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Question?: Schizophrenia

Nancy asks…

What is the difference between Schizophrenia and SchizoAffective Disorder?

I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Schizophrenia, and Schizoaffective disorder? According to my neuropsychological evaluation, they only found Asperger’s disorder and Schizoaffective disorder? Does that mean I was given a false diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia shows two personalities. Schizoaffective disorder does not. How many personalities does schizoaffective disorder show?

admin answers:

Let’s get a few facts straight here before everyone goes off even more confused than before.

Schizophrenia is not about more than 1 personality at all. Never has been either. That would be what was called MPD multiple personality disorder that has been renamed DID dissociative identity disorder. People with DID can have dozens of personalities.

The schizophrenia diagnosis has many different sub-types the most well known and common being paranoid. Thus you must have had symptoms of this to be diagnosed at first.

It’s not always easy to make a hard diagnosis at first. If they then see evidence of a mood disorder they may rethink the diagnosis. If you had depression and separate schizophrenia that would be fine but then some showing these symptoms take a manic episode or even a hypomanic one indicating bipolar symptoms. Schizoaffective is where someone has a mood disorder as well as the schizophrenic symptoms. It’s not always easy to spot the difference. That is why they tend to treat symptoms rather than diagnosis.

I can’t understand why any psychiatrist would say you had schizophrenia or schizoaffective without explaining it to you at the time of telling you this.

It’s not an easy thing to live with so good luck in finding the right medications to treat this.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale

Sharon asks…

AS: High Functioning and low-Functioning?

Hi there YA community – I was wondering what the ranges are of Asperger‘s Syndrome and what qualifies and what doesn’t. For example:

I met two kids with AS in High School. One spoke solely in monotone, tortured small animals in his spare time, smelled awful and never shaved, screamed obscenities for no reason on a regular basis, could fall over standing still and couldn’t run ten feet without tripping over himself, had perpetually glazed-over eyes and screamed anything random and pointless he could think of. He considered everybody else in the world a total retard, tried to burn down an abandoned house near the school and eventually was expelled for trying to steal all the pencil-sharpeners (he got through one).

The other never spoke to anybody or initiated a conversation, but when I spoke to him I found out he had an I.Q. of 160 and the intelligence to prove it- he had an encyclopedic knowledge of engineering, biology, essentially ALL the sciences, as well as all the Star Trek Episodes and he had drawn vast and complex geometric murals of aliens, robots and such. He never offended anybody and essentially stayed out of everyone’s way, preferring his private world to the one that was surrounding him.

Which one of these is more common? Does AS really have this much range or are these two simply misdiagnosed?

admin answers:

The second one is quite common, but the first one sounds either misdiagnosed (not AS) or has some very serious non-AS issues going on…..but yes, the range of personalities, abilities etc is vast.

*** All Aspergers, by clinical definition, are High-functioning. Anyone who is scored as Low-functioning (global functioning scale) is prevented from receiving an AS diagnosis by the diagnostic criteria….though mistakes do get made.

Levels of functioning relate to how you can survive in the real world – fianances, self-care, feeding yourself etc – and are not based on IQ, personality or temperament. As awful as the first person seems, you’ve said nothing to prove he’s not high-functioning.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Treatment

Susan asks…

Do people have different personalities after schizophrenia treatment ?

I believe I have undifferentiated schizophrenia. I am seeking help and I want to know how much will my personality change.
I mean is there a significant effect on the way in which they interact with other people and how others communicate. Are they better at socializing and expressing themselves.

admin answers:

First of all have you been properly diagnosed or is it just a self diagnosis ? Go to a properly trained mental health Doctor and talk to them . They will be able to advise you on treatments and meds that are individually diagnosed for you. If you have schizophrenia , your personality will not change but you will be a healthier happier version of you . But get diagnosed..Don’t self diagnose by listening to others or searching on Internet. That can be dangerous. That’s why they have Dr’s who go to school and are trained to do this Good Luck………………KB

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A Dad’s Perspective on The Journey With Autism and What We Can Do to Help

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, personalities and temperaments, just like moms. Both mothers and fathers have dreams for their children that begin even before conception. Once a person discovers they are to become a parent, ideas form of how things will be with their son or daughter.

Any father-to-be will entertain visions of the type of child he wants to raise. He will ponder what he will teach his child, what values he wants to instill and how he will spend his time with his child. By the time his child is born the father may already have a certain scenario fixed in his mind.

Once the excitement of becoming a father has lulled, these preconceived notions will be further shaped as reality sets in and life unfolds, but nothing is more jarring than finding out that life with your child will not be as you expected due to a diagnosis of Autism and all the challenges that will follow.

Hearing the words, “Your child has Autism” is a shock that is difficult for anyone to immediately handle and everyone deals with it differently. This news will affect dads as well as moms, siblings, grandparents and other relatives, even friends & neighbors and everyone will eventually come to accept the child in their own way and at their own pace.

Therefore it is unrealistic to expect that husbands, wives and partners will be on the same page when it comes to accepting and dealing with an autism diagnosis for their child. Even though moms and dads need to go through the same phases towards acceptance, the journey for dads tends to take longer.

So, what do we know that will help us understand what this process is like for dads and what can we do to support them along this difficult path? (While there are no absolutes about men and the way they cope it is impossible to cover every possibility so please bear with these ‘generalized’ statements knowing they do not apply to all).

What we know: Men have a hard time dealing with things they can’t fix. Men take pride in their ability to solve problems and are almost always ready with solutions when a real or perceived problem is presented. Any dad is apt to feel powerless or inept when the usual: working harder or smarter isn’t going to fix their child. When the dad comes face to face with a situation such as this, there is, unfortunately no simple ready-made solution that will allow them to resolve the challenges their child faces.

What we can do: With that in mind, try providing a dad with small problems to solve regarding his child. Even though men feel most effective when solving big problems, giving them little things to resolve that can be successfully accomplished will help them feel useful. Placing a dad in a role of trouble-shooter will make him less apt to feel powerless and will provide evidence to the fact that little things really do matter.

What we know: Our culture has conditioned men to see anything that is out of the ordinary as a possible sign of weakness. Dads may struggle more with acceptance of a child with Autism because they may see it as a reflection of inadequacy: “If my child is not OK then I’m NOT OK.” Anything that can be construed as a weakness has the potential to create dissonance within a dad and any real or perceived judgment from a peer can become another roadblock to overcome.

What we can do: This is the time to be patient with yourself and your spouse and for you to both focus on the positive and support and talk with one another concentrating on the strengths of all involved instead of pointing out the negatives which only have the power to create a downward spiral of doom and gloom. Taking the time every evening to identify the positives that have occurred during the day is a wonderful activity to keep your mindsets headed in the right direction.

What we know: Be it genetic or societal conditioning we are familiar with the notion that women tend to reach out more for guidance and emotional support. Men on the other hand are less inclined to go this route and are not as forthcoming in expressing their deep-seated and when they do, it is often not done in the same manner as women. Male gatherings are less conducive to heartfelt talks about Autism and less likely that a dad is able to gain any real compassion or understanding from the listener.

What we can do: It is important to find ways to encourage fathers of children with Autism to discover avenues that will allow them to vent. This is hard for dads and they need help doing so but reaching out to other dads will help shatter these unspoken codes. Finding support groups for men in similar situations will be the best gift you can give any dad in this situation.

What we know: We all like to appear knowledgeable in everything we do, but not even a genius can know everything. Supposedly, men don’t like asking for directions and they don’t like to read instruction manuals, but perhaps what is most difficult for them as a parent of a child on the Autism spectrum is not having the knowledge or experience to know that their child is not deliberately defying their authority or rejecting their affection.

What we can do: Find ways to feed information to a dad in bits and pieces. Giving a dad a book to read may not be greeted with much enthusiasm, but tactfully sharing things you have discovered will plant seeds and gradually create a curiosity that takes on a life of its own. Helping a parent get to know their child and understand the unique challenges that they face will make for a stronger connection which puts you one step closer towards acceptance.

It is times like these when it is important to remember that we are all given the children we are meant to have even though they may not be exactly what we hoped for when we first found out we were going to be parents. This means that we have to let go of our prior visions and focus on connecting with the wonderful gift we have before us. As we focus on the abilities our children do have, we then create the power to change possibilities and dream new dreams.

Connie Hammer, MSW, parent educator, consultant and coach, guides parents of young children recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder to uncover abilities and change possibilities. Visit her website http://www.parentcoachingforautism.com/ to get your FREE resources – a parenting e-course, Parenting a Child with Autism – 3 Secrets to Thrive and a weekly parenting tip newsletter, The Spectrum.

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The Other “Champions” in America’s Next Top Model Seasons 1-15

Recently HOTDVDSHOP has released an excellent product — America’s Next Top Model Seasons 1-15 DVD Boxset. Since its release, this product has become the hottest item. America’s Next Top Model is really a great show, isn’t it? Do you love those champions? And do you love any other competitors?

Not all the champions were well liked by the wide audience, but those competitors who got beaten because of some kinds of shortage or little faults, with their unique personalities, appearances and model-gift, they made a strong impression on the audience, and generally these girls went a better and farther road. These girls are also the “champions”! How do you like the following “champions”?

Heather Kuzmich — the Fifth in Season 9

Heather suffers from Asperger syndrome, so she does not easily mix with others. And Asperger syndrome makes her movement a little awkward.

When she was 15 years old, Heather was diagnosed with Asperger and this was the very time when his father passed away. She said that those days were the the most difficult period of her life. Heather is the student of Art Department and her major is Game Design.

Although Heather ended in the fifth place, she won CoverGirl of the Week award in the episode after she got eliminated, which showed her popularity in the Uited States. Heather is the third competitor after A.J. Stewart and Toccara Jones, who was knocked out but still became the winner of CoverGirl of The Week, and she was also the first competitor who won the CoverGirl of The Week award the week after she was eliminated.


Heather won in three challenges with the first winning in episode 6 — photo shoot challenge. The prize was shooting for Carol’s Daughter, directed by Mary J. Blige. Her second winning got her to be chosen by Enrique Iglesias and she got the special part in the music video of Tired of Being Sorry. The third winning was in the martial art challenge in Shanghai, China, which got her 4,000 Yuan for shopping.

Allison Harvard — the First Runner-up in Season 12

Allison is the first runner-up of America’s Next Top Model Season 12. She is the first runner-up who has the best development momentum now and she gets many runway works and high level photo shoots; as she specializes in Art, she does not develop in commercial advertisement. Allison is the first runner-up who wins four honors as the most perfect, the most powerful, making biggest improvements and the most popular in ANTM history. She could control her body skillfully and she potentiality to be a top model. Nigel appreciated Allison’s refinement, charm and sexy showing in the swimsuit photos and nest photos; even Tyra thought she could be a real top model during those weeks. All people appreciated Allison’s attitude, expression and movement, which were perfectly. Her progress made people joyful.

Laura Kirkpatrick — the First Runner-up in Season 13

Laura is the sweet heart in America’s Next Top Model. She’s the popular competitor and the Best Personality too. With her unique appearance, rural temperament and lovely personality, Laura would be the new shinning star in the Model world.

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