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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Adults

Sandra asks…

Does anyone agree that our culture has become overly therapeutic?

It seems like these days everyone has some disorder or another. We’ve all got depression, anxiety problems, codependency issues, ADD, half of us are bipolar/unipolar what have you…

and apparently now every child needs ritalin and a steady supply of behavioral meds for their autism.

Doesn’t anyone else see that this is all just a ploy to make the pharmaceutical companies rich and richer?

admin answers:

I would define our society as overly diagnosed. In general, the stigma is still quite in place regarding admitting to and/or seeking treatment for mental health issues. As more people in the public eye “confess” to their bouts of depression, the overall negative view of depression has become slightly improved, yet also abused. I personally believe as we get further and futher from basic values and communication, the increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression are a natural result.
I think what frightens me the most is the alarming increase in childhood “psychiatric disorders.” To a certain extent children are supposed to have a shorter attention span. That is a skill that is acquired overtime (although I know many adults who have still not mastered this developmental skill). The medical field and the pharmaceutical companies must share some of the blame. Parents must also learn to advocate for their children, provide a healthy and nurturing environment and not, as some do, look for a “medicinal” quick fix for their children’s behaviors.

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Some Important Facts Of Autism

The interaction and community skills of the person is affected life long by this disease. Comparing with other children the children with autism behave differently. Mostly the children have problem in speaking, as a result the child is not able to express his feelings in proper words.

The parent of an autistic child could understand this easily, rather than the people to know the real fact. Reality is unknown for them. So some important things that will give them a clear understanding is given here.

There are many theories which gives the possible cause of autism. Some think this is caused by the mercury which are in the vaccines given to infants. Whilst few states that it is due to parent’s age. But the more appropriate theory is that autism is because of genetic and environmental factors.

Autism is also called as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Because few are non-verbal and mentally retarded whilst few are verbal and bright. There are varied range of symptoms in different children with autism. Social communication is the main symptom seen in most of the patients. They fail to maintain good eye contact, converse properly with others, or have one’s perspective etc.


Autism and Asperger Syndrome have some similarities. Both cases have problems which are mostly common. In Autism, child’s speech is delayed while in Asperger Syndrome the speech develops at appropriate age and time. In other words, the child with Asperger Syndrome is verbal and bright.

It is a common fact that every individual is different from another. Similarly, each autism child differs from other. Some may speak well while other may be silent. Some may be affected physically with GIT problems, sensory problems, difficulty in sleep, etc, whereas some have problem in social communication. Even if the disease is the same, the symptoms they have varies in each individual.

Yet autism remains without proper cure though the medical field has great advancement. Though there a different ways by which their skills can be improved they still cannot remain as normal children. Some treatments for autism are behavioral, biomedical, sensory, developmental or even arts-based. Depending upon the child, certain treatments will be more successful than others.

It is a common fact that autism is a life long disease. The symptoms may become mild with proper timely interventions. Without depending others, they can try to do their activities of daily living. The communication skill can also be increased.

If one gets autism, the whole family seems to be in a stressed situation. They have to withstand many adverse conditions. So at this time, the support of relatives and friends is important. By this way they can overcome this situation. By this they can be motivated to overcome this disease.
Also gather more details on autism symptoms and causes of autism.
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