may require an independent evaluation by additional specialists (pediatric neurologist, etc. To develop a treatment plan.

Make sure that the team adopts the recommendations of his pediatrician and specialists in their entirety; appeal the team’s decision, if necessary.

The team will develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that specifies the services to be provided and the frequency of the provision, as well as the modifications that will be made to “regular” education to accommodate him.

His parents have the right to accept or reject the IEP, in whole or in part, and appeal same, in whole or in part. If they choose to appeal and another, independent evaluation is required, the school must pay for the evaluation.

The school system is required BY LAW to provide early intervention services beginning at age 3, so he will probably begin in a special program, immediately.

This is a very complex subject not easily dealt with in this forum, however the above is a start. DON’T WAIT!

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Question?: Autistic Disorder

Richard asks…

How long does it normally take a peaditrican to diagnose autistic spectrum disorders?

How long does it normally take a peaditrican to diagnose autistic spectrum disorders?
After a number of difficulties with my little boy of almost 9 years ,my GP suggested that he may have something related to the autistic spectrum disorder.He mentioned aspergers syndrome and has refered him to a local peaditrician.We are due to see him this week,will they they be able to tell us on the day if this is the case or is it usual to have a lot more tests etc. Does anyone know the procedure in the UK for this type of diagnosis

admin answers:

We had t have our son see his Doctor, a psychologist, a speech person and then one of the 2 doctors in our state who will officially diagnose kids with it. When we went to see the big Doctor we had all the other doctors notes plus( he was 3 at the time) all the notes we gt from the preschool teachers and the school psychologist. We got enough info t get him diagnosed the day we went to see the Doctor

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Effective Aspergers Treatments for Children

The only common thing among Aspergers patients is that their symptoms come in a variety of ways, therefore treatment has to be varied case to case. Each child will need different areas of treatment, so there are different treatment options available. As with anything, the more knowledge that is gained about this condition, the easier children and adults are finding to live with it. Depending on the needs of your child, the following treatments can be helpful.

Some children with Aspergers find that cognitive behavior therapy can be quite helpful. While not a cure, it is designed to help the child control disruptive or upsetting behavior. Aspergers can show itself through several types of behavior that can complicate life for the child and those around them.

Examples of these behaviors include temper tantrums, anxiety disorders and temper tantrums. Cognitive behavior therapy focuses on specific problems and teaches the child new skills to change their responses. The purpose is to boost the child’s confidence so it is then easier for them to interact with others.

You may find that a conversation with the school psychologist can be helpful if your child has Aspergers syndrome. In many cases, its possible for children with Aspergers to function at a high level in school, but it’s essential to work with the school and find out about any services they offer. In any areas that your child has difficulty in, whether it be socially or academically, the school officials can help with this. From the principals to the teachers, take the time to get to know each as much as possible. While the average parent should strive to do this, it is vital for parents with children with Aspergers.

Not only will you feel more comfortable sharing your concerns, but the school is more likely to keep you informed of your child’s progress.

Parent to parent networking is important for parents of children with Aspergers syndrome. Look for support groups in your area. You can also find online groups and forums. These can all be good places to share information, tips and offer each other moral support.

Learn from those who have older children with Aspergers and have been dealing with this for years. Other treatment options may be discovered through these resources, that even your doctor or child’s psychologist have not thought of. With all the information available to us these days, it is nice to find someone who is in a similar circumstance. Other parents can be a huge help when dealing with Aspergers syndrome. Even experts still have a lot to learn about Aspergers. If someone in your family has this condition, you have to observe them and see what does and doesn’t work. To help your child with Aspergers adjust to his world, keep the above suggestions in mind and consult regularly with a qualified doctor. The article author has been writing article content for several years. Head to his website about cheap gym equipment. They have also another great new site on custom closet systems.
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Stability and Routines for Children With Aspergers Syndrome

Parents of children with Aspergers want to find the best treatment options for this condition. Aspergers cannot be cured however, because it is not a disease. When doctors treat Aspergers, they are actually helping the child to function better in areas where they are experiencing problems. The following are some Aspergers treatments that can be helpful in many cases.

Children with Aspergers are affected greatly by any change in their routine, therefore it is key to keep as much stability in their life as possible. Assigning times for even simple tasks like free time, homework and meal time, will help give them structure in their routine. Raising children can be done either this way or with a more freer style. Regardless your preference, too much flexibility for a child with Asbergers will just confuse them. Life will be less stressful for them with a constant routine.

Be sure to discuss your child’s Aspergers syndrome with their school psychologist. Children with Aspergers can function at high levels in school, as long as you work with the school and determine what services they have available. If your child has any areas of difficulty, either with certain academic subjects, or fitting in socially, the school authorities can sometimes help. From the principals to the teachers, take the time to get to know each as much as possible. For parents of children with Aspergers this is more important than the average parent.

This way the school is more likely to keep you informed regarding the progress your child is making, and you can tell them about any areas of concern.

The adjusting period can be difficult for children with Aspergers, but once past this hurdle many do fine in the average classroom. There are a few that can never get past the adjustment phase though. Adjusting may be difficult due to your child’s particular symptoms or even the school in your are. Some kids will bully children with Aspergers making it hard for them to fit in and adjust to their surroundings. Home schooling can be an option if this is the case, or perhaps a program to teach you and your child special skills, or even a special school. The point is, if the school your child is going to isn’t helping him or her to adjust well to life, you should seek an alternative or at least additional help.

There are many ways to help children with Aspergers learn the necessary skills to function in society. Today you can find lots of options in the form of programs, treatments, organizations, both in your area and online. You and your child can find the right plan with just a little research. We’ve only had room to look at a few of the treatments for Aspergers that are available, but these can be a good starting point. Find the best deviled egg carrier and Deviled Egg Recipes.
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Routines are Vital For Children With Aspergers Syndrome

Each child with Aspergers syndrome needs a little different treatment because it presents itself in many different ways. There is no one right treatment because one child may need help with their social skills, while the next needs help with their motor skills. Some Aspergers treatments, however, have proven to be effective for many children with this condition, and we’ll be looking at a few of these here.

Routine is vital for kids with Aspergers, since they have difficulty adjusting to changes in their routine. Specific times for homework, meals, bed time and free time will give them structure and help them function better. Parents can choose to either parent this way or allow their children more freedom. Too much flexibility however, for a child with Asbergers can be harmful for them and stress them out. A constant routine is key to lessen their stress level.

Be sure to discuss your child’s Aspergers syndrome with their school psychologist. Children with Aspergers can function at high levels in school, as long as you work with the school and determine what services they have available. The school authorities can help with academic as will as helping your child to fit in socially. All the staff at the school will be able to help your child succeed from the principal to the teachers. This is a good policy for all parents, but especially those of kids with Aspergers.

Not only will you feel more comfortable sharing your concerns, but the school is more likely to keep you informed of your child’s progress.

In some cases, a child with Aspergers may have issues with their balance, coordination, and motor skills. This can make many everyday kids’ activities, such as throwing a ball or, in some cases, even writing with a pen difficult. Such symptoms can also make it harder for these kids to fit in socially. One type of Aspergers treatment, then, is to focus specifically on any physical and motor difficulties the children may have. Physical therapy can be helpful in these cases, by helping the child become more coordinated and confident in their bodies. Not only can this treatment help them enjoy more activities but it can help them appear less awkward to their peers. Children with Aspergers tend to need help in several areas so physical therapy is usually combined with other forms of treatment. There are many Aspergers treatments, although there is no one single cure. The treatments that are used will vary based on the symptoms the child exhibits. The difficulties associated with Aspergers can be helped with the above suggestions. Find information on the finding the best Saddle Blanket for your horse. Stylish Western Saddle Blankets.
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Aspergers Syndrome Treatments for Socializing With Peers

As Aspergers syndrome has increasingly been diagnosed, more treatments have as a result been developed. Also considered a form of autism, Aspergers syndrome is not quite as disabling as other forms of autism. There are many treatments available for kids with Aspergers, since they do require special attention. We have helped ot narrow down some of the best treatments available to kids with Aspergers.

One important area of treatment is usually social skills because children with Aspergers tend to have trouble communicating and socializing with their peers. Basic interaction skills that come naturally to most children need to be taught to a child with Aspergers. They need to learn to talk in a more natural sounding manner because their speech often sounds different, for example. They also need to learn to make eye contact and to have more normal body language. These children also have to learn how to understand things like humor, sarcasm and tone of voice, which they often have trouble with. This type of treatment has to be aimed at each child as an individual, based on the particular areas he or she needs to work on. It is valuable to teach these skills to a child with Aspergers because it allows them to relate to others better.

A vital discussion to have for any parent who has a child with Aspergers syndrome is with the school psychologist. It is essential that you work with the school and discover the services they have avaialbe, so that your child with Aspergers has a chance to function at a high level in school. For the child that struggles socially or academically there are ways for the school to help with this. Be sure you do more than introduce your self to the teachers, but also get to know the principal as well. While all parents should do this, it is even more important for parents of kids with Aspergers.

Not only will you feel more comfortable sharing your concerns, but the school is more likely to keep you informed of your child’s progress.

There are herbs and other natural remedies that can be helpful in treating Aspergers. It is possible to use herbal remedies to help calm a child with Aspergers down, help them focus, and to help reduce their anxiety. St. John’ s Wort can help with problems ranging from anxiety to depression, and this is used on both children and adults for a variety of symptoms. To help soothe the nervous system, you can also try the herbal remedies of chamomile and passion flower, also known as passiflora. Consult a homeopathic or herbal practitioner for more information on use herbal remedies to treat symptoms of Aspergers.

In conclusion, if you are the parent of a child with Aspergers, you face unusual challenges, but you certainly aren’t alone. This condition is quite common, and fortunately, while there’s no known cure, there are many ways to effectively deal with it. Hopefully you and your family have found some ways to treat Aspergers syndrome above. Cheap sewing machines, rag quilts and many more free quilt patterns. Please stop by for a visit!
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