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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Maria asks…

What are your views on the MMR vaccine and autism?

Do you have children that you have decided to vaccinate or not, how are they developing? Please be honest – there is an epidemic of autism in this country (one in 130 kids!!!!!!) why the sudden increase over the last few decades if not the vaccines???? I’m petrified! I refuse to sentence my baby to mental retardation just because a doctor tells me to! HELP!!!!

admin answers:

You’ll have to make your own choice about vaccination. As the father of a 9 year old son with Asperger syndrome, a borderline autism spectrum, my experience was that he was developing quite normally, in fact above normal until he got the vaccine which did have thimerosal , at age 1 1/2. From then on he showed significant deterioration in verbal and social skills including eye contact and interaction. Before the shot he was beginning to speak and and react to his mother, siblings and I. He has been seen by the top experts in the United States, coast to coast, as we’ve spared no expense to provide the best medical treatment for him. His mother and I have undergone gene testing and have been determined NOT to have genetic markers for autism. No history of it in either of our familes at all. When I read and hear from all these naysayers pontificating that there is no connection between thimerosal /mercury vaccines and autism, I have to grin because without actually experiencing the results first hand they are only convincing themselves about what they believe and certainly not the heartbroken parents or children who suffer from vaccine related autism. And no, not every single case of autism is the result of vaccinations, but for the kids who suffer from it, the naysayers are doing a grave disservice to them and the public at large. So do what you feel is right for you and your kids and don’t let me or people who have opposing views to mine convince you one way or the other. But for those of you saying Aspergers syndrome is a “fad” I submit this: Asperger syndrome is named after Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger who, in 1944, described children in his practice who lacked nonverbal communication skills, failed to demonstrate empathy with their peers, and were physically clumsy. Fifty years later, AS was standardized as a diagnosis, but questions about many aspects of AS remain. For example, there is lingering doubt about the distinction between AS and high-functioning autism (HFA);partly due to this, the prevalence of AS is not firmly established. The exact cause of AS is unknown, although research supports the likelihood of a genetic basis; brain imaging techniques have NOT identified a clear common pathology. This is fact not a “fad”.

I wish you and yours the best.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Children

Daniel asks…

What is your opinion about parents falsely using religion as a way to avoid having their children vaccinated?

Many states have exemptions to allow parents to not have their children vaccinated on the grounds that it conflicts with their religion, and many religions do have legitimate objections to having children vaccinated, or against other forms of medical treatment. However what are your opinions on the growing number of parents who are claiming this exemption solely to avoid having their children vaccinated due to concerns that have nothing to do with religion. For example that vaccinations increase the chances of autism, that they may cause their children to get sick, or they frankly just don’t believe they have any effect good or bad.
Are these people selfish, by putting themselves, their children and society at risk for outbreaks of diseases that vaccinations have for the most part erradicated? Or are these people exercising their legitimate rights to freedom of choice and the freedom from an overly intrusive government?

admin answers:

I think that these people are exercising their freedom to be ignorant. We have become complacent in our society about the severity of pandemic illness because the majority of us have never seen them. We do not fear what we have not seen. Ask my Grandmother who is 93 about surviving the flu epidemic or the polio outbreaks…she buried 5 brothers and sisters to the flu and lost one to polio. She remembers a time when her entire town was stricken so severely with polio that schools were shut down because more students were ill than well.

Is this what we need to go back too in order to get it through the thick headed skulls of people that vaccinations are an essential part of having a healthy society?

“Autism austims austims” – one there is ZERO connection between autism and vaccinations – move on! We live in a polluted, hormone ridden, food additive laden society — but vaccines have been made the scapegoat.

If parents don’t want to vaccinate their children then they are playing russian roullette with their health – and should be ashamed of themselves.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In India

Carol asks…

If parental uncle is eligible to avail deduction under IT Act for the amount spent on the treatment of niece?

parents of niece have been expired.She is minor and mentally retarded and fully depends upon me,.but does not have adoption/guardianship.If yes,under which section?

admin answers:

Under Section 80DD, total benefit/deduction available to the individual is a fixed sum of Rs 50,000. In case the disability is over 80%, this figure rises to Rs 75,000.

Section 80DD
Deduction under this section is available to an individual who:
Incurs any expenditure for the medical treatment, training and rehabilitation of a disabled dependant

“Handicapped dependant” means a person who – (i) is a relative of the individual or, as the case may be, is a member of the Hindu undivided family and is not dependant on any person other than such individual or Hindu undivided family for his support or maintenance.

The Rule 11A of IT Rule under Sub-rule 2 prescribes ”

(2) For the purposes of sub-section (4) of section 80DD and sub-section (2) of section 80U, the assessee shall furnish along with the return of income, a copy of the certificate issued by the medical authority,—

(i) in Form No. 10-IA-, where the person with disability or severe disability is suffering from autism, cerebral palsy or multiple disability; or

(ii) in the form prescribed vide notification No. 16-18/97-NI.1, dated the 1st June, 2001published in the Gazette of India, Part I, Section 1, dated the 13th June, 2001 and notification No. 16-18/97-NI.1, dated the 18th February, 2002 published in the Gazette of India, Part I, Section 1, dated the 27th February, 2002 and notified under the Guidelines for evaluation of various disabilities and procedure for certification, keeping in view the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 (1 of 1996), in any other case.

Thus for 80DD , there are two set of forms . One is the form 10-IA which is given in I T Rule . The other is for most of the other disabilities defined in the aforesaid notification published in the Gazette of India .It can be downloaded from here . In this notification , under Annexure B , following two types of forms are provided – one for mental retardation and other of other types of disabilities.


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Improving The Possibilities Of Curing Autism

Our medical science is not yet ready to wipe autism clean from our world. The real cause of autism remains unknown. Regretfully, our medical advancement has not shown any progress in bringing forth a cure for this severe disease. Autism is still affecting children all around the world and the most unfortunate thing is that, their parents have no clue of what they must do. Reason for this dilemma is the lack of awareness. The number of autism-affected children this year has increased a bit higher than the previous years.

Before starting a therapy process to cure autism, a child must go through a precise process of diagnosis, to determine the existence of the disease. If they are found to be affected by the disease, then they must be enrolled in the autism therapy. Doctors found out that, genetic disorder is one of the reasons of getting a neurological disease. Therefore, experts are trying to cure autism and other neurological diseases by starting treatment at the cellular level. However, not just medicines, autism patients suffer from psychological disorder; so, they need a series of therapy to get their social understanding skill improved. Experts and doctors suggest following a set of rules systematically to improve the possibilities of curing autism.

A medical checkup is important
According to world-renowned researchers and doctors of autism, a complete medical treatment is needed before starting any therapy to cure a neurological disease. There is no general treatment for autism patients, as each patient display different forms of symptoms in this disease. Fortunately, there is a pattern of treatment followed by doctors to cure autism.

Therapy comes next
Modern therapy for autism consists of medicine and exercises to improve the learning abilities of patients. A common problem seen in autism patients is their difficulty in understanding the spoken language. They also have problems to respond accordingly.

Therefore, they must be enrolled in to speech therapy at first. The Sensory Integration Therapy that improves the patient’s brain growth would follow this up with the increased flow of sensory information process.

Selecting school
An autism affected patient needs to be exposed in social environment. School helps them mingle with other students and understand emotions as well as develops their reasoning ability. However, they also need attention and care, more than students who are without the disease. So, find a school that is capable of providing all that the patient needs.

These are the rules that can develop a patient of autism and improve their learning skills naturally. So, keep yourself updated about news on how to cure autism and spread the knowledge among others too.

Annie Barrete is a well-known autism researcher and publisher. Her long search for a helpful Aid for Autism led her to be an expert in treating autism patients. She believes sharing knowledge can help people who are in distress.

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