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Question?: Pdd 51

John asks…

Will Obama enact ……………………………..?

pdd 51 http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2007/05/20070509-12.html when his secretary of treasury declares a force majeure and the amero http://craphound.com/images/amerocoin.jpg is suggested as the only answer. The amero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hiPrsc9g98&feature=related will serve as currency for the NAU http://www.newamericancentury.org/.

World leaders had this to say regarding the economic crisis http://innerstreams.net/forums/index.php?topic=706.0

When people realize that their money regardless of location will be depreciated, possibly .40cents on the dollar, will the civil unrest caused by this force the implementation of martial law http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYxTzDFofZQ ; as a result the U.S. will call on canada with the new agreement to send its army over to assist http://www.mainemediaresources.com/ffj_03120801b.htm ?

What the stock market thinks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hiPrsc9g98&feature=related

The question is, are you ready?!
This is no conspiracy theory as one has suggested, I have provided you with substantial information (which your media will not). Feel free to research more.
Edit: when I last stated that this is not a conspiracy theory, I meant to state that this is NOT a fictional conspiracy and the theory is substantiated.
Thanks Shinji, I almost forgot to mention/post. Here is what FEMA is been up to. What would your box to say?


admin answers:

Ready for which thing…?
Imprisonment and execution in one of the 800 death camps here in the states,

Forcibly getting “chipped”,

codex alimentarus,

or Standing up to help in bringing it down!

Better to die fighting for what is right than to be put to death by those who only seek to murder and enslave.

If people refuse to defend the Constitution of these United States, then they truly do deserve to lose it. Unfortunately for us all, that process has already been set in motion.

Is everyone proud of their blindness and apathy now?

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Question?: Pdd 51

Joseph asks…

Is comrade 0-bama planning to implement PDD 51 and subject Americans to martial law in an effort to stop?

the mid-term elections? Is it even possible to imagine him being that stupid? Are they prepared to face millions of pi55ed-off, armed Americans? Are they prepared to find out where our military’s loyalties really lie or to face the largest insurgency in world history?

Before you libs start quacking about how “Bush did it!”, read the Washington Post article and you’ll see that Bush had a very different intent from what 0-blah-blah has.





admin answers:

What on earth are you blabbing about… Martial law… Blah blah… Armed Americans… Blah blah.. Geez get a real education. There will be no reason whatsoever for Obama to declare martial law before, during or after the mid-term election.

When Bush was declared by the Supreme Court President in 2000 over Gore, there was no riots in the streets. When Democrats took the House and Senate in 2007, there were no riots in the streets. And when Obama, the first bi-racial man, won the Presidency two years ago, there were no riots in the streets.

Believe it or not, we are a civilized nation and no matter the mid-term election outcome, I feel assured there will be no riots in the streets and no need for a declaration of martial law.

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Question?: Pdd 51

Ruth asks…

What is happening with the United States economy, does this have anything to do with the end times?

Does the Bible say anything about these things that we see happening?

admin answers:

Sounds like the Bible shows it perfect accuracy again on this one when it says “unless the days were shortened, there would be no flesh saved.” (Matt. 24:22)

So if the NWO had its way, it would really fulfill all that’s written on the “George Guide Stones.” (World population reduction down to 500,000 total.)

But the Bible says that the “Second Coming Of Christ” will put a stop to it all. (2Thess. 2:8)

Praise God!

So yes, the collapse of the America economy is the fulfillment of Daniel 7:4.

That’s what PDD 51 is all about…Martial Law.

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Question?: Pdd 51

Carol asks…

How servere does the upcoming terrorist attack have to be before BushFraud declares Martial Law?

The laws for Martial Law and executive orders for BushFraud to essentially declare himself a dictator. So how big and what kind of an attack are we talking about for this to happen?

admin answers:

Maybe you mindless drones need to look up Presidential Directive 51 and ask yourselves again about martial law.The president has the right to declare martial law in any instance of natural disaster,or if the economy was crashing(as it says in PDD 51) or a “so-called” terrorist attack.He signed it earlier in the year so ask yourself why would he sign something into law like that?Maybe just paranoia but with this guy you never know and yes we all hope that there are elections come next November or we will be forcefully removing this current president and his administration.

Hey butterball do some reading buddy and stop believing the MSM about everything.Bush and his entire administration are a fraud on the American people.Look up the definition.

That’s patriot you schill.Shouldn’t you be watching FOX like the rest of the neocons? I hear they’re trying to stir up an attack on Iran you mindless drone.

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Question?: Pdd 51

Betty asks…

did you know the president can become a dictator at anytime?

bill pdd 51 passed in 2007 or 06 allows the president to take full power of gov’t at anytime he see’s fit as national emergency, so he can become a dictator

admin answers:

The President doesn’t take control. FEMA will have absolute authority. This is the shadow government that’s been set up over the past twenty years through a series of HR resolutions put forth by several former presidents. In case of an emergency, FEMA will be able to declare martial law, imprison people indefinitely with no trial or habeus corpus, and search your person or home with no warrant.

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