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Question?: Pdd Autism

Mary asks…

Can you tell me about the medical condition Autism?

why do mostly boys get autism? can it become better as the child grows? can people with autism live normal lives when they grow up?

admin answers:

Hi there!

Autism is a spectrum, meaning that there are many “types” of autism, and the “severity” of the autistic traits can vary, from one individual to another. It’s considered a “disability” by the ADA, however, many people who have higher-functioning forms of autism feel that they do not have a disability, but are actually what’s called neurologically diverse. Aspergers is one form of autism which is actually a lot more common than one would think! Autism is not something which “goes away”, although certain characteristics can be managed more effectively with time. When a person “finds a way” to adapt to a shortcoming, the new way of dealing with that is called an “adaptive behavior.” There are also maladaptive behaviors. This is when a person comes up with a not-so-great way to adapt. Ii guess you could say it’s like a “defense mechanism” in some ways.

Boys have been diagnosed more frequently with autism in the past, although it has been found that girls “really can have autism”! For instance, I have Aspergers, which is on the spectrum, but most people who meet me have no idea. Boys have more “classic” behaviors than girls do, although in my opinion, this is because of many gender differences. You may have noticed that some more “assertive” women in the public eye are suspected (or do have) Aspergers. I think this is because their personality enables the manifestation of more “typical” behaviors. (Think: Madonna and Sharon Stone. Strong women.)

People with autism (especially the higher-functioning forms, such as HFA, PDD, and Aspergers) CAN have normal lives. Of course, if they have the opportunity for guidance when they are younger, they develop more adaptive (and fewer maladaptive) behaviors, so they fit into society generally well. Many people with AU (that’s the abbreviation for autism) follow their interests vocationally, and can be very successful in those things which they find interesting. When people with AU are creative, for instance, being in a creative field is ideal, because many creative people are individualistic.

A note about the higher end of the spectrum… A diagnostic criteria for Aspergers (for instance) is that that cognitive ability must not be dimished. (This is one reason why they give IQ tests when diagnosing.) So if you look at a group of people with Aspergers, you are 100% certain that they are all at least of average cognitive ability. You can’t say the same for the rest of the population. By definition, average intelligence is average because half is above, and half is below.) The point I’m making is that if you know someone with Aspergers, (a child, familiy member, someone at work) you can be sure that they are intelligent. This helps people who don’t have AU to give some additional credibility to ideas or suggestions. (People who don’t have AU are sometimes called “neurotypical”, or NT, when we talk about people with and without autism.)

People with autism and Aspergers are actually a wonderful societal resource. There can at times be stigma around those with Aspergers, when people don’t understand the little things that they do.

An example: Most people with Aspergers (AS) have some sort of uber-developed sense. For instance, hearing. (My Aspie son has said, “Mom, I can hear things very distinctly!”) For a person with AU who needs to concentrate, something like cubes being built in the same room, or a woodpecker outside the window can be a little distracting. A person with AS may request that they complete their task in a better setting until the cubes are built. In an office where they are not as accepting of neurological diversity, this could be falsely seen as “elitist” or something similar. It’s not, of course, it’s what that person temporarily needs in order to do the best work on the expected task. There are laws in place to prevent discrimination, although Aspergers in the workplace is one area that is a little behind-the-times with regard to diversity training…! These days, companies which have a high probability for Aspergers employees (like computer companies, engineering firms, architects, accounting, etc…) are seeking diversity training so that the company can benefit from a productively symbiotic relationship between Aspies and NTs.

Anyway, This might be a little more info than you were looking for, but I hope it’s helpful. (Explaining how to “build a watch” is a typical AS trait, and one I am actively striving to improve! 🙂

Feel free to ask more questions if you are interested. I have some of my sites listed if you would like to learn more.

Lorin Neikirk

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Question?: Schizophrenia Stories

Robert asks…

Can you have schizophrenia without hallucinations of any kind (auditory and visual)?

And perhaps some personal experience stories with schizophrenia in the responses? My brother has it apparently and Im trying to get as much information on it as possible. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

In theory yes, it seems.

According to the Diagnostic Manual, you need at least two of these. Since there are five primary criteria, it is technically possible-

-Disorganized speech, which is a manifestation of formal thought disorder
-Grossly disorganized behavior (e.g. Dressing inappropriately, crying frequently) or catatonic behavior
-Blunted affect (lack or decline in emotional response), alogia (lack or decline in speech), or avolition (lack or decline in motivation)

However, in practice, it is extremely unlikely to get a diagnosis of schizophrenia without some kind of hallucination or delusion.

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Autism Aces – A Quick Overview

Autism Aces

You should never meet a person with autism whose nature is similar to a new autistic individual. The manifestation of autism differs from what i read in one constitution to a new character. Hence, there cannot be a definite or generalized statement or signal to identify autism. Autism is a disorder of the technique and therefore somebody may score very low level of autistic behavior whereas the other person may demonstrate prohibative level of disorder. Autism Aces

There is a set of troubles, which are moderately present in most of the autistic individuals like the occasional seizure problems, mental follies, digestive disorders, etc. The presence of these disorders may be due to the diverse types of autism caused by dissimilar conditions. Then, there are several autistic people without any visible illness either mental or physical. In short, the symptoms of autism vary from one individual to another individual and they are caused by dissimilar circumstances.


Autism is generally identified in children by the difference in behavior of the child during socializing or communicating with others. The drawbacks are more evident when the child engages in enduring a social contact or in communication with fellow members. The general example is a faulty and deferred speech pattern; intonations become mostly high pitched, absence of correct language or slang, absence of eye contact and vulnerability to accommodate a different perspective. It has been found that many of them can memorize an entire act of the TV show and reproduce it in the same tone, whereas several behave in a manner that they do not have a language in any way, or if there is any language, it is mostly eccentric. Some of them may be able to carry on talking, but feel difficulty in participating in conversations. Autism Aces

The autistic individual is prone to sensitivity in three circumstances, which are light, sound and crowd. You may find them to react negatively to these situations or in another case may be just the opposite. They have a kind of motor disability, which is evident through untidy handwriting or other physical synchronization activities. You will find autistic people becoming engaged in individualistic sports only. Autism Aces

The symptoms in autism are variable in nature and everyone has different symptoms. The first few months, of an autistic infant, are about normal but later they become unresponsive to the external stimulus. They may remain unmoved by the known face of parents or demonstrate resistance when reached by parents for a hug. In short, the most important feature is the impaired social responsiveness in an autistic individual. Don’t let your love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through Autism Aces program now!

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