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Question?: Asperger Syndrome

Laura asks…

Can someone please explain to me what Asperger syndrome is?

I made a new friend and she told me that she had Asperger syndrome I read a little about it online but I still don’t fully understand it 🙁 can someone help me? Please no rude answers!

admin answers:

I have Asperger’s basically I find it hard to make friends (socialize) , I stick to a very fixed routine which I cannot break. People with Asperger’s often have 1 to 3 obsessions (like Astrology, Trains etc) with me it is the Weather & Animals. Not everyone with Asperger’s is the same. They are tend to clumsy and find it very hard/impossible to make eye-contact with someone. I am of average-intelligence like most Asperger’s suffers. They can be ultra-sensitive to sounds, smell or light. They often take things rather literally like “I feel like killing you” the person with Asperger’s may take this literally and get frightened, although I have learnt that is is just a figure of speech. We find is difficult to read other people’s facial expressions and body language. I could name more traits but I’m too tired. One more thing they often have excellent memories especially with date of births, childhood memories etc. I hope you and your friend have an excellent time together forever.
Take care. Good-bye.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Symptoms

Jenny asks…

How to treat someone with Aspergers syndrome?

Theres this guy at my school and i heard that hehas aspergers syndrome. I kind of know what that is, but i dont knowhow to treat him. Since its kinda like autism do i treat him overly nice, or just normally? Is it less severe than autism? Plus i have ADD, is that similar? Thanks!

admin answers:

Just treat him normally and respectfully. Treat him like you would like to be treated yourself. Don’t treat him badly for being a little different, but also don’t talk down to him or judge him harshly for not having great social skills. Be patient and friendly. It would be a good idea to get to know him better. Once you’ll get to know him a little you’ll know better how to treat him and you might make a new friend.

Asperger’s syndrome is in many ways similar to autism, but it’s also different in some ways. Autism varies a lot in severity. Asperger’s syndrome is similar to high functioning autism. Some people who have Asperger’s syndrome also have ADD or ADHD or have some symptoms in common with them. The main symptom of Asperger’s syndrome is limited social skills, but it affects people in other ways too.

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she asked

Molly has her questions before they start class.Who’s your favorite Disney princess? What year were you born?..
She looks like a typical teenager at first glance, but it’s the questions that give her away. For Brooke, what she ‘gives away’ is an invitation into a recognizable world. A place ruled by the hallmarks of comfort –



Concrete questions that beg concrete answers!.
The questions are not only on topics of interest for Brooke, but they are imminently, deliciously answerable. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? By God, that’s a reasonable question isn’t it? Far better certainly then the dreaded So how’s your school year going? Or even worse What’s your favorite subject?.And even better, they are questions that lend themselves perfectly to reciprocal conversation.


Snow White; who’s yours?

No matter that they now know the answers. That makes it even better.
And so it was that Brooke learned that Molly’s favorite Disney princess was Jasmine, and that’s why one Friday night before their dance class the next morning, Brooke could be found coloring in a picture of Jasmine to bring to her new friend the next day. Two weeks ago, Brooke and I walked out of class with Janey and her family. I noticed that her mom was carrying a Phineas and Ferb water bottle so I commented on it, pointing out the familiar characters to Brooke. When Janey’s mom said that Phineas and Ferb was ‘big in their house’ (which is code for, ya know, BIG in their house) I prompted Brooke to ask Janey if she had a favorite character. She named Candice, but our interest was rewarded with an absolutely fabulous, spot-on imitation of Perry the platypus.
This Saturday, Luau took Brooke to her dance class. That afternoon, I noticed that she had a new Dora figurine. Hard to believe that of the 30 some odd Dora figurines in this house, I can tell you that she had not had that particular one, but Mamas know these things.


When I asked about it, Luau told me that Janey had brought it to class for her.


Ya know, all cool-as-a-cucumber-casual-like-that’s-how-we-roll. But, um, not usually, no.


“Wait,” I said, “how did she know that Brooke loves Dora?”


“She asked her,” he said with a smirk.

As if this were the most normal thing in the world..She asked her. They connected around the things that they love most. Simple as that. .Now ain’t that something. I worry about the effects of growing up always feeling different from those around her, always feeling out of step from the crowd. I desperately want her to find a place where she’s not so different at all. Where she sees her own experiences reflected back to her. Where the questions are reasonable and consistent and predictable and answerable. And where people connect around the things that they love most.Ed note: As always, kids’ names have been changed to protect their privacy. deannar4

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Cathartes Aura Septentrionalis…

…a.k.a. the Turkey Vulture. More on her later.

Team Stimey went to a nature center today. Hijinks ensued.

For example, in the Curiosity Corner, Quinn made an Algership for the Algernaut.

Quinn coined both of those terms, by the way.
Algernon should have stayed in there because there was danger afoot. Spoiler alert: The eagle didn’t get him.
While the hijinks were fun, maybe the most exciting thing that happened today is that I may have found a whole new secondary mascot for Team Stimey. It’s not a rodent, which is why it has to be secondary, but if you’ll bear with me, you’ll see why I need to add it to the cast of characters here.

Who is so awesome that we need to bother to learn about a whole new set of non-rodent characteristics?

This fella here:

Her name is Precious, but I call her Semi-Precious.
She, if you couldn’t tell from the first sentence of this post, is a Turkey Vulture. I feel a kinship with little Semi-Precious. I took a picture of the information sign for you to read in full, but I can give you a list of the similarities between her and I after the photo. I can only wish I had a beak though.
1. I’ve eaten carrion—fresh carrion. (All meat is in some stage of decay, right?)
2. I do not pursue live prey.
3. I am a cleanser of my environment, in that I have hired maids to clean my house.
4. My head is featherless.
5. If I were to soar, I might be mistaken for a hawk. Or a small dirigible.
6. Again, I do not hunt my food.
7. “Peace Eagle” was my nickname in high school.*

But the clincher, the thing that sent me back to gaze in tenderness at my new friend, Semi-Precious, was the last sentence on the sign.

“Turkey vultures vomit as a form of self protection.”
She is clearly Team Stimey material. Fortunately, she did not vomit while we were there. Although part of me wonders if the nature center staff made that up to keep people from harassing her and claiming her as their own.

Hmmm. Hang on.

Okay. Wikipedia (which is always accurate) says, and I quote, “Its primary form of defense is regurgitating semi-digested meat, a foul-smelling substance which deters most creatures intent on raiding a vulture nest.”

I’m convinced. And deterred from raiding its nest.

Oh, and also, I have the same wingspan as a Turkey Vulture. I don’t think I have to say anything else.

Please join me in welcoming secondary mascot Semi-Precious the Turkey Vulture. May she never puke on any of you.

* I may be lying about this one.


Even though my kids are not very good at going to museums, I always seem to forget that and agree to go when invited. This happened last Sunday, when Jack, Quinn, and I took my sister and her kids to the Natural History Museum. Naturally I wrote about the experience over at White Knuckle Parenting on the Wheaton Patch. Check it out!

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