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Question?: Pdd Autism

Mary asks…

Can you tell me about the medical condition Autism?

why do mostly boys get autism? can it become better as the child grows? can people with autism live normal lives when they grow up?

admin answers:

Hi there!

Autism is a spectrum, meaning that there are many “types” of autism, and the “severity” of the autistic traits can vary, from one individual to another. It’s considered a “disability” by the ADA, however, many people who have higher-functioning forms of autism feel that they do not have a disability, but are actually what’s called neurologically diverse. Aspergers is one form of autism which is actually a lot more common than one would think! Autism is not something which “goes away”, although certain characteristics can be managed more effectively with time. When a person “finds a way” to adapt to a shortcoming, the new way of dealing with that is called an “adaptive behavior.” There are also maladaptive behaviors. This is when a person comes up with a not-so-great way to adapt. Ii guess you could say it’s like a “defense mechanism” in some ways.

Boys have been diagnosed more frequently with autism in the past, although it has been found that girls “really can have autism”! For instance, I have Aspergers, which is on the spectrum, but most people who meet me have no idea. Boys have more “classic” behaviors than girls do, although in my opinion, this is because of many gender differences. You may have noticed that some more “assertive” women in the public eye are suspected (or do have) Aspergers. I think this is because their personality enables the manifestation of more “typical” behaviors. (Think: Madonna and Sharon Stone. Strong women.)

People with autism (especially the higher-functioning forms, such as HFA, PDD, and Aspergers) CAN have normal lives. Of course, if they have the opportunity for guidance when they are younger, they develop more adaptive (and fewer maladaptive) behaviors, so they fit into society generally well. Many people with AU (that’s the abbreviation for autism) follow their interests vocationally, and can be very successful in those things which they find interesting. When people with AU are creative, for instance, being in a creative field is ideal, because many creative people are individualistic.

A note about the higher end of the spectrum… A diagnostic criteria for Aspergers (for instance) is that that cognitive ability must not be dimished. (This is one reason why they give IQ tests when diagnosing.) So if you look at a group of people with Aspergers, you are 100% certain that they are all at least of average cognitive ability. You can’t say the same for the rest of the population. By definition, average intelligence is average because half is above, and half is below.) The point I’m making is that if you know someone with Aspergers, (a child, familiy member, someone at work) you can be sure that they are intelligent. This helps people who don’t have AU to give some additional credibility to ideas or suggestions. (People who don’t have AU are sometimes called “neurotypical”, or NT, when we talk about people with and without autism.)

People with autism and Aspergers are actually a wonderful societal resource. There can at times be stigma around those with Aspergers, when people don’t understand the little things that they do.

An example: Most people with Aspergers (AS) have some sort of uber-developed sense. For instance, hearing. (My Aspie son has said, “Mom, I can hear things very distinctly!”) For a person with AU who needs to concentrate, something like cubes being built in the same room, or a woodpecker outside the window can be a little distracting. A person with AS may request that they complete their task in a better setting until the cubes are built. In an office where they are not as accepting of neurological diversity, this could be falsely seen as “elitist” or something similar. It’s not, of course, it’s what that person temporarily needs in order to do the best work on the expected task. There are laws in place to prevent discrimination, although Aspergers in the workplace is one area that is a little behind-the-times with regard to diversity training…! These days, companies which have a high probability for Aspergers employees (like computer companies, engineering firms, architects, accounting, etc…) are seeking diversity training so that the company can benefit from a productively symbiotic relationship between Aspies and NTs.

Anyway, This might be a little more info than you were looking for, but I hope it’s helpful. (Explaining how to “build a watch” is a typical AS trait, and one I am actively striving to improve! 🙂

Feel free to ask more questions if you are interested. I have some of my sites listed if you would like to learn more.

Lorin Neikirk

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

Joseph asks…

idk if this is a medical condition or just a hurt heart?

My heart hurts constantly, physically and mentally, its like a sharp distinctive pain thhat happens when i think about love. idk what it is I never had a GF and both my parents died when i was 2 and nobody ever told me they love me…is there something wrong?

admin answers:

IDK is a bacterial infection that causes the person affected by it to draw a blank. In later stages, it can cause dementia and even autism. These serious conditions now afflict over 75% of teenagers and 30% of adults.
Nobody knows precisely what IDK stands for. The early symptoms of IDK can vary from person to person. Any onset of the symptoms should be handled by medical experts. Call a doctor. Or text him, IDK.

Always yours…..

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Toddlers

Charles asks…

My toddler walks on his tip toes?

My son is 21months he always walks on his tip toes! His happy to run nmd walk with no pain!
Is it a medical condition or a habit?

admin answers:

That is a strong sign of autism.

Is he speaking well and growing a strong vocabulary? Making good eye contact?

Walking on tip-toes is a sensory disorder… Which often is part of autism. He should be seen by a pediatrician.

It is possible it is just a quirk he does (it is for some kids), but often it is a sign of a larger problem. In that case, you want to start intervention as soon as possible. Outcomes are much better when treatment is started before age 2.

Look at this quiz to see if your child is reaching his other milestones. Http://pages.uoregon.edu/asqstudy/

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Lisa asks…

Which disorder is associated with the presence of schizophrenia symptoms that last less than 1 month?

Which disorder is associated with the presence of schizophrenia symptoms that last less than 1 month?
1.psychotic disorder due to a general medical condition
2.substance-induced psychotic disorder
3.schizophreniform disorder
4.brief psychotic disorder

admin answers:

Number 4 see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diagnosis_of_schizophrenia

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Autism: A Hopeful Heart In The Midst Of Pain

Autism is the most damaging truth that an individual could ever face. It gives parents of autistic children a lifelong responsibility to take care of their own future. They begin to question destiny and wonder what is in store for their children’s lives. They have the darkest future ever. Will they ever experience the beauty of nature? Or just remain isolated their whole life? Will they ever find their one true love? Or just forever stay under the care of their parents? Will they ever pursue their dreams? Or just have no dreams at all? Well, these are just some of the heartbreaking questions that keep lingering in the edges of their minds and hearts.

To be able find answers to these queries, let’s take a careful glance at this medical condition. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability in which its causes can be rooted to genetics and environment. But even during this modern technology, there are no solid grounds to establish the primary cause of the disease. An autistic child doesn’t enjoy the thrills of his atmosphere. He has a world of his known and his interests just revolve around the world he created. He remains isolated from the rest of the world and unfamiliarity causes him to freak out. In short, he only finds comfort around familiar people in his life. Truly, we can fairly conclude that autistic children don’t find delight with environmental surprises.

Autistic children have difficulty in speech and communication. They find difficulty in expressing their feelings and understanding others as well. Their language and vocabulary skills are really poor. They speak in languages that only they can understand. At times, they also tend to have echolalia. This means they tend to repeat other people’s words. Because of this, they have impaired social interactions and imagination. They lose track of the society they are in. They cannot sustain building relationships with others. This may actually scare them. They only love routines. And a disruption in their usual schedules may break their hearts so deeply and may result to tantrums. They also have compromised learning skills. It’s difficult to instill new knowledge or information in their usual world. But, what is amazing with autistic children is that at most times, they have unique talents. They stand out at in a particular field and they are extremely excellent in that endeavor.

What is the treatment available?

Treatment methods for Autism is currently widespread. One of these is the hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This therapy basically helps the patient breathe in extra Oxygen through a pressurized chamber. According to studies, patients who have received at least 40 hours of therapy for more than a month were observed to be more tolerable and quick to respond when being talked to. There is no explanation as to the improvement of this kind of treatment. What is believed is that the pressurized Oxygen could reduce the inflammation which have been said to constrict the flow of blood to other areas of an autistic child’s brain which controls speech.

Being good stewards of the human race, we should not take autism as a curse but as a special responsibility. It is not the autistic children’s fault why they are made that way. So, the best thing to do is to provide emotional and social support to them. Never look at them in a judgmental way and never turn your back away from them. They need our love and acceptance. In that manner, you’ll truly nurture hope in their seemingly hopeless condition. It’s true that there is still no cure for autism. But, do you know what the best cure for these autistic children is? It is our longtime support, unconditional love and nonjudgmental impression to them and their parents as well.

Francisco Perry is an enthusiastic writer of Chambertherapy.com who likes to share information on HBOT therapy and Portable Hyperbaric Chambers as well as related products.

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Autistic Child Symptoms – How To Tell If Your Child Is Autistic

Autistic Child Symptoms

Is my child autistic? This is one of the multiple questions parents do not so much would like to ask. This is because autism presents so even of a problem in life. But in the several reports and articles on autism all in the news and the web, you merely cannot help but ask virtually your children as well. And you start scrutinizing any single move your child makes just because you notice your child exhibiting what looks as if it’s to be a symptom of the condition. Autistic Child Symptoms

This that much instigates you undue stress. You see, the symptoms of autism are quite many, and they just might differ from one child to another. When you go through a list of such symptoms, there is a strong possibility that you would feel a bit paranoid. Just because you notice some of these symptoms in your child does not necessarily mean he or she is already autistic.

So, do not cause yourself any undue stress just because of such observations. There are several other reasons as to why your child might be exhibiting such symptoms. For one thing, the symptoms being manifested could very well mean another medical condition. Or, your child may be a little late when it comes to developmental milestones. Children do develop at their own pace, you know. As tempting as it may be, try very hard not to compare your children with other children. This way, you won’t be causing yourself undue stress. Autistic Child Symptoms

Still, if you find reason in your concerns, then you can go to licensed professionals and ask help and guidance from them. Do not make the popular mistake of diagnosing your child on your own. This can only make the condition worse, should there indeed be a condition to be worried about. You do not have the medical training that is needed in coming up with such a diagnosis.

Even licensed professionals undertake a number of medical procedures to come up with the diagnosis of autism. This type of diagnosis is not achieved after a single appointment with a licensed professional. Thus, do not take it upon yourself to diagnose your child with autism just because of a couple of noticeable symptoms and hearsay from other parents in your immediate communities. So, is my child autistic? Here are some signs you should look out for. An autistic child does not maintain eye contact, nor does he communicate effectively. Autistic Child Symptoms

If you ask him a question, he just might not answer you, nor respond to you with his eyes fixed on you as they should be. Appropriate affect and emotions are not expressed. The child does not pretend play as well. What’s more, an autistic child would use repetitive movements. If you see these symptoms in your child, you should have him checked by a child psychologist as soon as possible. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autistic Child Symptoms program now!

Feeling lost without solutions? Autistic Child Symptoms is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

Try The Program and change child’s life forever!
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