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Question?: What Is Autism For Kids

Linda asks…

What do you think causes autism in kids?

If it’s not vaccines, is it the water kids drink, the food they eat, poor diet, what? What‘s your spin on it? Also, does anyone know when symptoms generally become apparent? This issue is freaking me out.

admin answers:

Thomas in my eyes was born with autism if it was the vaccine every child would have autism even Thomas’s twin sister Kylie would, i think its in the genes and if there are many cases of mental illness in your families then i believe its a factor, if i went back through my families history some members has certain traits of autism and when it come to children like my son Thomas they get it all at once

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Question?: Adhd In Children

Linda asks…

How do I deal with my ADHD Child?

My son is 14 years old. I still have to bring him to a child psychologist for a proper diagnosis… if my son is ADHD. He showed several symptoms of being one and it worries me. I am not so keen on putting him on medication because of the possible negative side effects. I do believe that there are other ways and means of dealing with ADHD children other than medication.

admin answers:

I use to work with ADHD children, the true ones, not every child that can’t concentrate long enough to satisfy their teachers. These kids, even into preteen could NOT concentrate on one task for more than 30 seconds. We have got to stop medicating children to counteract poor diet and being a kid. I would look at what your son is eating, cut out as much “artificial food” as you can, dyes & additives have a poor effect on most people, lack of concentration and hyperactivity are symptoms of a poor diet.

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Advocating for Autism – An Overwhelming Success, or Is It?

For almost a half century those advocating for autism have seen

• Improved diagnostic procedures

• New medications

• Many new training tools for children

• Improved types of therapy

o Applied Behavioral Analysis

o Speech therapy

• Many states now provide improved education for special needs children

• Many states now require autism to be covered by insurance

With the autism incidence going from 1 in 10,000 in the early 1960s to 1 in 88 as recently reported by the CDC and projections of increasing at a rate of more than 20% per year, one would have to describe autism as a growth industry.

A good thing for service providers, but not good for the parents or children.

Unfortunately those advocating for autism have not seen

• The cause for autism being identified

• Tools developed for prediction of autism—before symptoms develop

• Tools developed for early intervention that will eliminate the risk of autism

• Any procedures for the prevention of autism

• Any treatments, medications, or therapies that will cure autism

Advocating for the Elimination of Autism – The Path to Greater Success

• First we need to know the cause – The major cause for autism is a poor diet; also, the greatest risk factor for children with autism.

• Then prediction will be possible – Research has shown predictions based upon fifteen environmental and dietary factors are accurate more than 95% of the time.

• With accurate prediction, most risks identified can be totally eliminated

• Proper early intervention will then prevent the development of autism symptoms

• With prevention, you will eliminate the epidemic of autism over time – No new cases

Success measured in this manner would show

• Fewer children having to experience growing up with these symptoms

• Elimination of the long wait for the first appointment

• Significant reductions in special needs children in our schools

• Significant reductions in the money spent for medical services

• Fewer families would be disrupted or broken up and would not experience the financial ruin often reported

This is a personal invitation to anyone who is or wants to advocate for autism. Please put some strings on your advocacy so that any monies or support goes toward the cause, prevention, and ultimately the elimination of autism. Autism has been extensively researched since 1960 and they have not yet identified the cause! After all, it was only 1903 that man was first able to fly but only sixty-six years later man walked on the moon. When using volunteers and taxpayer monies I believe the effort should be to help the children and their families rather than growing the business of autism.

Dr. Rongey, is a Food Scientist & Nutritionist. His niche is in identifying the cause of chronic disorders. He has researched the cause of chronic disorders for the past sixteen years and autism for almost five years. He has published several books concerning the cause of chronic disorders. His recently developed screening test is being implemented on a limited basis so that the success of the various interventions can be more accurately confirmed. For more information on his research or the availability of his books on autism or healthy living, you can contact him as follows:
Harold Rongey, Ph.D. email: hrongey@gmail.com
Phone: 858-740-7272 or his web site at http://www.whostolemyfood.com/

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