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Question?: Adhd Test

Joseph asks…

what to expect from adhd testing?

I went to the counseling center at my school to speak to a psychologist and after talking to her, she recomended that I get adhd testing. I have a hard time focusing and completing tasks.

What can I expect from the testing?

admin answers:

It’s a waste of money…. A lot of money. Just go to a psychiatrist. Much faster and easier.

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Question?: Angry Autistic Kids

Thomas asks…

Need help if my three year old sounds autistic?

Hello I have a three year old, that has recently been tested for autism, but came back inconclusive for a number of reasons i.e. When asking me about my sons communication skills, I didn’t know what they meant by Joint attention or gestures ( I know I’m stupid) so I would say ‘no’ that he doesn’t do those things… even though judging by my son’s speech therapist and the psychologist and developmental ped that assessed him could see that he could do those things. So anyway, my son is going to have a second assessment and when they ask me questions, I want to make sure that I get it right. Here are a list of things that my son does.
1. Uses joint attention…. to much intact.. he would look at me..point.. and look at me to show me a thing he’s interested in i.e. this could be images in a book, showing me he’s drawing… showing em something he’s interested in etc etc.
2. My son has a speech delay
3. My son uses a lot natural gestures ( That I HAVE NOT TAUGHT HIM).. so this could be ” brushing his teeth” would be in gestures, using his fingers, showing his teeth and animating with his finger the motion to brush his teeth…..” wash hands” would be the two of his hands clamped together doing the motion of washing his hands…..” upset’ would be shrugging shoulders would be or folding arms. ” open” would be animating different ways with he’s hands to open with an object.
3. Plays toys appropriately and has good pretend/imaginary play skills i.e. flying helicopter or rocket, cooking, feeding baby etc.. although occasionally he would lie down sideways and build he’s blocks ( which is a concern
4. If he does not get what he wants this would go into a tantrum
5. doesn’t seem to understand patience some of the times *sigh*
6.Flaps arms when angry
7. Plays with kids and knows how to share
8.Has no routine issue whatsoever, but remembers the places which I treat him too e.g. Mcdonalds…toy stores and if we walk past these ” special treat stores” wants to go in *sigh again*
9.Toilet trained.. sleep is fine
10. Can be too hyperactive, running around ( which is tiring)
11. Always wants to play with me ( which can be annoying sometimes) this could be him making me want to out on our 3D glasses and him pointing to the mirror so that we can pull faces… our sleeping game, so he would gesture sleep, and I have to fake sleep and he would diliberalty make noise and I’ll have to wake up and tickle him…. also with games too.
12. Self care needs are advanced
13. Really good at imitating
14. Can be shy
15. seems to understand more, even though speech is limited
16. seems to always want my attention…through crying… wanting me to cuddle him… playing
17. Has a good sense of where I am, e.g say like if I am out of his sight, he would always look back to s where I am or where I have gone too.

I think the main thing for me is his tantrums, he may have an allergy too. Also, he is quite shy and does not show his true self to people.. most of the things have mentioned on this list..only me, his speech therapist, family and close friends have seen this side of him, to strangers he doesn’t open up easily which is sad. Anyway, does my list sound like he has autism and what concerns should I bring up to the psychologist?
@Alicia- Thanks for your comment, when actually listing things which my son does, autism sounds less and I am actually thinking that it could be ADHD..OR ADD.. his dad has said this, that it sounds like ADHD not autism. Although, It can be argued that the fact because he is speech delayed, this adds to frustration..if it is ADHD and not autism, I would be worried that it may result for him to take medication.. which I would not result too. I am aware that ADHD cannot be diagnosed under the age of 5.

admin answers:

Autism is the inability to understand other people as being people with their own wants, needs, and emotions. Something that three-year children also tend to be bad at. Like what has been said before, most of what you are describing sounds a lot like a normal three-year old. The speech doesn’t seem to be important, as your son seems to be able to communicate. Most children learn to talk well because baby talk just gets a “What did you say” response from adults, so children learn to enunciate so as to be understood and get what they want from adults. You’re sons gestures sound like he has found a way of getting out of having to talk properly (if you have ever learned a second language, then you would know how difficult this is). I am curious as to what what would happen if you refused to acknowledge his gestures and insist that he talk more to get what he wants.

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Question?: Adhd In Adults

Mandy asks…

Can my recent ADHD diagnosis affect my application to medical schools?

I have recently been diagnosed with adult ADHD. I am wondering if my ADHD diagnosis will in any way affect my chances of getting into med school? Also, does anyone know if there are doctors who themselves have/had ADHD? I tried searching it up on the internet, but not much luck.

Please respond, someone. Thank you very much in advance.

admin answers:

Hi blockmoncherry –

I don’t know for certain, but I do NOT believe your ADHD diagnosis can or will affect your application to medical school. I don’t believe they can keep you out for having a diagnosis, although I suppose anything is possible in this day and age.

When I think of application and interview processes for college and graduate schools (including medical schools), the process is focused more on who you are and how you tell your story. If you speak with confidence and professionalism, conveying your interest in the work you want to do, that is what matters the most.

Everyone has a story to tell..everyone has differences and challenges….it’s just a matter of how you convey them.

Back to the diagnosis and affecting your application. I just don’t think it’s possible… That to me screams discrimination, and yes I know plenty of people who have gone to medical school who have ADHD and who are now wonderful doctors in many specialty areas.

The only places I have really heard about ADHD impacting your ability to perform certain jobs is in the field of being an airline pilot (if diagnosed and taking medications), and perhaps the military has some regulations around the diagnosis.

Other than that you should be good.

Are you looking for specific doctors with ADHD? I had a client who was an incredibly successful family physician who has ADHD, and has achieved amazing things. A very close friend of mine is a psychologist who has been diagnosed with ADHD.

You can do this! If you are passionate and focused, you can make this happen.

Hope this helps.


Rory F. Stern, PsyD
“Former therapist” and ADHD Coach

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome

Carol asks…

what are the questions the psycheatrist make to a person to test asperger syndrome?

when a psycheatrist or a psychologist is testing asperger syndrome in someone, what are the questions they make to them?

admin answers:

I think they have a variety of questions that they follow according to their DSVM medical diagnoses book.

Here are a few sample questions they might ask:
-Do you like working with yourself or do you like working in groups?
-Do you often find yourself into one subject that you can’t stop talking or thinking about?
-Do you notice your arms or hands moving around when you want to communicate?
-When someone asks you to share a toy or chair you refuse to let them use what is considered yours?
-When someone is sad or lost a loved one, you show no empathy towards them.

If you find in most of these questions that are a YES, then that would be a key to what someone may have aspergers syndrome.

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Question?: Adhd Test

Ken asks…

How can you tell if an autistic child is also ADHD?

I have an 8 yr old son who is autistic and ADHD also runs in my family. Basically it seems ADHD and some form of the autism spectrum does as my nieces and nephew had one or both and my daughter is ADHD with testing for aspergers goin on. How can I get my son tested for adhd since he is non-communicative?

admin answers:

ADHD is commonly misdiagnosed with people that have Asperger’s Syndrome. The theory isn’t the change of mind but the fact that an obsessive mind causes them to move onto other subjects. One thing will cause another thought and so forth. This is not ADHD but doctors are more interested in prescribing Ritalin since this is an income stream for them. I would tell your school and they can test him or I would call a psychologist that specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorders and they will diagnose.

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Question?: Pdd

David asks…

What would be common symptoms of PDD-NOS in a 1-year-old?

My daughter is 14 months old and was diagnosed with mild PDD-NOS by a psychologist. I was hoping someone can give me a list of symptoms a 14-month old might present that would give a psychologist the diagnosis of mild PDD-NOS. All symptoms I find online either talk about children 3 years plus, or talk about Autism.
I’m looking for a list of symptoms, like a checklist I can see for myself

admin answers:

Here’s a good link that should help you out. PDD-NOS is in the autism spectrum.


Get your daughter into a therapeutic play groups and when older, into a clinical pre-school. Many kids on the mild end of the spectrum will grow up okay if intervention happens early.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Linda asks…

What are the symptoms of schizophrenia ?

I think i might have schizophrenia, i just need to know the symptoms please.

admin answers:

Im no doctor, but i know from having a friend at high school that had schizophrenia, that some of the symptoms can include paranoia, and seeing and hearing things that may not be there (hallucinating,) agree, google it for more info/symptoms, maybe consider seeing yr dr or a psychologist to check.

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Question?: Autistic Symptoms

Linda asks…

Is autistic spectrum online tests a valid tool for diagnosis?

Seems to be you can do a quiz to diagnose everything these days. A couple of people have suggested I do it as I have alot of the symptoms, but these symptoms are symptoms for various things such as social phobia, panic attack disorder and OCD. How does a doctor usually go about diagnosing something like this?

admin answers:

Online tests of any kind of not valid diagnostic tools. Autism spectrum disorders are complex and tricky to diagnose. A good test can give you an indication, but not a diagnosis. My psychologist diagnosed me with Asperger’s syndrome based on my self-report, an interview with my mom, my performance on a series of cognitive tests, and her observations of my behavior. The whole process took several hours, mostly because of the tests. If you want to be evaluated, you’ll need to see an autism spectrum disorders specialist. Your GP should be able to suggest someone.

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Question?: Adhd Test

Mandy asks…

How do doctors test for ADD in adults?

Some of my college professors say I might have it, but I’m not too familiar with it..I want to get tested for it..should I call my doctor and make an appointment and say “hey I want an adhd test“? how does it work and what does the doctor due to diagnose me with it?.

will i be prescribed meds for it?

admin answers:

You go to a psychologist and request testing. Simple.

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Question?: Schizophrenia In Children

Linda asks…

Anyone have experience with schizophrenia in children? Very real imaginary friends!?

I’m not asking for a diagnosis, merely opinions, and thoughts. I am currently looking for a psychologist who can help us further, and have some books on hold at the library about it. I’m concerned about my 9 year old autistic son. I’m sorry this is going to be long, probably…

He has had an imaginary friend, “Gavin”, since he was about 5, as far as we know. But that is also when he started to verbalize more things, so actually, he may have been friends with Gavin for longer than that. I know that imaginary friends are normal in children. I had one when I was a kid, but the thing was, *I knew she was imaginary*, I knew other people could not see her. I’ve started to get more worried about my son, because I don’t think he knows that.

Gavin used to be in a wheelchair. (Don’t ask me why- kid has a vivid imagination, I guess). Recently, Gavin was given a walker, and can walk around. Now that he has a walker, people keep sitting on him. This really upsets my son. He goes mad when people sit on Gavin. Gavin pretty much goes everywhere, because according to my son, he has separation anxiety. Everyone has to leave a space for Gavin to stand next to, or sit next to my son. He even has an empty chair at school for Gavin to sit next to him. Someone sat on Gavin today at the supermarket, and my son was very, very upset- and in fact, still is now, several hours later.

There is a correlation between autism and schizophrenia which I do not fully understand at the moment. I’ve looked it up online but haven’t found too much useful info. Some of the books I’ve got coming from the library are about it, so will hopefully shed some light. My son’s therapists and teachers have all pretty much brushed it off, and said it’s normal. But recently I’ve felt like Gavin is getting more and more real, and honestly, it freaks me out.

I don’t think it is normal anymore. Maybe it used to be, but it’s not anymore. I also don’t think it’s healthy because it upsets my son so much. For something that doesn’t exist, Gavin sure does cause a lot of problems. I want him gone. My son already does play therapy, which is supposed to help get rid of imaginary friends. It isn’t working, obviously.

I brought up schizophrenia today with his ABA therapist. She said she didn’t think so– BUT, she also said she doesn’t know much (anything) about it. I don’t know what to do about Gavin in the meantime either. He’s a real pain. He was easier when he was in the wheelchair too.

Just from reading this post, do you think I’m over-reacting and it sounds normal? Or maybe there is something more going on??
(Again, I know you don’t know for sure. Opinions only.)
2nd answer: Good idea, but unlikely because my son is more of a “sensory seeker”. He climbs all over people, and would sit on a stranger’s lap if they let him. He has no issues with people being close to him. You can be close to him as long as Gavin isn’t on that side.

admin answers:

I doubt it’s schizophrenia and that would not be the route I would personally be looking down.

My 8 year old had an imaginary friend named Lissy until he was about 6. Lissy went everywhere with us and honestly? I thought it was a bit fascinating hearing the detail he went into about Lissy. He had a whole backstory for her and she had her own likes and dislikes and everything! I’m not sure what the ‘normal’ age is to grow out of them but 9 doesn’t seem incredibly old, and it could be linked in some way to autism if he has any maturity delays (again just all speculation here as I do not know your son). Your kid is probably building Gavin from things he sees around him and using Gavin as a way to process these things.

Keep working with his therapists about it but I would so not be freaking out about things like schizophrenia. That seems so unlikely to me; especially at age 9. Obviously none of us can say for sure but I would be focusing on finding other reasons for it.

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