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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Adults Checklist

Nancy asks…

Help I think I got Aspergers syndrome?

Im 14 and I have a really hard time talking to people, Most of the time I just don’t talk to people because normally I try to say something and I end up making it weird by mixing my words around. I feel like I don’t think, as if I am brain dead. I have been homeschooled half my life and I am never really put into social situations and it really makes me very sad. I can’t even make smalltalk because I don’t know what to say…. I want friend’s but I feel different then them. Almost like everyone is popular and im the shy kid in the corner. I feel very depressed, Almost as if I have no thoughts ideas or imagination, I have thought over suicide and I used to cut myself but I stopped. Are these signs of aspergers or am I just depressed and really socially unskilled because or homeschooling…. Help? >:
Also I really don’t want to spend a lot of money for brain scans or whatever docters do to people. :/

admin answers:

There are plenty of symptom checklists out there, so I won’t cut and paste them for you. While most individuals with a personality disorder on the autism spectrum are diagnosed at an age younger than yourself, Asperger’s many times can go unnoticed until the individual becomes older and the necessary social interactions that go along with becoming an adult become manifest.

You don’t get brain scans (unless you want to, or are part of a study), the diagnosis is made through observation, interview with you, and with your parents (together and separately) to establish the veracity of claims, and certain patterns from childhood, and finally a battery of psychological tests, often a minimum of an IQ test (there will often be large discrepancies between VCI and PSI for instance), a personality test appropriate for age (adults often take the MMPI-2), a psych. History, etc. The depression Dx is more easily arrived at, and far more prevalent than a personality disorder, but pursue it if you believe it’s something you have. Look at the vignettes of people with the disorder and if you say to yourself “That’s me!” than you should definitely seek out a diagnostic test to rule it either in or out.

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Question?: What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jenny asks…

How does an adult go about getting assessed for Asperger’s?

My boyfriend, his family, and I think he may have an autism spectrum disorder (probably Asperger’s). His doctor recommended he get checked for autism when he was a child, but his father was against it for whatever reason so he never got help, and he has been struggling with handling adult responsibilities lately. I want to try to get him some professional help, but I’ve been having trouble finding information for adults. How does an adult (he is 26) go about getting assessed for Asperger’s? Thank you!

admin answers:

He’ll need to find a psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in autism spectrum disorders, and who doesn’t just work with children. His primary care physician may be able to suggest someone. There are not as many resources for adults looking for a diagnosis, but there are some professionals who are qualified to work with all ages.

The adult evaluation will be based on your boyfriend’s self-report, an interview with his parents (if possible), his performance on cognitive tests, and the professional’s observations of his behavior. He may also take a personality test and other tests to screen for issues like anxiety and depression. The assessment takes 4-5 hours, most of which is the testing. Most of the tests come from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, and they include things like memorizing strings of numbers, forming pictures with blocks, and defining words.

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