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Question?: Angry Autistic Kids

Laura asks…

Does Baby Always Have Problems When Mother Does Drugs?

Have you ever known anyone who did drugs during their pregnancy. and what was the out come for the baby. I know the baby can have a lot of problems. but was wondering if this is always the case. is it possible for mother to do drugs, and baby turns out fine. just curious.

admin answers:

It is very possible for the baby to turn out fine, it actually happens a lot. I know many people that have done drugs during their pregnancy and their children are completely normal/healthy. I also know people that did drugs during their pregnancy and their babies are not completely normal/healthy. One of my friends (kind of a friend…more like family friend) did opiates, suboxone, and was prescribed subutex during her pregnancy with her son and he is now a few months away from turning three and only says four words. She refuses to get him checked for developmental problems and speech problems but I’m like 98% sure that he is autistic. He is very violent towards animals, gets very angry over little things and won’t give up on things like a normal kid would (i.e- he was playing with this model car that had two seats in the front with doors that opened and he was putting mighty beans into the seats but was getting VERY angry because only two mighty beans would fit….he spent like 15 minutes trying to fit more mighty beans into that car and would have continued to try if I hadn’t taken it away from him. The poor kid was clenching his fists and huffing and puffing over something that a normal kid his age wouldn’t have cared about after the first or second try!), he is also very smart and remembers EVERYTHING but won’t talk no matter how much you try and make him. If you are addicted to drugs, there are programs out there for pregnant women that will help you safely get off of them or they will put you on a maintenance medication like subutex or methadone. I’m talking more along the lines of opiates and pills and stuff. Meth and coke are a totally different story and you rarely hear about a baby coming out even close to healthy when the mother does either of those drugs during her pregnancy.

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Question?: Schizophrenia In Children

Robert asks…

Could me and my fiance still have children if he has schizophrenia?

Someone told me that because my fiance is schizophrenic we would have any children we had taken off us. He went through a bad patch 3 years ago and got into trouble with the police, he went on to medication and had intense physiatric help. When we got together he became a lot calmer and he hasn’t had an episode since, he has been off medication for awhile now. So would this effect us in the future when we decide to have children?

admin answers:

If there is one parent who is competent at all times, and if the parent with schizophrenia has a meltdown, the other spouse was sure to take care of that child at all times, there is no reason for the state to intervene. The issues come up when the child is neglected or otherwise at risk. Most people with schizophrenia are never violent (that’s substance abuse plus mental illness that can increase violence) so the diagnosis alone would rarely be used to take a child away, and in those cases, that’s probably illegal, but the person with schizophrenia cannot afford a good lawyer.

You know, a one time bad patch with psychosis doesn’t mean a person has schizophrenia. It used to be said that a person would have a nervous breakdown, and it was well known that the person would recover and be fine. Nowadays, everybody assumes if a person got psychosis, that they are mentally ill for life and better take their pills. Not true!

Schizophrenia is not particularly genetic. Maybe a little, but not strongly so.

I hope he is in therapy and learning coping skills and stress reduction, to reduce the risk of further break downs.

Good luck!

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Question?: Adhd

Mandy asks…

How can I learn to cope with my ADHD symptoms without medication?

I have adhd and I’m in college and I’m having a hard time focusing and remembering to do my homework. I always feel anxious, overwhelmed, discouraged, and unmotivated to do anything. I feel like I will never be successful. I tried medications and they worked but they made my heart race. I don’t want to use medications but sometimes I feel like it’s the only way to go. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

admin answers:

There are tons of natural things to help! I’ve always used caffiene to help my symptoms. The pills just put me in a daze- I could concentrate but I didn’t have interest in anything. So instead I started drinking one cup of coffee every morning. It slowed everything down to a normal level, but I was still myself. This doesn’t work for everybody, so I would say to try if for a week and see if it helps you. Also, try running every morning. Physical exercise is the best thing for anybody, but especially for adhd. It gives you time to think and let your mind wander while using up your excess of energy that keeps you unfocused. The most important thing I did though was to focus on what is important to me. Us ADHD kids will never care about anything that isn’t of direct importance to us. If we don’t care we’ll end up not paying attention and then cramming for the final and scraping a C in the class- trust me I did this for years. But once I started to study about things I cared about I got straight A’s. So follow your heart and your mind will be happy.
Good luck!

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Treatment

Richard asks…

What is the difference between a “normal” over-active child and a child with ADHD?

Part of being a child is pushing boundaries, being full of energy, not doing what your told, and having tantrums because they haven’t learned to emotionally hide/control/repress their feelings. What is the difference between this and a child being diagnosed with ADHD? Like the spurious Aspergers Syndrome, M.E. and “personality disorders” is ADHD just another ficticious label to apply to children who don’t do what they’re told to help parents excuse their responsibility and behaviour?

admin answers:

Normal kids can control their behavior, kids with ADHD can’t and no matter how hard they try, they struggle. Normal kids are able to calm down and focus in class and get their work done while a kid with ADHD fails to get their work done so they come home with tons of homework. They also often misplace their work or items and they struggle trying to be organized. But with pills, they find it easier to focus and be more organized. There have been a few people who managed to get better at it without the medicine but that was maybe because they were borderline ADHD or mild.

ADHD is not another made up thing (nor are the other conditions you mentioned) but if you look at it another way, it is made up and so are all the other conditions. Everything needs a name so people know what to do to fix their problems or know what treatment to get, etc. Just imagine what life be like if conditions didn’t have a name. People wouldn’t know what to do about their problems and doctors wouldn’t know what pills to prescribe. People wouldn’t even know what to look up to see what they can do to help their child or themselves.
Labels don’t define anyone. You are you and people are people, not the label. The problems do exist but some are over the top like shy eating or pregnorexia. They’re real but I think the names are ridiculous. Pregnorexia is just anorexia except the woman is pregnant. Shy eating just sounds like social anxiety but they picked braches from the tree and made it a condition of its own. But Stockholm syndrome and Lima syndrome? Ridiculous even though the behavior exists but to make it a condition? Come on. I even think adjustment disorder is ridiculous even though the problems do exist and I had that condition too.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Causes

Sandra asks…

Does China do any research on Aspergers syndrome?

I’ve always wondered being both a person with aspergers and Chinese heritage, there is very little talk about aspergers syndrome which is a mild form of autism. Aspies seem like the type of people the Chinese life styles would appaud for aspergerian work ethic and subjects of interest which could help China with its econmy. Cause there is much talk about aspergers in western nations but what about eastern nations like China is there anything about aspergers there?

admin answers:

Yeah they have done studies. They probably just reccomend giving the kid enough drugs to cure it. Look you’re asian therefore you can pass as not having aspergers. Do that. If anyone says anything just say “I’m Chinese this is how we act, I’m sorry if I have offended you.”
Look everywhere but America they cure mental illness the correct way “They give enough Valium or whatever drug to do it even if it is like 6-10 pills a day” they don’t have a bias against curing through medication like they do here in America. All Mental illness has a cure Every tolerance ends in plateu and there you go the cure.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Medication

Michael asks…

How long do you have to be on medication for schizophrenia?

I suffer from schizophrenia psychosis and have been prescribed medication. I don’t really want to keep taking medication for the rest of my life but I’ve been taking it for four years and I heard that pills can strip away the lining of your stomach and I’ve been having problems there as well. Lots of coffing, constipation, and sometimes I can’t even tell if I need to go to the toilet until I stand up or think really hard that I have to go.

admin answers:

It is always good to talk to your doctor about the any possible new symptoms. They may or may not be related to your medication. Coughing, constipation and the like can have a whole list of causes. There is not a medication out there, whether prescription drugs, herbal remedies or over the counter drugs that do not have possible side effects. Do not take it upon yourself to discontinue your medication if it has helped you so far. Talk to your doctor. If the drugs you are being prescribed have helped you so far, that is great. They can often be adjusted by your doctor as your body adjusts to them.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Symptoms

Chris asks…

How to cope with aspergers syndrome?

I’ve tried medication of all types, went to support groups, improved my social life, dated many times, and that’s great and all but it doesn’t help the symptoms of aspergers syndrome go away and i still feel like a total mess who can’t get anywhere in life. How do I cope knowing my whole life i will have this severely debilitating mental illness?

admin answers:

Asperger’s is a neurological disorder, not mental. Who diagnosed you and how long did it take? What was the process? Many are getting improperly dx’d through medical doctors not qualified to evaluate the condition…then pass out pills.

I’ve known many with this disorder, and have a son with Autism, and they have a specific writing style—>’flaws’ if you will, in their speech, language, and use of pronouns. I’m not detecting any of that with you, which leads me to question the diagnosis–or possibly your honestly about having the disorder.(?)

If you do have Asperger’s, apologies. But I’ve just seen trolls here pretending to be infirmed in order to get a rise out of people with extreme questions. Also, most people with the disorder find groups, chat rooms, internet forums, geek squads, etc. And don’t broadcast their issues on yahoo answers. Aspie’s just aren’t that social, but you are–which doesn’t make sense. Please make sure you’ve been properly tested…you could have Reactive Attachment Disorder, or PTSD misdiagnosed as Asperger’s Syndrome–these conditions have very similar symptoms.

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Lisa Long is definitely on target.


Lisa Long was interviewed on CNN today. She has a big problem with her son. He needs a group home.

To get your son a group home and on some meds.

  1. You have to take your son to the hospital when he is either capable of hurting himself or someone else. You have to be prepared to leave him there for the duration, whatever that is.
  2. They will want to keep him there for three days for observation. Since these fits of rage don’t last that long when the three days is up he will probably be fine and they will let him go. Or want to let him go. In order to get ready for this day however you should have yourself made the plenary guardian. This way you have something to say about it especially if your son is over 18 and can speak for himself. This is something you don’t need. After three days they’ll tell you they must get rid of him because he is not bad right now and they can’t see a reason to hold him.
  3. This is the point where you can win or lose. What you have to do is get him in a group home that has 24 hour supervision. So you have to insist that you do not want him anymore and you want to leave him there as a ward of the county.
  4. They they will whine and tell you a long story about how there is no money and always other problems.  Just pick up your purse and walk out the door, and as hard as it sounds you just have to abandon him there for your own good as well as his own good.
  5.  He needs some new meds for this beta rage and yes this is called beta rage.  Try something new on him. Apparently this product is been around for a while but is new enough to be very expensive. Since the county is in charge of him Do not concern yourself with that but I can’t say that as expensive as a shot is, it’s cheaper than the alternative.
  6. This injection lasts 30 days and it is called Invega Sustana. This drug comes in pills but does not work as well.  I believe it will help quite a bit, that is if she can do it.

What You Need To Know More About Aspergers Syndrome

Asperger syndrome may be diagnosed by various teachers as ADHD and several parents may get confused as Autism and ADHD symptoms could have a closer definition to the physical symptoms the kid would be exhibiting. If you notice bizarre habits and tendencies that your kid has when they are still in their early childhood, it would be best to seek assistance as early as possible.

Understanding the condition of your child gives you the advantage of learning guidelines on how to handle them. Asperger syndrome will make a child show unusual behavior. A child experiencing the syndrome might seem withdrawn today and then have a complete turnaround the other day. Children with this syndrome have another way of perceiving reality, they could still mingle with other kids of their age but necessary precautions need to be undertaken to prevent unnecessary incidents.

As a mother or father you must understand the kid’s behavior, patience is needed for one to face the sudden outbursts a kid with Aspergers could have.

Parents must comprehend that kids with the syndrome reason out differently. Their comprehension of right and wrong is not set up on the usual guidelines that a normal child has. The stress level of the kid is not constant and they might react differently. Several people might need anti-stress pills so that they would go on and not feel so confused and tired during the day. It is necessary to get to know the appropriate steps that one needs to undertake.

The viewpoint and reasoning of a kid with Aspergers is varied. Children with this syndrome might seem rather disconnected with the rest of the world. Siblings who don’t have the syndrome need to be informed of why their brother or sister behaves that way. Information regarding the syndrome would do a lot to spare the hurt and frustration the family members will experience.

Children with the syndrome may seem to others as attention seeking. Kids with Aspergers have shocking ways on how to get what they require and it will comprise injuring themselves. So as to grow in a more secure environment family members need to take the initiative to get them what they require. Children with Asperger’s need your understanding. They aren’t so different once you get to comprehend how to face the syndrome.

To find your best resource of parental information as it refers to raising kids with aspergers head to http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com
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