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takin care of mama


Diary’s Facebook Status on Tuesday night


And …

A revised version of it this morning ..

I have made some really poor decisions over the past couple of days. I also, however, have made some extraordinarily good ones. The best of the good ones so far today? Turning off the Wake Up To Write Alarm and resetting it into a Wake Up For Work Alarm an hour later. Cause I love you people, but this week has been too much. Far, far too much. And I really, really needed sleep. So today, Mama’s takin’ care of Mama. #OxygenMask

Need some help finding your own Oxygen Mask?

Look for inspiration HERE.

Happy Friday, friends.


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Collaboration, Q-ball Style

Without question, my favorite thing about sending my kids to school is their written work. You might already know this if you were around for the Things Come Out of My Brain series of 2010 and 2011 (Part I, Part II, Part III) as well as the many other worksheets I’ve photographed and made you look at.

I’m about to do it again. Evidently “collaboration” is one of Quinn’s vocabulary words, which is kind of super awesome. What is even more awesome is his sentence/picture example of the word, which he hasn’t even turned in yet, but I had to take a photo in case it never came home.

This is good stuff, people. Pay attention.

“I’m going to pull your head out of the ground.”
See how those two dudes are collaborating on pulling that upside down guy out of the ground before the fireball crushes all of them?

Coming soon to a dictionary near you.

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The Lazy Woman’s Way to Blog

This whole going to bed near 10 pm is killing my blog. I write at midnight. It’s what I do. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE WRITE DURING THE DAY? IN THE LIGHT? WITHOUT WATCHING RERUNS OF TORCHWOOD ON NETFLIX?

Or that might be specific to me.

It is 9:24pm  and I am TIRED. This never used to happen to me. Fuck you, regular sleep schedule.

That said, I’ve only blogged…oh, dear lord, once? this week, so I found some more funny stuff from my kids to entertain you.

This first is a drawing by Jack from last year. I am under the impression that he thought school was hard work. Seriously. That little sketch (it is about an inch square) conveys more feeling than a billion words.

I should take this to IEP meetings.
Then there is Sam. At back to school night, I took a quick spin through his math classroom. On one wall, all the kids had written and illustrated rules. This was Sam’s: This is a kid who needs to go on a bender.
Speaking of responsible people, next up I have Quinn’s definition and illustration of “responsible,” which is nothing like Sam. In fact, he took it in more of a “I was responsible for killing 16 people” kind of way instead of “I am responsible because I do my homework” kind of way. “Some guy almost got squashed.”
I’m guessing that Quinn is the guy who is all, “Oops.”

Aaaand there you have volume two of “I’m going to let my kids blog for me this month.”


Also, are your kids the worst? Because mine are. I have laid out eleven reasons why they are.

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My post today is over at the Huffington Post. I’d be grateful if you’d leave your comments there (I know the site can be a little quirky on comments, so thank you for persisting!) and if you’d share it.

But before I send you on your way, I would like to add one thing.

The HuffPost article is about love. More specifically, it is about the fact that loving a child unconditionally does not, to my mind, constitute bravery; it is simply what we sign up for as parents.

However …

After reading, re-reading and slowly processing a couple of very thoughtful comments on the post, I realize that it does a disservice to those who stand up publicly for their children’s rights to live their individual truths – to be celebrated for who they are in their totality – in the face of still-pervasive bigotry and discrimination. I did not mean to make light of the commitment that it takes to take to publicly choose love and compassion – online or in one’s community – and to in so doing to bear the brunt of ignorance and hatred that can make it so hard to simply do what’s right in this world.

I applaud each and every one of you who have publicly taken up the mantle of support for your children — and for ALL of our children. Thank you.




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