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Question?: Angry Autistic Child

Carol asks…

How could one take care an autistic child?

She is 24 years old now and cannot talk. When she is annoyed, she will have violent tantrums by suddenly gripping another person’s hair then banging her head on his head. What should we do? We are from the Philippines.

admin answers:

It is so difficult bringing up an autistic child. You need support people around to help because its a 24/7 task. I have a niece who’s autistic. She cannot talk either, at 18. She also grabs people’s hair, usually to smell it. She seems to live by ‘triggers’. For instance, if she is taken for a walk, after that she has to do a certain thing followed by something else – always the same. And if something is different or changes she becomes confused and then angry, but if we get her back into her routine she calms down quickly.
Please find help because her tantrums sound quite bad and if she’s like my niece she will be very strong. All she knows is something is not right with her but she won’t know about the pain it will be causing for family. There is a way of controlling her behaviour but you must seek help, maybe first through your doctor.
It is so hard I know. I love my autistic niece. There is something so special about her. She’s brave and she knows so many things that she cannot express. I wish you all the best and hope that you find the right people to help.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Test

John asks…

Should i go to the doctors to be tested?

I just did an online survey for aspergers syndrome and the results showed that there’s a 79% chance that i have the condition, should i go to the doctors and request to be tested for it? Also what kind of treatments are available for it?

admin answers:

In all honesty, I think you’re over-reacting.
You’re young, forget about it. It’s just you growing up.
But, to be honest, if you’re worried, go to the doctors, don’t moan about it on here.
I’ve read your other questions and I just want to say that i think you’re an attention seeker. Being engaged while being a teen is far.
You’ve not even properly experienced love, and to go out with someone entirely new after two weeks is pathetic. If you’re so “heartbroken” it’d take you a good couple of months to get over, so Sally, grow up. Seriously.

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Lizzie asks…

Why is my 15 month old not speaking, walking or gesturing?

I’m worried. My 15 month old daughter was 6 weeks premature and has been slow to do other milestones, such as smiling and crawling, and she caught up with those eventually. However, while she babbles and says dadada all day and the occasional mama, I can’t coax her to say anything else. She also wont point to things when asked and rarely waves bye bye. I see she is intelligent. She’ll watch me do something once and mimic it. Yet I tried and tried to teach her sign language and she didn’t go for it. Could she not be speaking, walking or gesturing because I want her to and am trying to encourage her to? I’m wondering if she’s responding to the attention I give her while I try to encourage her. She gets tons of attention all day anyway. I’m a stay at home and I read to her and speak to her all day long. I’m scared for her. What do you think?

admin answers:

At your 18 month check up the doctor will ask you questions about your daughter’s development. I would make a list of things that you are concerned about and take them with you. You do have to remember that because she was a premie – she still probably hasn’t “caught up”.

I think what you’re wanting to know is what the milestones are for speech. By 18 months, your daughter should be able to say 9 words at a minimum. Your dr will count things such as uh huh or mmmmmm… An average 18 month old will say 20-30 words.

If you don’t want to wait for your 18 month check, call your dr and ask him for a referral to the early intervention program in your state. The state will come in and do an assessment free of charge in your home. Early intervention is the key if it is something more than just a speech delay.

Trust your instincts. If you think something is up, it does not hurt to follow those instincts. You are definitely watching for the right things!

Don’t be scared for her. Regardless, she has a loving family and the love that you have for her is not going to change for anything.

I just read the message about autism… It is too early to go down that path… Don’t freak yourself out like I did with doing research. Start looking into early intervention… They are the professionals… Not the idiots who come on here and start freaking mothers out about things that your children may or may not have.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Adults

Chris asks…

Why is there controversy over the Combating Autism Act? What does it involve?

Autism is not a mental illness, but a neuro-biological disorder. But I’m not sure what category would be best for this question. I hope placing it here in the mental health section does not offend anyone. If it does, I’d like to apologize.

Ok, what exactly is the Combating Autism Act, and why are many parents of Autustic children, and many Autistic adults against it? Will this act find ways to prevent children with this syndrome from being born, or will it simply spread awareness about Autism, and provide treatment so that Autistics can function with more ease in society?

Would this also apply to people with Aspergers? Also, what will this mean for adults who have gone undiagnosed for years, only to find out at 20, 30, and older they have an autistic spectrum disorder? Will they be ostracized even more if Autism is eventually gotten rid of in the future? I’m confused and interested in hearing both sides. Thanks.

admin answers:

The Combating Autism Act is all about diverting funds to research a way to detect autism while the child is in the womb. There already is such a test for cystic fibrosis, spina bifida, and Down Syndrome. I cannot speak for CF or for SB, but I can for the DS. This sounds great, I know! I thought it was at first. My 5 yr old is autistic, and I would have loved to have known in advance that he had it, to have time to prepare, to research, to be more understanding from the start. What I learned though is that after this test for Downs was approved and in place, fewer babies were born with Downs, because the parents chose to abort the babies. A lot of us are seriously against the act because as parents of children with autism, we KNOW that even though our children have serious challenges and life isn’t always fun, our kids are so wonderful! They have moments that just blow you away, and can be so full of love. But, I can guarantee you that parents will not be told this when they test positive, and how unfair is that to abort a child with only hearing the scary, unknown possibilities? I took that stupid test for downs with my youngest child, and it came up positive, although I don’t remember the ‘chance’ they gave, but it was a high chance. I refused to take the amnio, because that can cause miscarriage and babies have been damaged from this. The specialist did everything he could to talk me into aborting my child, because of ‘how difficult it can be to raise a special needs baby’. If I wasn’t strong on my stance I probably would have aborted. How sad is that? My child didn’t have Downs! I found out that that test is not very accurate at all, that there is a high percentage of false positives. So, how many little lives were lost because of one-sided information and fear? It’s our fear that the same exact thing will happen with autism. Thing is, Autism Speaks, one of the biggest fundraisers for autism research, supports the combating autism act, so I don’t support them or any of the other high profile companies. If they would instead focus on testing these children AT BIRTH to determine if they had it, I would give them every dollar I have. But, I cannot and will not support a cause that ‘could’ basically cause a whole ‘type’ of people to be erased from the planet. Here’s a link for you to look at, it’s the one that started opening my eyes.


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Question?: Rett Syndrome Pictures

Thomas asks…


I am currently attending Trident Technical College with intentions to transfer to College of Charleston, a 4 year college. I am currently taking some general classes, and will be majoring in Early Childhood Development & Education in Special Education… and taking some Associates of Arts classes. I am curious:
What is the main objectives of a special education teacher, and how does the position differ from a “regular” classroom teacher?…. younger elementary age.

If you can, briefly sum up the special educations teacher position. I am a new college student (first year) and am 100% passionate about teaching, and children. I currently am an hourly “teacher”/childcare provider at a preschool daycare (ages 9 months-16 months, approximately.) I am not sure if I will enjoy the special kids as much as the regular classes, and am curious at how I would handle it.. I am concerned about the level of patience and tolerance I will need, and if I will be lacking in that area!!! Sounds shallow, but it is a valid concern all the same. Of course I do realize that I have plenty of time to decide and assist in classes… but I’d love to hear about others experiences, knowledge, and input…

Do special ed teachers usually get paid more than regular ed teachers?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

admin answers:

All right. Well, my mother currently works in a special ed classroom as an aide. She works with the developmentally delayed preschoolers. I go visit the kids sometimes, and she tells me lots about them. Most of them are sweet kids. She has a total of i think 8 in the room, but some keep coming from other classes to get help from them because regular teachers don’t seem to want to give them a chance. Most of the kids just have developmental problems. They have to test into the class, meaning they have to meet with a lady at the school (cant remember what they call her) and perform a series of tasks to show that they are developed well enough physically to enter the class but that they still need some extra help learning. The object of this special ed program is to help prepare the children for kindergarten. Most of them are a little slow. One little boy has a bad problem with speech, one of them has muscular dystrophy and is on medicine that makes his little face swell, and one little girl has a problem with her eyes where she can barely see and has to wear bifocals. Some of the kids are on medicine and are very hyper. One little boy has something wrong with his nerves and is terribly hyper and has siezures and slow speech. Another little girl has Rett’s syndrome. Dont ask me how she tested into the class, she is unteachable and cant talk, all she does is sits around, screams,and poops. Rumor has it she was put in there to make the teacher in charge of the class mad. The teacher and aides work with the students on their alphabet, and they begin to teach them how to spell, especially their names. They might make a poster with pictures of something that starts with the letter they are learning on it, do a coloring sheet, practice how to hold a pencil, or watch a little kids movie or dora the explorer or something. The adults in the room are responsible for feeding the kids lunch and breakfast, and taking them to the bathroom. They all sit at a little table together to eat, and they line up single file and take turns in the bathroom. If the child does not know how to button their pants or wipe themselves, the teachers have to help them. Also the students have music where they sing songs and do little dances to them. This class is considered pre k, but there are some kindergarteners in there too. Most of the kids are four or five, i think there is one three year old and thats the girl who is unteachable.
Being a special ed teacher differs from a regular teacher because the students need more one on one attention. And as far as patience goes, yes, its good to have it, and lots of it! The kids my mom works with dont respond well to being yelled at, but my mom talks sweet to them, so they love her and do anything for her. There is both a certified teacher and an aide in the classroom, the aide does not need to have a degree.
As far as pay goes, from what my mom has told me about the certified teacher in the classroom, she makes more money than the other special ed teachers because she has a masters degree in special education and has been teacher for many many years. I think special ed pay is like regular teachers pay, better depending on your degree and years of expertise. This is just what it is like at my mother’s school, i dont know how it is at other places. Good luck if this is what you decide to do!

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Question?: What Is Autism For Kids

Steven asks…

how to make kids with down syndrome and autism happy?

i mean how can i entertain the whole class of down syndrome or autism kids?

admin answers:

Music is generally a think that most kids like! Not only music but songs with lots of motion and dancing. It is important that you as the teacher/group leader have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The children will (generally) respond better and enjoy it more if you are having fun and interacting with them.
My kids also love making block towers and knocking them down. We make obstacle courses, and with help, the children enjoy these. We do puppet shows. There are many many activities you can do…just be creative, and most importantly have FUN. It’s a whole lot more fun for the kids if you’re having fun too!

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Causes

Donald asks…

What developmental disability do you think Boo Radley’s character from To Kill a Mockingbird has?

I am doing an assessment paper on Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird. I am having a difficult time determining and narrowing his disability. I am inclined to believe that he has Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS with a Co-morbid diagnosis of Schizoid Personality Disorder but on the other hand I am swayed by the diagnosis of either Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. I would love any and all input in regards to this!

admin answers:

I would say Schizoid Personality Disorder, not Autism or Aspergers. Boo Radley purposefully isolates himself from the rest of society, and when he appears, he is silent and detached. Autism and Aspergers usually show up with some sort of obsession. With Autism, depending on the severity, communication and attention issues. I could see how you would go there because they are disorders that cause an individual to be distanced from society. Recall that toward the end of the book, Boo Radley came out and helped Scout and Jem when Ewell attacked them. Someone with autism would not do something that spontaneous unless they were conditioned to behave that way. And people with Aspergers Syndrome usually have little interest in things outside their topic of fixation.

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Question?: Autism Symptoms In Teenagers

Joseph asks…

idk if this is a medical condition or just a hurt heart?

My heart hurts constantly, physically and mentally, its like a sharp distinctive pain thhat happens when i think about love. idk what it is I never had a GF and both my parents died when i was 2 and nobody ever told me they love me…is there something wrong?

admin answers:

IDK is a bacterial infection that causes the person affected by it to draw a blank. In later stages, it can cause dementia and even autism. These serious conditions now afflict over 75% of teenagers and 30% of adults.
Nobody knows precisely what IDK stands for. The early symptoms of IDK can vary from person to person. Any onset of the symptoms should be handled by medical experts. Call a doctor. Or text him, IDK.

Always yours…..

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Children

Maria asks…

How can I become a behavioral aide for people with Aspergers/Autism?

I love the television show “Parenthood” and one of the characters works with the child that has Aspergers.
She goes to his house and works with him for hours. What do I need to do to be able to do this? I am currently getting my associates in science. I live in Illinois (if the state standards are different).

Are there any websites with information on this?
Does anyone know anything about this?

admin answers:

Yep. It’s an Aba therapist. (applied behavioral analasys). A form of beavior therapy. You can search the internet for careers in this area by searching aba treatment and companies in your area. Try this:



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Question?: Autistic

Lisa asks…

How many autistic people do not know how to get along with animals?

My brother is severely autistic. He does not get along with animals and cannot relate to them. Even the most friendly beagle dog will growl at him because the dog can tell he is not normal.
When he sees a dog, for instance, he bends down and shows the dog the top of his head. Dogs don’t seem to like that. No one showed him how to do this; he came up with it on his own.

admin answers:

I think this is a case by case basis because many dogs are actually used as therapeutic help for children and adults with autism.

My 5 year old, autistic son loves all kinds of animals and the ones we’ve encountered and own love him.

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