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Question?: Schizophrenia Causes

Michael asks…

I would like to know the symptoms of schizophrenia what causes it and the treament they have available?

admin answers:

Hi, symptoms of schizophrenia can be from mild to very extreme, depending on how bad the individual is afflicted with this disease. Mild symtoms include, talking to ones self a LOT, feeling somebody is watching them, feeling somebody is after them in some way. More severe symptoms are magnifications of the mild symptoms: Hearing voices, answering the voices either outloud or to one’s self, feeling extreamly paronoid ie: people are outside where the suffering person is located and watching them, trying to gain entrance to where the person is at, feeling very confused in thought process, feeling that people in the room in looking at and judging very negitively and purhaps even actively looking for ways to harm the person with this disease, inability to perform well in society, in very severe cases not even being able to dress one’s self without assistance due to scambled brain waves. A person with severe schizophrenia is a very ill person who needs immediant assistance. There are tests which can easily diagnose this illness as brain scans of those with the diseasse are not at all the same as those without it. Medicines can help with symtoms and life coaches, and caretakers can assist with daily life. Not all schizophrenia sufferers paranoid symptoms. However, with or without the paranoia, this can and does effect an individuals life in serious ways and treatment should be sought for diagnoses and treatment. Proper diagnoses is important so this is not mistaken for some other condition.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Adults

Sandy asks…

Is it possible to have Autism and not be diagnosed until adulthood?

I am 23 years old and I have been reading alot about autism. Alot of symptoms fit me though I have a normal life. Is it possible to have an undiagnosed mild form?

admin answers:

Absolutely. This is because there is an “autism spectrum,” with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Movies such as “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman portrayed a high-functioning, but relatively classic case of autism (in other words, NOT mild). Many people with mild symptoms are not diagnosed until later in life. The most important thing for you is to get tested by a qualified professional. If you live in the state of California, you can go to your local Regional Center (look them up online or in the phone book) and get a free assessment, even if you are an adult. You can also look up organizations such as Cure Autism Now to obtain more information.

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Here Is How You Can Recognise Children With Aspergers

Though we all want our children to be perfect this is not often the case and you would learn to love them no matter what they might have or be. A condition which has become very common in children today is Aspergers and learning to handle the problems it might bring could be a challenge. You would need to research the condition well to fully understand what it is and how you could best help your child.

Aspergers is a condition that will stop children being able to communicate easily with people and they may find social skills to be more difficult. These problems can lead to your kid having behavioural and emotional problems and they may find it more difficult to make friends. Your kid may suffer from very mild or very extreme symptoms and the treatment and support is the same. Some kids have such mild symptoms which you may hardly ever even notice and are usually never even diagnosed. Children with Aspergers sometimes simply learn to live with heir condition and do not even realize they are different.

Kids with aspergers will have trouble in making friends due to the problems created by the lack of communication. Their lack of discernment when it comes to judging how others are reacting can cause issues. Your kid may not even be aware that they are doing anything wrong and they usually will talk without showing any interest to the person they are talking to. Your kid may also find it difficult to understand humour and literal translations and may take things to heart. You’ll need to talk through different situations with your kid to help him understand.

Body language and facial expressions can also be misjudged by children with Aspergers and social relationship may be hard to establish. Your kid may become obsessed with routines and interests  and might also be attached to unusual insignifican items. You would have to encourage these but even try to establish a relationship with a friend for them. As a kid they’ll need to play and socialize with other children as this is a huge part of their growing up.

Children with Aspergers would also find it hard to creatively play and will lack imagination though they’re normally of above average intelligence. They may be extremely good with facts and numbers so their strong lessons will be math and history. You would need to encourage these subjects and although they might struggle with other ones you must try to encourage some form of learning in them too. There is no specific cure for Aspergers and all you will be able to do is support and encourage the child to achieve the best they could with their lives.

The symptoms vary between cases and children with Aspergers may try to hide the fact they’re different from other children. It is advisable to have your child diagnosed as soon as possible so you can set up the support system they need to achieve the best they can in their lives. Helping them with their development is essential and being a supportive parent is all your kid could ask for. To know more head to, http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com
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All About Asperger Syndrome

Is your child just a loner? Maybe not!
Does your child behave in an odd way to other people? Is it difficult for him to make friends? Is he obsessed about something unusual? He just might be suffering from ‘Aspergers syndrome’.
It is a developmental disorder (and not a mental illness) usually found in children. It is usually found in male children (however, a few cases of Aspergers syndrome have been reported in female children also).
Aspergers Syndrome is a type of autism spectrum disorder (also known as pervasive developmental disorder).
How do I know if my child has Aspergers syndrome:
It is better if you have an expert doctor to look at your child before jumping on to a conclusion. The common symptoms are:
1. He / she finds it difficult (or rather he doesn’t want to) make friends.
2. His skin or eyes or ears are sensitive. This means he is sensitive to touch, some particular color / colors or loud sounds.
3. He learned to talk early/ late as compared to other people.
4. He doesn’t make eye-contact.
5. He finds it hard to play sports.
6. He hates a change in the routine.
7. He is short for his age.
8. He is obsessed with one thing (like math or electronics)
9. He talks to himself.
10. He becomes aggressive too often.
11. He finds it difficult to understand people. For instance, he might not understand emotions, expressions or feelings.
12. He talks in an odd manner.
What are the causes?
No particular cause has yet been concluded about Aspergers Syndrome . Some experts say that it might be hereditary or genetic. However, it is important for parents to understand that they are not the reason. Even though the child seems rude, we should also understand that he is not being rude on purpose.
Sometimes, it may not be diagnosed as the child may show very mild symptoms. It is important that Aspergers Syndrome should be diagnosed as early as possible because its treatment becomes difficult when the child grows up.
What can I do to make him comfortable?
Along with the treatment the child needs a lot of love and support. The child finds the world unusual. It is seen that, with good treatment, they seem to become social with age. Although it is a disorder, people with Aspergers syndrome are very intelligent. They have good grammatical skills. They eventually start making friends and socialize. They also become successful in their work; however, moral support is always required

Aspergers Syndrome is a special type of developmental disorder which is categorised under “Pervasive Development Disorder” or PDD. To know more about Aspergers Syndrome Please click on the link.
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Early Sign Of Autism In Infants – Autism Symptoms in Infants and Toddlers

Early Sign Of Autism In Infants

Autism is a multifaceted brain disorder the present influences a lot of parts in a simple progress, that includes his social, motor and communication skills. The good shock is, there are many slow but sure studies which seek to understand autism. Experts say that early detection and treatment of autism is vital. Early Sign Of Autism In Infants

There is increasing evidence overly it’s possible to detect autism in infants because the first part of intervention can make a big difference in minimizing the symptoms and any a great deal more unpleasent impact of the disorder, it is imperative for parents to comprehend autism’s signs and symptoms.

The symptoms of autism are normally noticeable by 18 to 36 months, and other mild symptoms may be apparent earlier than that; even during infancy. Therefore, parents should closely monitor or track their child’s progress. If the symptoms are identified by 12 months of age or earlier, rigorous treatment may reverse the signs.

Symptoms at the onset are easier to overlook primarily because it entails the lack of normal behaviors; and not the existence of abnormal ones. For instance, most babies with autism normally don’t reach out to get toys, or make signals to get your attention. Most parents misinterpret autism symptoms as signs of being a “good baby,” because the baby is withdrawn and is not demanding. True, a baby with those characteristics are easy to take care of, but these signs are some of the warnings that parents should be vigilant of. Early Sign Of Autism In Infants

What exactly are symptoms that parents should look out for? Here are some warning signs that you should watch for to ensure that your child is developing at a normal rate:

* One of the first signs of autism is if the baby does not look, make eye contact, or turn after hearing their name. * If the baby doesn’t smile in response.

* If the baby doesn’t mimic what you’re doing.

* If the baby doesn’t make attempts to talk (gibberish, babbling)

* If the baby is not visually attracted to things. Here are signs to watch out for toddlers:

* If the child is having difficulty communicating his needs.

* If the child suddenly stops to make attempts to talk.

* If the child has trouble developing his language skills. It’s normal for a parent to become worried once they see their child manifest these symptoms. If you have observed these signs from your infant or toddler, it’s prudent for you to make an appointment with your health provider. Early Sign Of Autism In Infants

Actually, it’s best if you’ll have your child undergo screening even though he seems to develop normally. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Early Sign Of Autism In Infants program now!

Early Sign Of Autism In Infants is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment – The Simple Explanation of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

The child’s rationale of Autism Spectrum Disorder is, households who have autism, can have a variety of symptoms. What are these symptoms? Some will undergo mild symptoms and others will undergo major symptoms Most autistic children behave in an unusual way. Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

Some express their behavior with anger outbursts, tantrums, slow in learning, which causes slow intellectual abilities, repetitive behavior, spatial staring, not formulating sentences to ask for what they want, some do not like loud noises, bright colors and get overwhelmed if they get out of their routine, which make it hard for them to adjust to new tasks and changes. There are various degrees of this disorder and affects different ages.

The other simple explanation of Autism Spectrum Disorder is, that it is still being researched, but for now, experts believe and seem to agree the cause is more genetic that other causes. There has been updated research completed and scientists have inklings that a gene which is not functioning properly might also cause autism. Of course, there are other determined factors involved that could cause autism. For example, lack of oxygen at birth, chemical imbalances, viruses or chemicals in the blood, lacking a healthy nutrition during pregnancy. Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

There is another simple explanation of Autism Spectrum Disorder that needs to be addressed. Infants, do not cuddle, do not like affection, avoid eye contact. Some do not smile or lift their arms to be picked up. They do not want to learn childhood games and activities that involve participation with other children. In addition, as these children get older, they may develop an area that produces strong strengths. For example, they may be strong in music, art, memory, mathematics, or in reading.

This usually occurs in one area, but other areas, they do not function or adjust to new challenges given to them. If you have a concern and think your child may have autism, with problems in one of the areas of communication, socialization or restricted behavior before the age of three, it is best to have your child checked by an expert doctor in this field and have your child take a developmental screening test. If your doctor sees results from the test, that there are possible indicators to be autism, then it is wise to further the evaluation. Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

Do research on Autism Spectrum Disorder, if you have any thoughts or clues that your child could have autism, by going to the internet, asking your qualified doctor questions and networking with other parents who children have the disorder. By taking this action, you will gain knowledge and have a simple explanation of this disorder. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment program now!

Feeling lost without solutions? Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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