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Question?: Adhd Symptoms

David asks…

If my little guy start taking meds for ADHD but hi TS tics still remain, what are the options?

Both my son and I have adhd symptoms (he’s diagnosed but I’m not). We both have tics and the people who diagnosed him said that this was just the ADHD but I do not think so. I was not too impulsive as a child yet I had tics, and my boy can call out something or screech even when he is in a relatively calm state (so it is not about regulating states of mind as I am told the cause is).

Any how, I am not getting excited about the prospect of giving him medication as I am not sure it will affect the tics and I wonder If they will be more noticeable then.
For example, he is happy being daft an making silly noises but he finds it easier to play the fool as he doesn’t have to explain outbursts. When he has to be sensible or is feeling sensible and something pops out he smiles and apologizes but in quite a shy way and sometimes looks embarrassed.

I would honestly let him keep being the class clown rather than him feel embarrassed. But are there other options that can work for TS and ADHD together?

admin answers:

I am not in favor of giving children medicine if there is any other options. I too would think that his problem is more likely explained by the TS and yes, the medicines can cause the Tics.

I would go for a second opinion, either from a psychiatrist or neurologists that has a reputation for dealing with children and TS. It may still mean he needs a medication, but maybe there is a more appropriate one.

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Applied Behavior Analysis Autism – The ABA Autism Method

Applied Behavior Analysis Autism

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a commonly spent process for treating children who own autism. And the majority of specialists reach a decision that currently method is one of the most encompassing and useful treatments for helping the development of autistic children. The subsequent to article will submit an introduction to how the ABA technique is all about, and serves to direct you to some useful resources if you’re interested in more information.

While Applied Behavior Analysis may be growing in popularity, it is by no means new. Research began back in the 60’s, however it wasn’t until the early 1980’s that the ABA method became one of the most popular treatment methods. ABA also has a reputation for being a very comprehensive program, and offers behavioral teachings across a wide variety of situations. Applied Behavior Analysis claims to have a very pro-active style of teaching.

For instance, rather than just identifying poor behavior, and instilling a sense of wrongdoing in the child, the program identifies the actions that should be taken, instead of simply identifying what actions to avoid. This is just one of the reasons that ABA such a universally accepted teaching instrument. The ABA method can also be used with a wide range of age groups. And while early intervention ABA has been the most studied with significant research into the effectiveness of the program, ABA for other age groups also offers ample material and endorsement.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a very complicated and difficult treatment method and by no means is it a cure-all for autism. ABA requires significant work and time by the child and family. But, this hard work can really pay off in the form of very positive, visible results. Applied Behavior Analysis Autism

There are a significant number of resources available that provide information on ABA. Probably the best resource is The Association for Behavior Analysis (abainternational.org). They have loads of valuable information regarding ABA. Behavior.org, and shapingbehavior.com are also good resources. Doing a quick search online will expose more information than you can probably take in. There is even information about specific subcategories of the treatment method, so feel free to make your query as specific and detailed as possible for better results.

If you think you may be interested in taking advantage of the Applied Behavior Analysis treatment method, then you should know that experts recommend you do not attempt to teach your child the ABA method on your own, due to its complexity. It is recommended that you incorporate a professional into the learning process. These professionals must be board certified, so you can find one close to you by examining the registry of certified behavior analysts.

Again, ABA autism treatment is not a magic or quick fix to a complicated condition like autism. It will take hard work and patience on the part of all parties involved. But this hard work will likely yield some very positive results, which as we all know is an immeasurable benefit to the children who suffer from autism. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Applied Behavior Analysis Autism program now!

Applied Behavior Analysis Autism is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try the program and change child’s life forever!
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