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The Other “Champions” in America’s Next Top Model Seasons 1-15

Recently HOTDVDSHOP has released an excellent product — America’s Next Top Model Seasons 1-15 DVD Boxset. Since its release, this product has become the hottest item. America’s Next Top Model is really a great show, isn’t it? Do you love those champions? And do you love any other competitors?

Not all the champions were well liked by the wide audience, but those competitors who got beaten because of some kinds of shortage or little faults, with their unique personalities, appearances and model-gift, they made a strong impression on the audience, and generally these girls went a better and farther road. These girls are also the “champions”! How do you like the following “champions”?

Heather Kuzmich — the Fifth in Season 9

Heather suffers from Asperger syndrome, so she does not easily mix with others. And Asperger syndrome makes her movement a little awkward.

When she was 15 years old, Heather was diagnosed with Asperger and this was the very time when his father passed away. She said that those days were the the most difficult period of her life. Heather is the student of Art Department and her major is Game Design.

Although Heather ended in the fifth place, she won CoverGirl of the Week award in the episode after she got eliminated, which showed her popularity in the Uited States. Heather is the third competitor after A.J. Stewart and Toccara Jones, who was knocked out but still became the winner of CoverGirl of The Week, and she was also the first competitor who won the CoverGirl of The Week award the week after she was eliminated.


Heather won in three challenges with the first winning in episode 6 — photo shoot challenge. The prize was shooting for Carol’s Daughter, directed by Mary J. Blige. Her second winning got her to be chosen by Enrique Iglesias and she got the special part in the music video of Tired of Being Sorry. The third winning was in the martial art challenge in Shanghai, China, which got her 4,000 Yuan for shopping.

Allison Harvard — the First Runner-up in Season 12

Allison is the first runner-up of America’s Next Top Model Season 12. She is the first runner-up who has the best development momentum now and she gets many runway works and high level photo shoots; as she specializes in Art, she does not develop in commercial advertisement. Allison is the first runner-up who wins four honors as the most perfect, the most powerful, making biggest improvements and the most popular in ANTM history. She could control her body skillfully and she potentiality to be a top model. Nigel appreciated Allison’s refinement, charm and sexy showing in the swimsuit photos and nest photos; even Tyra thought she could be a real top model during those weeks. All people appreciated Allison’s attitude, expression and movement, which were perfectly. Her progress made people joyful.

Laura Kirkpatrick — the First Runner-up in Season 13

Laura is the sweet heart in America’s Next Top Model. She’s the popular competitor and the Best Personality too. With her unique appearance, rural temperament and lovely personality, Laura would be the new shinning star in the Model world.

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Applied Behavior Analysis Autism – The ABA Autism Method

Applied Behavior Analysis Autism

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a commonly spent process for treating children who own autism. And the majority of specialists reach a decision that currently method is one of the most encompassing and useful treatments for helping the development of autistic children. The subsequent to article will submit an introduction to how the ABA technique is all about, and serves to direct you to some useful resources if you’re interested in more information.

While Applied Behavior Analysis may be growing in popularity, it is by no means new. Research began back in the 60’s, however it wasn’t until the early 1980’s that the ABA method became one of the most popular treatment methods. ABA also has a reputation for being a very comprehensive program, and offers behavioral teachings across a wide variety of situations. Applied Behavior Analysis claims to have a very pro-active style of teaching.

For instance, rather than just identifying poor behavior, and instilling a sense of wrongdoing in the child, the program identifies the actions that should be taken, instead of simply identifying what actions to avoid. This is just one of the reasons that ABA such a universally accepted teaching instrument. The ABA method can also be used with a wide range of age groups. And while early intervention ABA has been the most studied with significant research into the effectiveness of the program, ABA for other age groups also offers ample material and endorsement.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a very complicated and difficult treatment method and by no means is it a cure-all for autism. ABA requires significant work and time by the child and family. But, this hard work can really pay off in the form of very positive, visible results. Applied Behavior Analysis Autism

There are a significant number of resources available that provide information on ABA. Probably the best resource is The Association for Behavior Analysis (abainternational.org). They have loads of valuable information regarding ABA. Behavior.org, and shapingbehavior.com are also good resources. Doing a quick search online will expose more information than you can probably take in. There is even information about specific subcategories of the treatment method, so feel free to make your query as specific and detailed as possible for better results.

If you think you may be interested in taking advantage of the Applied Behavior Analysis treatment method, then you should know that experts recommend you do not attempt to teach your child the ABA method on your own, due to its complexity. It is recommended that you incorporate a professional into the learning process. These professionals must be board certified, so you can find one close to you by examining the registry of certified behavior analysts.

Again, ABA autism treatment is not a magic or quick fix to a complicated condition like autism. It will take hard work and patience on the part of all parties involved. But this hard work will likely yield some very positive results, which as we all know is an immeasurable benefit to the children who suffer from autism. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Applied Behavior Analysis Autism program now!

Applied Behavior Analysis Autism is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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Autism Child Herbs – 3 Treatments To Help Your Child

Autism Child Herbs

A lot of parents and guardians of autistic children often ask themselves whether autism can be cured. Unfortunately it cannot be cured. You might often see multiple ads on packages and books that make cures for autism, but they are only misleading you. There is no actual cure for autism. There are sole treatments which can make it easier to make a home investing in autism. Autism Child Herbs

Here are a few treatments to help autistic people. Therapies There are a number of therapies available that help treat autism. Physical, occupational, speech, behavioral, music, drug, play, music and many other different types of these therapies can make a difference in an autistic child’s life. These therapies are not cures for autism but they do make life easier for an autistic child. It will teach the child different ways of coping with the autism.

Alternative treatments Today, many alternative and natural treatments are gaining popularity. These include using herbs in the place of prescription medicines. Unlike traditional medicines, herbs do not cause any side effects. Mineral and vitamin supplements are proving to be good treatments for autism. If you are giving any natural product to your child, ensure that your doctor is informed. There are a few herbs that react negatively with prescription medicines. Do not forget that these minerals and vitamins are not cures but only treatments. They help treat certain autism symptoms. Autism Child Herbs

Nutritional Methods There are a few people who prefer to treat autism by regulating the diet. Elimination of certain food items that cause sensitivities is a method. A few food products that need to be removed from the diet include Dairy, Gluten and artificial des. Removing these foods that are responsible for the sensitivities will help in the removal of the particular behavioral problem. Test your child for possible food allergies.

Find out from your child’s doctor how to go about allergy testing. Such information can let you know what food products are causing behavioral problems in your child. This also can give you a clear picture of what food stuff to eliminate from the diet in order to treat autism. Although there is not yet any cure for autism, the different treatments available help with the symptoms to a great extent. Make sure you do not try out too many treatments at one go.

Try them one by one. It should take only a few months to determine if the particular treatment is working positively. There is absolutely no treatment that gives results overnight. Inform your doctor in case you are adopting a vitamin or herbal treatment. The doctor knows best what works and what does not. Very often herbs can cause negative reactions in conjunction with medicines. Autism Child Herbs

Therefore it is for the best if your treatment team knows what exactly is going on. This helps ensure your child is getting positive treatment. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autism Child Herbs program now!

Feeling lost without solutions? Autism Child Herbs is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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Young Children Autism – What are Some Signs of Autism in Young Children and Toddlers?

Young Children Autism

Everyday, the word “Autism” is becoming a great deal more consistently a household term. With the frequency of Autism on the rise, everyone looks to know a person affected by Autism in a couple of way. The current research on Autism shows that a well-trained professional can diagnose Autism when a child is around 18-months old. The research further states that it is difficult to diagnose a child before that age. However, a child with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism who might be talking at a young age and appear more typical, might not get diagnosed until school-aged.

The majority of the parents I have interacted with who have young children with Autism say that they could tell something was “different” with their child since he or she was a baby. With the rising popularity of Autism, more new parents worry about symptoms associated with Autism. The three main deficit areas for children with Autism include: social skills, communication, and behavior. Below is a summary of challenges young children with Autism typically demonstrate as toddlers. Social Skills: By this age, your child should be imitating words, using simple gestures (ex: waving ‘bye-bye’), and possibly smiling at people.

A child with Autism might have difficulty learning to interact with other people. A child with Autism also might not show an interest in social games like peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake. Young Children Autism

Communication: Approximately 40 percent of children with Autism do not talk. This is a major challenge for all children with Autism. Kids typically start saying their first words around 12 months. For children with Autism, they either do not develop words, they might only repeat what you say, or for 25-30 percent they might have words and then lose them at around 18 months to 2 years. For children with higher functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome, they might develop language like typical children; however, they have difficulty using the language as other typically developing children might. Behavior: Young children with Autism will also frequently develop unusual behaviors such as repetitive motions.

Repetitive motions are actions repeated over and over again. An example of repetitive movement can be arm flapping or rocking side to side. This can also be referred to as “stimming”. Besides the repetitive movement, children with Autism might also thrive on routines. They want an activity or routine repeated the same way every time. If the routine is changed or interrupted a child with Autism might have a breakdown. Just remember, all children develop differently. This is a general guide, for more diagnostic information; talk with your child’s pediatrician. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Young Children Autism program now!

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