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Question?: Schizophrenia Types

Jenny asks…

What distinguishes schizophrenia from other types of mental illness?

admin answers:

Schizophrenia like Bi-Polar or Uni-Polar are diseases just like diabetes or heart disease. They are caused by disruptions of the brain chemicals and the neurotransmitters. Schizophrenia is different because it causes one to have hallucinations, hear voices in their heads and sometimes paranoia that has to be treated.

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Question?: Schizophrenia Causes

Michael asks…

I would like to know the symptoms of schizophrenia what causes it and the treament they have available?

admin answers:

Hi, symptoms of schizophrenia can be from mild to very extreme, depending on how bad the individual is afflicted with this disease. Mild symtoms include, talking to ones self a LOT, feeling somebody is watching them, feeling somebody is after them in some way. More severe symptoms are magnifications of the mild symptoms: Hearing voices, answering the voices either outloud or to one’s self, feeling extreamly paronoid ie: people are outside where the suffering person is located and watching them, trying to gain entrance to where the person is at, feeling very confused in thought process, feeling that people in the room in looking at and judging very negitively and purhaps even actively looking for ways to harm the person with this disease, inability to perform well in society, in very severe cases not even being able to dress one’s self without assistance due to scambled brain waves. A person with severe schizophrenia is a very ill person who needs immediant assistance. There are tests which can easily diagnose this illness as brain scans of those with the diseasse are not at all the same as those without it. Medicines can help with symtoms and life coaches, and caretakers can assist with daily life. Not all schizophrenia sufferers paranoid symptoms. However, with or without the paranoia, this can and does effect an individuals life in serious ways and treatment should be sought for diagnoses and treatment. Proper diagnoses is important so this is not mistaken for some other condition.

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Question?: Autistic Angry Outbursts

James asks…

is it normal to get angry with yourself for experiencing ptsd symptoms ?

im 30, have bpd and ptsd, iam awaiting therapy, i have lived a very tough, traumatic life.

i suffer with bad anxiety and panic which causes me to isolate myself….i only venture out if i have to go someplace.

i suffer with distrust and paranoia about people because of alot of bullying and victimization in my life.

i deal with anger, rage and aggressive feelings relating to bottled up anger when i was bullied earlier in my life…..i used to have aggressive outbursts in public an humiliate and embarress myself…pick fights with people…like impulsively go into a rage.

ive improved greatly and dont have rage outbursts in public anymore, but i still have the feelings that i need to address with therapy.

however im still a nervous wreck with my panic and anxiety…can be very unconfident whilst outside…hyper vigillant…panicky…if i perceive any threat it can ignite a rage attack…so i have to work hard to be in control.

i struggle to make eye contact & feel very anxious most
times….if i perceive a threat say outside i start to panic and feel out of control..and i feel scared.

i never manage to appear confident even though that is what i try desperatly to do, i feel i fail miserably and everyone can see that im frightened etc.

if another male makes eye contact i can perceive it as a threat, then i look nervously away, but then feel enraged and angry because i feel ive allowed myself to be manipulated.

and if im outside i feel that everyone can see im afraid or scared and are laughing about it or getting off on it.

this is when i start to lose it and get angry with myself and other people, it triggers rage…because in someway i feel ive been humiliated.

i get flashbacks to assaults ive suffered, bullying ive suffered, where i was shown up and embarressed in public.
how can i not feel angry if i feel ive let myself down in public or others are perceiving i look scared or frightened etc ?

is it because i care too much about my image and what others think ?
im constantly wrestling with my past and feel i suffer with a ” their doing it to me ” victim type mentality which i feel triggers the rage.

admin answers:

Yes it is. I have suffered alot of abuse and abandonment in my life aswell and suffer from ptsd anxiety bi-polar and used to struggle with my past alot. My little sister was sick when she was a baby and as a result is deaf epileptic slightly autistic and had alot of other health problems and my mother could not handle this and became very depressed which resulted in her drinking taking drugs going in and out of psychiatric institutions and bringing home alot of different unstable and at times psychotic men whom raped and physically assaulted me for many years and just as i had started to deal with the many problems that i had due to this i lost my only two children to SIDS (cot death) with in 2 years of each other and i was only 16 yo at the time and was angry all of the time after that for a few years. Since then i have been seeing a psychiatrist and have done alot of hours in therapy at first i didn’t think it would do any good but now i am alot better and can handle most situations without fretting too much in fact this is the first time i have been comfortable talking with someone whom i am not extremely close to other than my psychiatrist about these problems ever so i suggest that you go to see a psychiatrist about these feelings and stay in therapy and no matter how bad you think things are going just stick with it because eventually you will get there

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Question?: Schizophrenia Stories

Michael asks…

Schizophrenia?? need help…!! stories, anything…?

how does it affect the person living with the disorder?
how is the disorder best managed?

admin answers:

I’m not sz but hear voices,I also know many people that are sz.

It really depends on the severity of the symptoms. I know many people that live some what of a normal life. Many have had there symptoms go away for many years only to return later in life.

I know some people that are unable to handle day to day life and are hospitalized many times. I also know many that there meds work for them and are doing OK. Although meds can stop working and must be changed a lot.

Many of my friends have gone to collage, been married and have a family, now that doesn’t always work out.

I think that you must educate yourself and the people in your life. These people can see an episode coming on when the person with sz does not. You must keep in contact with your pdoc, eat healthy and find what works best for you.Therapy can help a great deal as it is hard for them to find people they can trust. Many of them live a very isolated life as mental illness has a very bad stigma. Also they have a lot of paranoia. Anyone who hears bad voices can somewhat relate to people that are sz. Some of the symptoms are the same. We try and teach new comers that our voices are liars and have no powers.

But dx at an early age you can learn best how to cope with it and most of them do much better. By the time they have had sz for many years they have learned to cope much better.

This is what I have learned in a suport group I’m in for people who hear voices. Many of these people are my main support and have educated me so much. I was so afraid to tell anyone that I heard voices because I thought since I heard them meant I was sz. Now I see things in a different light. I consider most of my friends in my suport group my very best friends.

Take care

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Linda asks…

What are the symptoms of schizophrenia ?

I think i might have schizophrenia, i just need to know the symptoms please.

admin answers:

Im no doctor, but i know from having a friend at high school that had schizophrenia, that some of the symptoms can include paranoia, and seeing and hearing things that may not be there (hallucinating,) agree, google it for more info/symptoms, maybe consider seeing yr dr or a psychologist to check.

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Question?: Pdd 51

Carol asks…

How servere does the upcoming terrorist attack have to be before BushFraud declares Martial Law?

The laws for Martial Law and executive orders for BushFraud to essentially declare himself a dictator. So how big and what kind of an attack are we talking about for this to happen?

admin answers:

Maybe you mindless drones need to look up Presidential Directive 51 and ask yourselves again about martial law.The president has the right to declare martial law in any instance of natural disaster,or if the economy was crashing(as it says in PDD 51) or a “so-called” terrorist attack.He signed it earlier in the year so ask yourself why would he sign something into law like that?Maybe just paranoia but with this guy you never know and yes we all hope that there are elections come next November or we will be forcefully removing this current president and his administration.

Hey butterball do some reading buddy and stop believing the MSM about everything.Bush and his entire administration are a fraud on the American people.Look up the definition.

That’s patriot you schill.Shouldn’t you be watching FOX like the rest of the neocons? I hear they’re trying to stir up an attack on Iran you mindless drone.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Medication

Daniel asks…

For mental health problems are medications and therapy the only options?

Are there any other ways we can help disorders like schiznophrenia, OCD, autism and paranoia? Any home remedies?

admin answers:

These diseases are prevalent throughout our society, past and present.

Years past, they had special homes for the metally ill, commonly known as crazy houses or insane asylums.

Today, more of a mainsteam attitude is taken with people suffering from these mental disorders, so we see them living in regular homes, sometimes as many as four in a regular house.

Once considered misfits, today society takes a kinder view upon them, seeing where there are differing degrees of the illnesses, and trying to make adjustments whenever possible…so that some may actually return to do many functions regular people do.

When these disorders tend to make certain individuals homicidal or prone toward suicidal, then they should be isolated and kept in special care facilities with all around watch…similar to what hardened criminals go through.

When you get to know some, you realize their disorders could be common among just about everyone, and some may have had missfortunes that resulted in a mental handicap.

Homemade remedies do not apply.

What is needed is constant care and watch so that these people won’t do harm to others.

Most medications have side effects or can become adictive.

What should be done is have people trained in handling them with utmost care and attention, hoping upon hope that they can recover from their illnesses.

I know of many budding young corporations trying to find cures or effective treatments for disorders of the nervious system.

Perhaps one day will emerge better care for these unfortunate people.

Recalling the horror of VT, one sees where young Cho fell through the cracks of society and nobody was capable of taking charge of that individual before the unspeakable occured.

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