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Question?: Pdd Nos Symptoms

Mandy asks…

Looking for simple explanation of PDD-NOS (Pervasive De – and things that have worked to improved the diagnose

Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.

admin answers:

PDD-NOS is a condition on the autism spectrum. Autism is generally defined as a disorder involving language delay, difficulties with social reciprocity and social skills, and repetitive behavior. PDD-NOS is a condition where there are signs and symptoms of autism, but not enough to make a full diagnosis. For instance, perhaps the person shows language delay and difficulty with social skills, but not repetitive behavior in the classically autistic sense. That kind of thing.
Interventions for PDD-NOS are similar to those used for autism: speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavior intervention, social skills intervention, etc. However, individuals on the autism spectrum are NOT the same – there is a huge variance in how people act and behave, even though they might have similar diagnoses. As a result, the type of interventions that might work best for one person might be different for someone else.

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Marriage and Partnership with Aspergers Syndrome

Marriages or partnership of a person with Aspergers Syndrome is often tough and demanding for both of them. Because of difficulty in verbal communication, social skills and reciprocity of feelings and behavior, those with Aspergers find it hard to start a friendship to ongoing relationship into an intimate one.

Asperger partner’s problem with communication, is that they know what they think and feel but they cannot express it and they are not aware of the feelings and thoughts of their loved ones. Those with Aspergers cannot connect with their special loved ones well as much as those without it. Another is having lack of emotion and emotional connection, they are viewed as uncaring, cold and selfish which can lead to misunderstanding, disappointment, anxiety, and even depression. It is difficult for either partner to have or want sexual intimacy especially those women who prefers to have sex when emotion is involved. This does not imply that those with Aspergers. It’s not that they cannot feel love, they just have difficulty to show or express care and love.


Those with Aspergers may have unusual behaviors like insensitivity, not maintaining eye contact, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, social anxiety, a preoccupation with specific items or areas of interest and hobbies. They have sensory issues like they do not want to be touched, dislike to a particular sound, light and taste. It makes the connection and relationship more difficult. This complicates the fulfillment of having intimacy and sexual relationship with their partners. With these problems, it can destroy their relationship or marriage and can lead to separation.

They have a chance to love and be loved. It is a matter of quality in a relationship with a person with Asperger syndrome. Those with Aspergers never seem to learn that their wife or husband cannot feel their love if they did not show and demonstrate it. They are giving their best to maintain their relationships but they have trouble in sharing their thoughts and feelings. They need a partner that would really love, care and understand them in the best that they can. Well in this world, if you really love a person, you would be with him in sickness and in health. A bond that should not be taken for granted.

For those with Aspergers, in order to save their relationship and marriage, partners must seek professional help through marriage counseling. Through counseling, the asperger symptoms can be dealt with. It can also help them learn to overcome feelings of anger, disappointment, and depression. Another is social skill training; the partner with asperger will help them to communicate or verbally interact and associate with others especially with their partners and loved ones. It will also teach them to recognize facial expressions and learn body language skills to interpret what is being said by others. They can also conquer feeling of isolation by joining group therapy sessions.

With all the patience, understanding and acceptance of the conditions of their partners and willingness on the part of the person with Aspergers syndrome to undergo a therapy, this can be a great help to save the relationship and marriage. Aspergers is possible to manage with help. If you or a loved one has Aspergers, get the help you need now before it is too late.

Dr. John E. Neyman, Jr.Christian CounselorDr. John has reared 3 children, Philip, Laura, and Matthew. Dr. John has been teaching families for the last 30 years. He is a family coach that specializes in parenting. Dr. John’s motto is “Empowering parents to transform their homes.” Dr. John was a pastor for 25 years.Dr. John has been serving as a Counselor/therapist for 30 years. He is currently a Behavior Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist in Western PA. Dr. John also is the director /Owner of the Renewed Life Counseling Center. Dr. John is a bestselling author entitled Wake up Live the Life You love: Success and Wake up Live the Life You Love: Freedom.Dr. John has developed a strategy that parents are able to use immediately, and effectively. It is entitled Power moments with Your Children. It takes less than 1 minute to put a strategy into place. Dr. John holds degrees from Liberty University and Rochville University.Dr. John has a passion to teach principles that transforms lives. He has spoken to audiences from 4 to 4 thousand. Dr. John’s teachings are practical, pointed, and powerful.
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How To Tell The Difference Between Aspergers and ADHD

How can you tell the difference between Aspergers and ADHD? The disorders are similar but some of the symptoms are quite different but others overlap. Your pediatrician or doctor may be able to tell you which condition your child has, but here are some indicators to guide you.

Aspergers Syndrome gets some fancy names and sometimes is described as part of the autism spectrum called “pervasive developmental disorders”. It is however a mild form of autism but some parents are very unhappy about such a label. Doctors too are wary about using the term autism and maybe for that reason do not diagnose it as often as they should. The main problem is that as the symptoms overlap, this does happen quite often.

What are the differences then between Aspergers and ADHD? The child with Aspergers (or Aspies as they are sometimes called) will have lots of problems with social skills and they cannot really understand what people’s expectations are of them. They will have great difficulty as well in making eye contact. The ADHD child understands most social cues and will be able to make eye contact.

The symptoms for Aspergers and ADHD will overlap when both types of children have outbursts, temper flare ups and talk non-stop. There is another difference though which becomes fairly obvious and that is that the Aspergers child will talk in a boring monotone but will be completely unaware of the social cues and the importance of interaction. This defect is sometimes known as lack of social reciprocity.

Another difference between Aspergers and ADHD is that the Aspergers child seems to lack any filters. There are hundreds of sensory images of all sorts competing for the child’s attention. A normal person and an ADHD child can filter these out to a greater or lesser extent. The Aspergers child cannot, with the result that they will concentrate on the details so much that they cannot understand the big picture. The ADHD child can understand what the filters are and how they work and may sometimes display a lack of self control but the Aspergers child just does not know what the rules are.

Sometimes the daydreaming and fantasising of Aspergers children shows a lot of similarities with the ADHD inattentive type where they seem to live in a world of their own. The Aspergers child is capable of repeating an action or routine ad nauseum which is not very common in ADHD chuildren. If the Aspergers child suffers from a compulsive disorder as well, their behavior displays that and they will worry about their rules and rutuals incessantly.

While ADHD behavior therapy will work quite well with ADHD children , it is not so easy for children with Aspergers.It may be time to consider alternative treatments and the sites below will help you to decide, should your child be diagnosed with one or other of these disorders. Aspergers and ADHD medication too are different, given the additional problems the Aspergers child has.

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what Natural ADHD treatment is available.
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Aspergers Education – What Is Aspergers Syndrome And How Do I Know If My Child Has It?

Aspergers Education

Are you the parent of a young child that may have some signs of autism but does not have a lot of them? Have you been told by a Doctor or special education personnel that your child may have Aspergers Syndrome (AD)? Would you like to learn about characteristics of the disorder so that you can pursue private evaluations? This article will be discussing the characteristics of this syndrome so that you will be able to advocate for appropriate educational services for your child.

This disorder was initially described by Hans Asperger in 1944. He found a number of cases whose clinical characteristics were similar to autism, but differed in the fact that the speech was less commonly delayed, motor clumsiness was much more common, and initial cases seem to only occur in boys.

In 1994 The American Psychiatric Association added Aspergers syndrome to its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, often referred to as the DSM IV. It is listed by itself in its own category and not under the autism umbrella, but under the broader Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Aspergers Education

Characteristics of this disorder are:

1. Major impairment in social interaction which may show in lack of empathy, difficulty with spontaneity, difficulty in developing friendships with peers, ability to show social reciprocity which is back and forth communication, and impairments in eye contact, posture and gestures.

2. Restricted repetitive patterns of behavior, interests and activities. This can be shown by preoccupation with one area of interest that is abnormal in intensity or focus. The child may be very inflexible when it comes to daily routines or rituals, and also may show an extreme preoccupation with a part of objects.

3. While a child with AD acquire language skills without delay, they often have abnormalities in how they use language. Aspergers Education

4. Children with this disorder may also have unusual sensory experiences, like sensitivities to light or sound. This disorder is called Sensory Integration dysfunction.

5. Motor clumsiness is another characteristic of this disorder. Children with this disorder may be delayed in learning skills that require motor dexterity such as riding a bike or opening a jar.

6. Children with this disorder do not show a significant delay in cognitive development.

7. Some children with this disorder are extremely bright with very high IQ’s.
The best way to determine if a child has Aspergers is to have your child evaluated by a competent trained professional such as a Neuropsychologist or a Clinical Psychologist.

Many school psychologists are not trained to diagnose this disorder, so it may be best to have your child privately tested. Two of the instruments that may be used are the Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised (ADI R), and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).

It is important to note however that this disorder may be Co Morbid with other disorders. This means that the child may have other disorders as well. These may be ADHD, Bi Polar Disorder, Learning Disabilities, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The earlier the treatment for this disorder and co morbid disorders, the better it will be for your child. Appropriate special education services can help your child be ready for post school learning and independent living, as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires! Aspergers Education

Aspergers Educationis a proven Autism Solution for your Child.TryAutism, Aspergers, ASD Program and change child’s life forever!”
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