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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Joseph asks…

Things you can give a Clinical Psychologist for Autism?

In regards to give a little more information to a clinical psychologist in regards to observation. Of course the main importance is them coming to observe the child for Autism, but can sending them videos of what you’ve recorded also work on top of the observation? Cause I want him to have every aspect of my son as possible. Good idea? Bad idea?

admin answers:

It could not hurt sending them a video of what happens at home. A clinician is with a child a short period of time during a day, week, or month.

Sometimes seeing is believing. You may also want to write a journal.

-What time of the day you see a concern?
-How long does it last for?
-Is the child tired, hungry, wet, upset, and other things that might be following a behavioral change.

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Question?: What Is Autism For Kids

George asks…

What is the reason for a a lot of young kids being diagnosed with autism?

I think its because of the all the druggies in the 60s and 70s them having kids and because of all the drugs in their system its causing their kids to have autism. Kids around 10-15 it seems i never see older people with austism but I’m not sure and I wanted to know really badly what other people know and think.

admin answers:

Your observation is absolutely correct, older people are healthier than younger ones nowadays. This did not use to be the case. I am quite perplexed by this as well. The only real difference between older and younger that I can think of is either the extra vaccines or the permanent under-development of the blood brain barrier while pregnant. These are the only two things that I can think of that separates the younger from the older. Things like electrosmog could permanently effect blood brain barrier, or maybe the extra toxins while pregnant somehow does this.

I know that autism is being reversed by ridding pathogens and toxins (my children no longer have autism as well), but I don’t understand why older people can eat things and do things and not get adversely effected like the younger generation. They don’t have as many allergies, chemical sensitivities, or as many diagnoses. Its not like gmo food came along and made everyone very ill. Although many claim it does, it definitely is effecting the young more than the old. Some of these savvy docs are saying the viruses form the vaccines are imbedding into DNA, breaking the immune system. I would like to know the answer to your question myself. I know it has something to do with pathogens and toxins, but not the specifics.

As far as how do drugs play into all this. To tell you the truth, I don’t think it has much to do with it. What I have noticed is that people who use drugs to an addiction are more likely self-treating an illness, like Bipolar. Their children are more likely to have Bipolar more from the passing of pathogens than from the drug effects. This is what I have noticed. I use to think, like many, that doing drugs would cause the problems, and it likely adds to the problem, but I found one is more likely to do drugs i

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Lisa Long is definitely on target.


Lisa Long was interviewed on CNN today. She has a big problem with her son. He needs a group home.

To get your son a group home and on some meds.

  1. You have to take your son to the hospital when he is either capable of hurting himself or someone else. You have to be prepared to leave him there for the duration, whatever that is.
  2. They will want to keep him there for three days for observation. Since these fits of rage don’t last that long when the three days is up he will probably be fine and they will let him go. Or want to let him go. In order to get ready for this day however you should have yourself made the plenary guardian. This way you have something to say about it especially if your son is over 18 and can speak for himself. This is something you don’t need. After three days they’ll tell you they must get rid of him because he is not bad right now and they can’t see a reason to hold him.
  3. This is the point where you can win or lose. What you have to do is get him in a group home that has 24 hour supervision. So you have to insist that you do not want him anymore and you want to leave him there as a ward of the county.
  4. They they will whine and tell you a long story about how there is no money and always other problems.  Just pick up your purse and walk out the door, and as hard as it sounds you just have to abandon him there for your own good as well as his own good.
  5.  He needs some new meds for this beta rage and yes this is called beta rage.  Try something new on him. Apparently this product is been around for a while but is new enough to be very expensive. Since the county is in charge of him Do not concern yourself with that but I can’t say that as expensive as a shot is, it’s cheaper than the alternative.
  6. This injection lasts 30 days and it is called Invega Sustana. This drug comes in pills but does not work as well.  I believe it will help quite a bit, that is if she can do it.

Aspergers Syndrome in Young Women

What is it really like living with Aspergers Syndrome? Frankly people with this type of Autism Spectrum Disorder vary as much as everybody else. Last summer at the grand old age of thirty something I realized that I have Aspergers Syndrome.

This came about following the diagnosis of my son who also has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Like many other people in my position I also have an older daughter who is not autistic and I have been happily married for the last 14 years.

Today we are experiencing a new autistic phenomenon i.e. there are now an increasing number of parents who are only realizing that they themselves have Asperger’s Syndrome when their child is given an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.

I grew up in a totally different world i.e. 1970’s Ireland where Aspergers Syndrome was totally unheard of. If you had this condition back then there really was nobody to assess you or even an available diagnosis, as this so defined milder form of autism, only officially became a diagnosable condition in 1994.

So growing up I just learned through trial and error how to cope. Australian Professor Tony Attwood has a particular interest in studying the psychological make up of young women with Asperger’s Syndrome. He too feels that the so called ‘Aspie female,’ learns her social rules through observing other girls from a young age. Eventually he claims she can in fact become a master of deception. Often a woman with undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome have expertly learned how to copy every move, conversation and mannerism from her non-Aspie friends and associates. Observation and intuition, along with being female often means that the young Aspie woman often presents very differently from her male counterparts.

However no matter how good these girls become at acting the part or as one successful Aspie female author once put it in a very well received autobiography i.e. Donna Williams in her book, ‘Pretending to be Normal.’ Inside in these young women’s minds there exists unimaginable turmoil.

Dr. Tony Attwood has also often pointed out in his extensive writing about girls with Aspergers that these females can certainly act the part of being neurotypical but underneath the facade these girls are often psychologically very insecure or maybe even unstable. Many young women out there without an official diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome will often go on to develop other problems that may mask their primary condition completely. Often to such an extent that this diagnosis never becomes recognized as the real source of their sensitivity, pain or anguish.

The young woman with Aspergers Syndrome can often develop any myriad of other issues because they actually have undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome. Many female ‘Aspies,’ who have never received any early intervention and no on-going support whatsoever unfortunately often cannot take the strain of denying who they really are continuously. Every social interaction must be psychologically rather than instinctively played out until it becomes a tough, wretched existence constantly living with the pressure of trying to be something that you are not.

Pretending to be normal unfortunately can also lead to the development of personality disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Or a myriad of other psychological conditions such as recurring Depression, Social Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, or Anorexia Nervosa.

It is very unfortunate that this is still happening considering how much information is now available about Aspergers Syndrome. While many people may still not know an awful lot about the condition they will at least have heard of it. There are practically no people today who do not know at least a few individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum.

Many people told me my son was just shy, didn’t talk much and wasn’t highly sociable because he was like me. But I on the other hand have always known that I felt different but I just never knew why. I did know though that I didn’t want my son to spend his life wondering why he felt on the outside looking in like I did. Instead I want my child to know from an early age why he feels different and in doing so give him a strong sense of self-worth that will hopefully allow him to grow up understanding fully who he is and how his mind works.

There are still huge economic and bureaucratic barriers to diagnosing children with Aspergers Syndrome, in Ireland in particular. Also with the current bleak state of the economy cut-backs are affecting all children with psychological conditions hugely.
If you look the same as another child then many may just think that you seem a bit strange but there’s nothing obvious to worry about. What we need to make people more aware of in this country is that an undiagnosed autistic child is very likely to go through severe emotional trauma inside their minds growing up and this unfortunately often leads to them having a low sense of self-worth that will then affect their whole life.

Children with autism lack often social skills can have great communication barriers and often think and feel with great sensitivity. I believe that if you give a child with Aspergers Syndrome/ High Functioning Autism the appropriate early intervention then they can go on to live a rich, fulfilling life. However deny them this help and they will be a burden on the state forever due to the psychological damage they will suffer in their formative years.

Mary is currently a full-time carer to her son Adam but hopes in the near future to return to a part-time career as a freelance journalist and writer. She is currently blogging about her experiences of living with Aspergers Syndrome in Ireland today on her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mary.kellygodley. At present she is also working on a Memoir, ‘On the Spectrum,’ about her personal experiences of Aspergers Syndrome and her son’s autism story.

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Symptoms to Consider When Assessing Autism Spectrum Disorders

Josh is a seven-year old with Asperger’s Syndrome. He comes into my office and we have one way conversations. Usually, he is talking about combat games his brother plays or he is talking about Egypt. These are two topics he is highly interested in. He sets up my soldiers and tanks and blows everyone to pieces. He has me play “with” him. Instead he is playing as if you are him. He tells you what to do and if you don’t do it his way, he corrects you and does it his way. He would rather have you sit there with your guys and he plays both parts. He is a very sensitive child. His brother is not potty-trained and his mom says we have no problems with that and he crawled under the chair whining and crawled into the lower shelf of my book-case. I told him that he probably feels embarrassed and he just grunted. I told him that I had not seen him do this in a while. He must really be embarrassed. Again he moaned and groaned. I did not know if we would have the rest of the session like this. After 10 minutes he came out and wanted to play a game with both of us according to his rules. When it was time to go, he was able to clean up.

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome are difficult disorders to figure out and treat. Children with these disorders typically have problems with this scenario. It is not meant as a tool for determining whether your child has Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome or not. It is an observation. You take a normal three-year old child and show her a box of crayons and then you show her inside that there are candles. You close the box back up. Then you pull out a stuffed animal character and ask her what do you think, say Snoopy, thinks is in the crayon box. The child replies candles. By the time the child is four they are able to say Snoopy thinks there are crayons in the box. A normal five-year old looks at you as if you are crazy and says that off course he thinks there are crayons in the box. When you do this with a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder they will always say that the other “person” thinks there are candles in the box. They cannot differentiate what they see and look at another’s perspective. Again, this is an observation, not a test to determine whether the child falls on the Autism Spectrum.

There are certain things to consider when looking at Autism Spectrum Disorders. Diane Yapko, a Speech and Language Pathologist for thirty years and who has specialized in children on the Autism Spectrum noticed these behaviors across the board. She spoke of these at a conference given by the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, D.C.

· These children have difficulty taking the other person’s perspectives into account resulting in egocentric thinking and behavior, and idiosyncratic references.

· These children have difficulty responding to a listener’s feedback leading to endless monologues on obsessional interests.

· They have difficulty understanding opinions or fact from fiction leading to rigidity and gullibility.

· These children have difficult predicting other’s behaviors leading to fear and avoidance.

· These children have difficulty reading other’s intentions and motives including humor and sarcasm, leading to being used/manipulated by others.

· These children have difficulty understanding/interpreting emotions leading to problems with empathy and inter personal skills.

· These children have difficulty understanding/appreciating that one’s behavior affects how others think/feel leading to inappropriate behaviors.

These are just things to consider. There are certain interventions that can be used in therapy and at home to help ameliorate these behaviors. It takes a lot of training and thinking outside of the box as each child is so different. These children are special gifts and if we can get through to them just a little, we have made a great improvement. You have to be willing to put in the work required. A lot of it is repetition, doing it over and over, to make a lasting impression.

Carolyn L. Nelson is a licensed clinical social worker who has been in the field over 20 years. She writes for her Blog at http://blog.therapistscornerblog.com/. For further information on interventions with Autism Spectrum Disorders, look at my latest post.

She also can be reached at her website at http://www.therapistscornerblog.com/

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Choosing Toys for Child with Autism

Choosing Toys for Child with Autism

Buying toys for your child is one of the most exciting things you can do as a parent. However, for parents with child suffering from autism, it is entirely a different story.

Since child with autism has different mindset on the things he likes and the things he doesn’t. He also has a different mindset on the toys he can enjoy and the toys he couldn’t. Somehow, choosing toys for child with autism may prove to be a difficult task to parents. The excitant of picking among the thousands of toys lined up would be replaced by careful consideration on the toys that are proper at his mental age as well as his condition.

There are no special toys for child with autism so you cannot find a special section in the toy store that offers toys only for autistic child. What you need to do is to know how to choose.

Basically, children’s toys are labeled with the age bracket. Do not mind it. What you should look for is the toy that is right for his mental age. If the box says “age 4 – 6” but your child’s mental age is only 3, he might not be able to enjoy such toys. Of course, the choking hazard should also be considered. You always have to ensure that your child could not swallow any small part of the toy you would buy.

Another thing you should be reminded of while choosing toys for your child is his interest. Autistics have one particular inclination on specific thing. You should remember that he decides what he likes and what he likes should be respected. Selecting the right toys for him should be based on his interest and not on yours. You may ask, “How would I know if he likes a particular toy or not?” Observation is the best way to know it. Another thing is trial and error. This is much more difficult since it can be a never-ending process. But somehow, you will stumble upon the toys he would enjoy.

If you are puzzled which toys should you buy, consider, the educational ones. Toys that would develop your child’s imagination are your best bet. Puzzles, building blocks, alphabets may not be as appealing for them as other toys, but it is better to gamble on these things than to other toys that my further impair their development.

Also, choose a toy that develops his motor skills. Bicycles and other similar toys would provide them with both fun and exercise. Since motor skills should be developed at an early age especially to child with autism, you must ensure that you have given the proper tools on developing this skill.

Do not rely on the opinion of other people even those who have child with autism. Your child’s needs may be different from other child with autism. Thus, the toys that your child would enjoy can be different from others. Even if they both suffer from autism. You know your child better than everybody else and you know what he likes and what he enjoys.

Base your selection on these guidelines and you are almost sure that what you have bought can be enjoyed. Of course, there is a margin of error but it is worth taking the risk than not doing anything at all.

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Autistic Assessment – How Children With Autism Use Their Psychic Abilities

Autistic Assessment

Most autistic children I have seen were great and appreciated what is being given on. They more often than not had expected intelligence. Besides that, the children with autism whom I undergo clairvoyantly studied were able to “read” the minds of such a parents, playmates, and teachers. They thought how their parents and teachers thought and felt something like them. Autistic Assessment

Baby psychology and parent psychology are interconnected. The subconscious dimension is the truer and most influential dimension of our humanness. There is no understanding autism and the true causes of autism without understanding this key fact.

Their clairvoyance was not unusual. I have recorded hundreds of clairvoyant readings on babies in the womb, and recorded over 1200 readings that were investigations into the subconscious of individuals suffering a wide range of psychological and behavior disorders. It seems clear that all humans, from the start, are naturally clairvoyant. We use our clairvoyant abilities to communicate subconsciously with our parents in primitive psychic-energetic ways.

I found it amazing that children with autism were able to do that because they were so intensely inwardly focused. Nevertheless, the way they accomplished the “clairvoyant observations” of the subconscious thoughts and feelings of their parents, teachers, and playmates was due to their “inner subconscious recognition abilities.” They used their psychic perceptual abilities to ascertain what was going on in their situations and relationships. They did this without putting their conscious attention “outward`” in any meaningful or consistent way. The children made similar clairvoyant excursions while they were babies in the womb and became extremely proficient in “psychic observation and deduction.” Autistic Assessment

Autistic children accomplish remote psychic viewing by keeping their attention focused inward and focusing psychically outward on a parent, teacher, caretaker, or other person’s subconscious psychological reality.

Much of the time, the children with autism were able to discern an accurate assessment of a person or what was happening in his or her physical environment. Their perceptions were not accurate when they had many selfish desires or were indulging in selfish illusions in relation to what they were looking at. The same is true of all us humans of any age. We are all able to accurately perceive actual truth and reality whenever we are willing to look without restricting our perception with selfishly controlled ideas, desires, or illusions.

Since autistic children usually will not genuinely communicate verbally or physically, they resort to “psychic communications” as a substitute. They become quite adept at it because it is their most basic form of communication and they use it constantly. Autistic Assessment

The children with autism who were good at math were living very much in a part of the “abstract or psychic world” in which they “saw” numbers and math equations and did not have to “think” them through. They actually saw answers. They saw colors, which were the colors of real energies. They saw colors are energies and numbers in the same way. When they learned something, they remembered in pictures, and could go back to the pictures in the abstract-psychic realm in their minds. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autistic Assessment program now!

Feeling lost without solutions? Autistic Assessment is a proven Autism Solution for your Child. Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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ABA Autism – ABA Therapy Helps Schools Teach Students With Autism

ABA Autism

If you are a class group member, a principal, a teacher, or a guidance counselor, it is important to ensure that you are always working at the smartest you can for most any student. ABA Autism

Unfortunately, it seems that many students with autism are diminishing through the cracks in our class governments due simply to the happening that a good amount of schools do not experience a particular and effective teaching technique in place. Some schools are simply at a detriment when it comes to loan and resources, while others lack the appreciating of how to treat children with a complete spectrum of autism disorders of varying degrees.

The excellent shocker in all of these models is that ABA therapy offers a solution. When it comes to ABA therapy, school employees will quickly learn that the method is by far the most effective treatment for all degrees of autism spectrum disorder. Another benefit to schools is the availability of training programs and classroom materials that will enable teachers to learn within the school, eliminating the need for costly travel and conferences. While students are always worth an investment, it is a sad reality that many schools lack the proper funding for such travel. ABA Autism

ABA therapy offers great benefit to teachers and school employees and allows professionals to teach children in a way that truly helps them learn. ABA therapy uses repetitive trials to teach children with an autism spectrum disorder to literally change the way they think. While most students inherently have the ability to infer meanings and concepts through observation, students with autism lack this innate ability.

The good news, however, is that through repetition and diligent teaching, the synapses within their brains can literally be rewired so that they are able to think much like other students. It is important to understand how autism and ABA therapy work so that schools can best understand how to treat the disorder. Children with autism are remarkably bright and hold great potential.

The purpose of ABA therapy is to help children live up to this potential by offering them the best treatment and teaching available. ABA therapy makes it possible for children to function in a standard classroom environment and offers long term, permanent results.

When you are seeking the most effective curriculum for your school and are looking for the best way to treat this important group of students, you owe it to everyone involved to look into ABA training for your entire school system. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through ABA Autism program now!

ABA Autism is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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Seeking Support From Other Parents of Children with Aspergers Syndrome

When it comes to taking care of children with Aspergers syndrome, it is probable that you will need to be both uncomplaining and resourceful, as every child is unique and it might be necessary to experiment with a plethora of tactics before recognizing the one that works the best. While it is a good idea to discuss with qualified general practitioners, psychologists, and school administrators, don’t forget that you know your child best, therefore you also need to use your own intelligence and skills of observation. Up next are some healing methods for Aspergers that might work optimally for your child.

Because of their learning style, many children with Aspergers have difficulty learning in a normal classroom setting, even though they are extremely bright. You may need to talk the your child’s teachers and the school administrators to get your child extra help. A concise, step by step learning method works best for children with Asperger’s as well as having both verbal and visual instructions. They may be labeled as a slow learner but this is seldom true; all they need is a teacher who knows how their mind works. So part of treating a child with Aspergers is making sure that they get any academic help they need. Since public schools are required by law to provide resources to children with special needs, don’t be afraid to talk to your school and make sure they are doing everything they can to help your child learn. Even though common expectations are that there is a drug to treat everything, there is no specific medication for Aspergers syndrome. But there are medications available that can help treat particular symptoms related to this condition. Many children with Aspergers also suffer from other conditions that can include ADD, bipolar disorder, and depression. Medication, in some cases, has been used to effectively control these symptoms. No one set of medications will work in all cases because of the varied symptoms of Aspergers. So, as far as treating kids with Aspergers, there is no single drug for it, but medication may be prescribed to help with certain symptoms.

You can often get a great deal of help from other parents of children with Aspergers syndrome. There may be support groups in your area. Be sure and check out forums and online groups. Information and tips can be found here, as well as moral support.

If you have just discovered your child’s condition, you may be able to find a parent with an older child with Aspergers syndrome who can give you advice. With all the options available, your child’s doctor or psychologist may not be aware of all the treatment options, and you may learn other options through here. Reach out through all the information available and find others who are familiar with this situation. Other parents can be a huge help when dealing with Aspergers syndrome.

You can do a variety of things to alleviate a child who has Aspergers and the particular strategy you use needs to be based on the child’s distinctive needs. In a lot of situation, you can discover helpful healing methods to aid with the more challenging syndromes. While your child will always be a bit unusual, there are no grounds for him or her not being able to lead a cheery or industrious life. The cures for Aspergers that we have been researching can assist you in determining the optimal selections. Small Chicken Coop Plans what you need to know before you start building. Not all hen house plans are created equal.
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Autism Symptoms Children – Understanding Autism Symptoms

Autism Symptoms Children

As autism is a disorder of the nerves and their development, resulting in some form of impairment in the social and communicative skills of the individual, the autism symptoms of each child will be different. Autism symptoms are normally displayed by children in their first couple of years of growth and development, and require a strong observation to pick up on.

Parents tend to be the first ones to notice autism symptoms, since they spend more time than others with the child. What is important is for parents to understand the symptoms in order to better identify the nature, and the reasoning behind these being acted out.

Early diagnosis of autism can help in early assistance and support being provided to the child, which can help in skills and abilities being improved over the years. This is essential if some form of communication and self-help needs to be instilled in the child with autism symptoms, as no cure exits.

Some of the symptoms that parents should be on the lookout for are:

• If a child is showing a great deal of difficulty in learning language or oral communication. This is a common autism symptom, where the child is unable to babble or speak a single word, even at an age of 2 years Autism Symptoms Children

• If a child does not show any form of appropriate response to a gesture. This could be anything from making eye contact with the respective person, or showing a degree of resistance to being cuddled or picked up. The symptom here to look for is a child being out of tune to the world, and seeming to be in his own environment altogether

• Another symptom is where the individual shows a lack of understanding for another’s feelings. So if a joke is being shared, or tears are being shed, there is the same response on both counts; the response normally being inattentiveness or a blank face

• For a child who is unable to play with other children or shows a lack of ability to be more cooperative with other children, shows some level of autism

• A child crying excessively or throwing tantrums without reason can also be considered as an autism symptom

By no way are the above stated to be hard and fast autism symptoms, as there could be other reasons for some of them. But all of them put together should give parents some understanding of seeking assistance from medical experts in regards to their child’s individual behavior.

All parents should keep in mind the above autism symptoms when caring for their child in the early years of development. By having an understanding of autism symptoms, the chance for early prognosis and initiation of support can prove quite beneficial in the later years of the individual. Autism Symptoms Children

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