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Question?: Pdd 51

Lizzie asks…

Can you name ONE reason why you support Comrade Obama?

I can’t, just want to see why you support him.

admin answers:


But I think you should have added:

… And it can’t start with “Because at least he’s not…”

yes, we all know Bush sucked. That doesn’t automatically make Obama “good.”

The problem with Obama supporters is they are now supporting all the same Bush programs they once opposed, because they still haven’t figured out that the two administrations have mostly the same policies.

There are no such things as “Bush Policies” or “Obama Policies…” there are only Globalist Policies, dictated by the same group of unelected globalists, namely, the Council on Foreign Relations, et al. These globalist interest groups dominate both parties. Please research the CFR and come back here and tell me I’m lying or crazy. I wish I was.

I guess I shouldn’t make generalizations, though. I know a lot of his supporters who bought into the campaign rhetoric are now waking up, but there are a lot of others who are so invested and want to believe so badly that he is not just another puppet politician…. That there is no getting through to them. Please people, take a closer look…

Do you want to end up like those poor people who still refuse to admit Bush was a terrible president, because they supported him for so long… That they can no longer imagine any other possibility?

They no longer listen to reason, because they can just dismiss it all as “liberal propaganda.” YOU ARE NOW DOING THE SAME THING. Even libertarians and independents get accused of “listening to too much Limbaugh” whenever they point out unpleasant facts about Obama.

Don’t you see the two party system is a SCAM??

I’m not saying turn on him 180 degrees, I’m just saying HE IS NOT GOD and it’s OK to SCRUTINIZE him. You elected him, now hold his feet to the fire!

Out of the F***ing middle east, repeal the patriot act, restructure NAFTA, and restore the constitution! Expose PDD 51! They released the Bush memos, big flipping deal, they won’t even push for a criminal investigation (Obama is PROTECTING the Bush admin criminals!!!) But perhaps more importantly, what about PDD 51? Why isn’t Congress allowed to read it???

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Question?: Autism Signs In 15 Month Old

Lizzie asks…

Why is my 15 month old not speaking, walking or gesturing?

I’m worried. My 15 month old daughter was 6 weeks premature and has been slow to do other milestones, such as smiling and crawling, and she caught up with those eventually. However, while she babbles and says dadada all day and the occasional mama, I can’t coax her to say anything else. She also wont point to things when asked and rarely waves bye bye. I see she is intelligent. She’ll watch me do something once and mimic it. Yet I tried and tried to teach her sign language and she didn’t go for it. Could she not be speaking, walking or gesturing because I want her to and am trying to encourage her to? I’m wondering if she’s responding to the attention I give her while I try to encourage her. She gets tons of attention all day anyway. I’m a stay at home and I read to her and speak to her all day long. I’m scared for her. What do you think?

admin answers:

At your 18 month check up the doctor will ask you questions about your daughter’s development. I would make a list of things that you are concerned about and take them with you. You do have to remember that because she was a premie – she still probably hasn’t “caught up”.

I think what you’re wanting to know is what the milestones are for speech. By 18 months, your daughter should be able to say 9 words at a minimum. Your dr will count things such as uh huh or mmmmmm… An average 18 month old will say 20-30 words.

If you don’t want to wait for your 18 month check, call your dr and ask him for a referral to the early intervention program in your state. The state will come in and do an assessment free of charge in your home. Early intervention is the key if it is something more than just a speech delay.

Trust your instincts. If you think something is up, it does not hurt to follow those instincts. You are definitely watching for the right things!

Don’t be scared for her. Regardless, she has a loving family and the love that you have for her is not going to change for anything.

I just read the message about autism… It is too early to go down that path… Don’t freak yourself out like I did with doing research. Start looking into early intervention… They are the professionals… Not the idiots who come on here and start freaking mothers out about things that your children may or may not have.

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Question?: Autistic Adults

Lizzie asks…

How do i go about becoming a child physciatrist?

I currently am working with autistic adults and have a NVQ2 and NVQ3 in health and social care, i also have key skills and many more certificates for short courses. I have always been intrested in this field of work, could any one tell me how i could go about this. Financially i can not afford to go to college full time so is there any other way to achieve my goal?

admin answers:

Psychiatrists are Md’s. That means med school and all the time and money that entails. Psychologists usually have at least a Masters and most work for a PhD. Each government has its own rules. Find out what they are where you live. In the US it’s state by state.

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Question?: Autistic Artist

Lizzie asks…

Can anyone tell me a list of famous artists that draw cityscapes and also give their websites if possible?

i am doing art GCSE and need some examples of artists that draw cityscapes. And also i need their websites,

admin answers:

Hello. There is an artist called Stephen Wiltshire who is well known because he is autistic and draws amazing cityscapes.


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Question?: Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Lizzie asks…

does anybody remember these kind of books?


Just wondering if anyone rememebrs and/or knows what these kind of books are called. Generally you would start the first chapter & at the end it would say something like

if you want to go into the woods go to page 5
if you want to go into the car go to page 34

so on & so on & dependig on which page you flipped to the story would take you in all different dirrections & you could read the same book like 20 times with like 6 different alternative endings


thanks =)


admin answers:

Hell Yeah!! Which ways, or time machines…
I used to love those, but sometimes I would flip to check and cheat.
Don’t see them any more, but i loved them as a child, thought they were great.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Lizzie asks…

Why do older parents increase the risk of child abnormalities?

Why does the risk of having a baby with a chromosome abnormality increase as maternal age increases?

admin answers:

There are 2 sets of factors, they are not mutually exclusive, and both may well be important. One set of factors involves biological changes that occur as men and women get older and that can affect the outcome of the pregnancy. Down syndrome would be an example of an outcome we know is sometimes related to maternal age. For women, as they get older, the hormonal balance of the womb changes in some ways, and older women are more likely to have infertility. There has been speculation that the hormonal changes that contribute to infertility, or the treatments for infertility, may increase the risk for autism, but we don’t have very good data yet. As a woman ages, she will have an increased cumulative exposure to chemicals and toxins in her environment that may affect the neurodevelopment of the fetus. Again, there are not very much data there, but it makes good biological sense to conduct research on environmental factors to which the mother is exposed before or during pregnancy that may affect fetal neurodevelopment.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Adults

Lizzie asks…

I like to learn about autism, adhd, tourettes and trichotillomania. What is a good major/career choice for me?

Career fields/majors in helping children/adults with autism, adhd, tourettes etc. Not teaching them. Counseloring maybe.

admin answers:

This really depends on how you want to help them, through treatment or research. If you are interested in research, major in neurobiology, biology, or neurology.
Or, if you are interested in treatment, you can major in a couple of things. If you want to become a neurologist or pediatric psychiatrist, you will need to major in pre-med. If you want to become a neuropsychologist or child psychologist, you will need to major in psychology or developmental psychology (you can specialize in neuropsych now or in grad school).
Any of these career choices would be appropriate.

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Question?: Autistic Disorder

Lizzie asks…

how do I get my sons artwork noticed?

I have an adult son with an autistic disorder (Asperger Syndrome), who is extremely talented in drawing , but cannot find work in this field because of his disability, how do we go about getting his talent noticed,so that he could earn a living doing this. He has college qualifications in advanced art & design.

admin answers:

I would advise having him participate in all sorts of art-publishing events, no matter how small they may seem. Like those little contests? Fliers? Newspaper requests? Answer them. If they are impressed, they will spread the word.

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Question?: Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder In Children

Lizzie asks…

Can you have PDD-NOS and not be on the autism spectrum?

Our son has a huge line-up of testing that is scheduled to be done, but the neurologist said that he more than likely has PDD-NOS. Our speech therapist said that PDD isn’t autism, it’s just a delay, is that true? I thought they both go hand in hand.

admin answers:

In short no.

PDD-NOS is on the autism spectrum, it is NOT classic autism, but it is still an ASD- Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Long answer-

Your son might end up with a provisional diagnoses of PDD-NOS- meaning they will diagnose him with that, but then later might drop it. Its very difficult especially at a young age to properly diagnose a child if they have classic autism, or Aspbergers, or a general developmental problem. It can take years for them to know for sure what your son has- but it doesn’t change what type of help he is going to need, however for most state/school programs as well as insurance cases, they need some form of diagnoses to pay for speech/occupational therapy whatever they determine he needs. Because the treatment plan decided on will be individual to your son, it doesn’t really matter what “label” he has as long as he is getting the help he needs.

The name PDD-NOS literally means- Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified, meaning they just don’t have enough data to decided how to specify it. While he has the diagnoses of PDD-NOS he is considered to be on the autism spectrum- however in time they may decided it was a general delay and he won’t be considered on the spectrum anymore.

Right now, my son, has just gone through a bunch of tests, and has a couple more lined up in the fall. He has PDD-NOS, but they feel he will end up being either classic autism or Asbergers, or even OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) but right now he shows signs of all three, so they aren’t sure which he has. His neurologist describes it this way- when a plant is very small, sometimes you aren’t sure what type of flower is going to grow on it, however once it blooms it is obvious what kind of plant it was- but it doesn’t change that it is a plant. Meaning my son has something, we aren’t sure what, but it doesn’t change the fact he has something. The main concern is how do you help him get better.

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Question?: Asperger Syndrome Quiz

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know of any online quizzes that help to determine aspberger syndrome in adults?

I know that a quiz doesn’t take the place of a bonafide medical diagnosis, but I am curious if any such quizzes are around as indicators. The only ones I have come across thus far are centered around children and teens.

admin answers:

Online Materials
· Case Histories
· Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome Brochure
· Asperger’s Syndrome Fact Sheet

Most of the quizzes are centered around the young,however they can be equally applied to the mature
An example:

Take this simple little quiz.
1. Do they spin objects around and around?
2. Is their speech repetitive, like an echo?
3. Are they attracted to shows like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy?
4. Do they like to watch the same movie over and over again?
5. Are they fascinated with numbers and letters?
6. Do they seem unafraid of things that they should be afraid of?
7. Is it hard for them to make eye contact or they simply don’t?
8. Do they shun away from being touched or arch their back when held?
9. Do they like to line objects up in rows?
10. Do they lack the ability to play “with” other children interactively?
11. Do they walk up or down stairs always leading with the same foot?

If you answer yes to three or more of these questions, have them checked out by a professional who is recommended by your local Autism Society. To find more information and resources on Autism and Asperger’s, please visit

Check the link ,maybe they can help.

Have a pleasant day.

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