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Question?: Schizophrenia In Children

Robert asks…

Could me and my fiance still have children if he has schizophrenia?

Someone told me that because my fiance is schizophrenic we would have any children we had taken off us. He went through a bad patch 3 years ago and got into trouble with the police, he went on to medication and had intense physiatric help. When we got together he became a lot calmer and he hasn’t had an episode since, he has been off medication for awhile now. So would this effect us in the future when we decide to have children?

admin answers:

If there is one parent who is competent at all times, and if the parent with schizophrenia has a meltdown, the other spouse was sure to take care of that child at all times, there is no reason for the state to intervene. The issues come up when the child is neglected or otherwise at risk. Most people with schizophrenia are never violent (that’s substance abuse plus mental illness that can increase violence) so the diagnosis alone would rarely be used to take a child away, and in those cases, that’s probably illegal, but the person with schizophrenia cannot afford a good lawyer.

You know, a one time bad patch with psychosis doesn’t mean a person has schizophrenia. It used to be said that a person would have a nervous breakdown, and it was well known that the person would recover and be fine. Nowadays, everybody assumes if a person got psychosis, that they are mentally ill for life and better take their pills. Not true!

Schizophrenia is not particularly genetic. Maybe a little, but not strongly so.

I hope he is in therapy and learning coping skills and stress reduction, to reduce the risk of further break downs.

Good luck!

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Sam the Brave

Guess where Sam is?

I have no earthly idea.

He’s at sleep away camp. SLEEP. AWAY. CAMP. Until Friday. UNTIL FRIDAY.

Imagine how hard it was to fill out that registration form for me, your resident control freak. I dropped him off at the bus pick up area today. He gets returned to the same location on Friday.

As for not knowing where he is, I mean, I could find him if I had to, but as I’m not the one who was driving him up there, it seemed like a lot of work to look up on a map where he is going. It’s not really all that relevant to me. I’m a little afraid that makes me a bad mom.

Not afraid enough to actually pull out a map of…Eastern?…Southern?…somewhere in Maryland, but vaguely uneasy.

I’m working on letting Sam grow up and become independent. So when I found out that kids selected to be on the safety patrol next year have the option of going to sleep away safety patrol camp and Sam said he really wanted to go, I sucked it up and signed him up.

It seemed like sending him to a camp staffed by cops and populated by other rising fifth grade nerdlingers was a pretty good way to start him off with spending time away from the family.

He’s so brave. He doesn’t know anyone else who is going and he still wanted to go. He embarked today on what would be my worst nightmare. We stood around awkwardly for a long time at the bus stop until I was able to locate a group of kids who also didn’t know anyone. By the time they got on the bus, there were six of them. I hope they stick together. I hope Sam likes them. I hope they’re nice. I hope I don’t have a nervous breakdown by Friday.

*me, nibbling nervously on my fingernails*

Sam could be having a FANTASTIC time and we won’t know until Friday. He could be having a MISERABLE time and (unless he freaks out and I actually have to figure out where the camp is and pick him up early) we won’t know until Friday.

I’m trusting that lovely, kind Sam will find friends and have a great time. I really think he will. I really hope he will. Oy. Fingers crossed. For now, I figure no news is good news.

Hold me.

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