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Question?: Treatment For Autism In Babies

Chris asks…

Will Autism Be With A person For Life Will it go away and they will be normal?

OK my little brother is 3 years old and he was diagnosed with autism. He cant speak in sentences and when we tell him to do something its like we are talking another Language. He can say words but most of the time he talks like he is still 1 year old and my baby sister is 1 year old and she is already saying words. When will my little brother actually start speaking in sentences and stop saying nonsense, o and my little cousin who is only 2 is already saying things in sentences and when you ask him to do something he listens.

admin answers:

Autism is for life (beware of those offering quack treatments/cures: do real research)

It is an essentially inherited condition, at core being about having a brain wired significantly differently from the statistically average.
This leads to differences in sensation, perception, and thought-processes, and the expression of that can vary immensely from one individual to another.

” like we are talking another Language.”
To a fair degree you may be. Finding out the best modes of communication and learning for each individual on the autistic spectrum is an important task.
You don’t help a Frenchman to learn English by shouting at him in English. It goes best if you have learned some French first.
Similarly with understanding the autistic perspective on the world while teaching the larger world to the person with autism.

“When will my little brother actually start speaking in sentences[?]”
We vary. There is no rule.
I know of one child who didn’t speak a word till seven, but her first “word” was a complex, perfectly-formed sentence.

I know another who can barely speak, but is incredibly fluent on the computer.
We tend to come with very spiky ability profiles: it can be a major mistake to judge us only by what we are poor at. Or good at.

We do learn, again, in varying degree, especially with the right forms of teaching and support.

Personally I don’t have “normal” as an objective, beyond basic life skills etc.
I can do “social” and “normal” very well, having learnt it the hard way like an academic subject rather than instinctively. It’s there when I want to be, or have to be, social.

But I can’t be bothered with being conventional purely for conformity’s sake.
Why should I be interested in, or join in with, much of what “most people” like, when I am not “most people”?

But then I’m old enough and verbal enough to express that.
Not all of us are.

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Question?: Autism Signs In Toddler Girls

Michael asks…

Does my son just have a speech delay or is it something more?? Maybe autism?

So I already know that he has a speech delay & I am already planning on taking him to get evaluated. But I just want some opinions from some other moms out there, especially mothers with sons. Okay I have a 3 year old son, he speaks a lot actually, ask him his name & he responds with both his 1st & last name. He knows his age, he knows his colors (but always calls red, blue for some reason lol) He can count 1-30 & recognizes all of them including the number 100. He knows a lot of shapes, when he sees a stop sign he says octagon. He also knows his ABCS & recognizes them & will sing the whole alphabet song clear as day. He follows directions, I tell him to pick up his toys & he will. He’ll sit down when I tell him to, etc. He even will comfort his little brother when he’s crying and says It’s okay baby, I’m sorry. Shhhh be quiet. He will let me know what he wants, I want a drink a water. Or I want cheese, popsicle, juice, milk, poptart, chicken, fries, cereal etc. Also since I’m mentioning food, he’s very picky, he’s only ate pizza once & that was when he was 1, he won’t try cheeseburgers, sandwiches, etc. He’s very sweet & loves to cuddle. He’s a little too social sometimes & embarrasses me at the store b/c he says hi to pretty much everyone he encounters. He loves other children but also I can see that they don’t accept him sometimes. Like maybe he’s trying to hard to be their friend. I’m trying to teach him that you can’t just expect everyone to give you attention. Anyway there’s one HUGE concern of mine… he sometimes, to converse will repeat exactly what I am saying or what the other person is saying like for an example, you say Hi Gavyn & he will say Hi Gavyn back… I know its echolalia. I hear autistic children have it sometimes but also I hear children with just a simple speech delay have it. I’m just scared though for him b/c I do feel like little kids are being overdiagnosed these days so a part of me wants to protect him from the label & that its my job as his mother to protect him but then at the same time I want him to get the help he needs if it is something serious. He has been a stay at home kid since day 1. My husband & I have been trying to think if we should home school or not but I would really like him to have the whole public school experience & make friends. To me he’s just a normal boy but sometimes I do catch people looking at him weird especially when he repeats stuff. So I was wondering was your son like this as well? Did he end up being okay? I just love my son so much & want the best for him. Any opinion is appreciated. Thanks

admin answers:

From what you posted…it doesn’t seem like he has Autism. My son is now 8, when he was a toddler I thought he may be Autistic because of some of his behaviours. He had a speech delay and sensory issues but…not Autistc. Alot of kids have Autistic traits, some adults also. My main concern with my son was flapping his arms. That is a charactaristic of Autism but also a sensory thing. I was told by alot of people..he is fine, he will grow out of it. BUT…i went ahead and got him tested. I had to because…what if? So..relax…get your son tested to be sure. He seems very vocal and very smart. Alot of times children that are very smart…have quirks.

Home Schooling is something I never concidered….it wasn’t for me. I have a friend who homeschools her 4 children. She sent them all to preschool and kindergarden. She was is a teacher, but isn’t working in a school. I asked her why she sent her kids to preschool and kindergarden. She said, she wanted them to go to learn to be social, learn to be around alot of other kids, and make there own friends, and have that backround. . At that age learning to share with others, and be around other kids was important to her. She also gives the choice. She homeschools 1st and 2nd grade, then asks the children if they want to to to school, or homeschool. They have all chosen to homeschool. They are lovely girls and very social. To me, it could be there personalities but..all of them are very outgoing and try hard to make frineds..which is good, but makes me wonder if they “need” to be in a classroom. But they are able to make that choice. The do have friends, they are in karate, and go to a homeschool group once or twice a week, and are very involved in there church and go to chruch school.

What is his speech delay? Seems like he talks alot. Lisp, studdering?

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Question?: Autistic Kids

William asks…

How can i make a difference for autistic kids?

My little brother is autistic and i really wanna make a difference for autistic kids, I wanna show the world my little brother, i might even make a video on youtube but idk how, what can i do to make a difference, ( ps im 14)

admin answers:

Start at home.
Make a difference for your brother.
Find something that he is having a hard time learning that he really needs to know how to do. Tying his shoes, making a request, math facts. I don’t know it depends on your brother and take it up as a personal project to teach him and spend time with him. Also take part in his interest/ perseverations. Try to make yourself someone he feels he can come to with requests or to share. When you yourself becoming someone he seeks out … And goes out of his world to find then reach the next child.
One at a time.
Political platforms and larger forums are a weak substitute for the day to day journey with these wonderful children.

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Question?: What Is Autism Video

Susan asks…

What is the probability that my child will have autism?

I don’t know if this will affect my children at all or not but my little brother has a form of autism called Asburgers Syndrome. He is the only one in my family who has it and my fiance doesn’t have anyone in his family with autism that we know of. I just want to know what the chances are that our children will have autism (specifically asburgers) so that my fiance and I can be prepared for it ahead-of-time. Thanks for your help=)

admin answers:

The new statistic in America is 1 in 38. Go to: www.marytocco.com and look at her web site regarding this issue. She has tons of information and recent up to date data that will help you understand this problem.

Dr. Einenstein in Chicago, Ill, has treated over 30,000 plus Amish children that do not get vaccinated, have minimal EMF exposure, and eat good quality foods. NONE of these 30,000 children have autism. NONE. You can choose to ignore the facts and believe people that have the most to gain by promoting vaccines, etc. Or accept the facts of what is right in front of us like the Dr. Einenstein’s data and tons of evidence showing similar results in cultures that do not vaccinate children. It’s your choice.

Dr. Andrew Moulden just won a case in vaccine court that showed “blood sludging” from the toxins in vaccines caused Ischemia in a child’s brain resulting in brain damage. Specifically, the aluminum and the small amount of mercury caused the toxins to coagulate, block small capillaries in the brain and create a mini-stroke that resulted in the brain damage. It was his discovery and development of some great software that now shows this is not an isolated incident and is happening everywhere. These mini-strokes are cumulative and when the child has enough of them, they get autism, brain damage, etc. If you are a doctor and not looking for this, you will not see it because the signs are subtle, but very obvious when you are looking for the problem. Less that 10% of the doctors in the U.S. Report to VAERS (vaccine adverse event reaction system) damage being done by vaccines, even though they are required to by law. It is simply NOT in their best interest to do so. It is clear to anyone educated, NOT indoctrinated, what is going on here. It is not the first time the public has been duped by marketing geniuses. Cultures that don’t vaccinate, don’t have AUTISM. What is so hard to understand and why isn’t there one study that has pursued this to see why? The simple answer is the people promoting the “bargain basement technology” as the chief scientist of the Merck Pharmaceutical stated, are not about health, but about profit.

Here is a video of Dr. Hilleman that you can see speaking in his own words about the “bargain basement technology” of vaccines and how AIDS got started.


In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (PL-99-660) that among other things required health care providers to report vaccine reactions to a centralized reporting system. As a result the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) to which parents, physicians and vaccine manufacturers could report adverse events was created. NVIC has assisted many parents in reporting adverse events following vaccination as many doctors refuse to make a report. Last year the U.S. Government (our public tax dollars, not the drug companies that caused the problem, but us) paid out over $1.5 billion dollars in claims for vaccine related deaths and illnesses caused by the vaccines!

Good luck to you

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Question?: What Is Autism Caused By

Lizzie asks…

Can autism cause a child to go brain dead?

A man at my church cornered me and asked for money, saying he has a five-year old daughter with autism who will go brain dead if she doesn’t get medicine. I know autism is a serious illness, but I’ve never heard of this type of damage occurring. Anyone with some knowledge able to answer if this man is lying to me?

admin answers:

I’m pretty sure not. Autism, in my experience, affects development rather than medical issues. Though changes in diet can help, along with some therapies which can be expensive and are said to work best when started as soon as possible, I’ve never heard of it to cause medical damage (other than seizures, in some cases, but I’ve heard that’s typically around puberty). I have been working with people with autism and studying autism since I was five (due to my little brother) and have never heard of this. If it were true, it would be sudden, not something that one would have warning for. If you’re sure it was autism, then I’m 99.9% sure he just made it up. It’s not even as much an illness as just a need to be taught and/or interacted with differently. Hope this helps!

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Question?: Autism Signs In Children

Paul asks…

How can I learn sign language and teach it to my brother?

I looked up online that sign language can stimulate an autistic child’s mind and communication. My little brother is 10 and has severe autism and the doctor says he has no chance of speaking. But I want to help him, by teaching him. I learned some words and showed my brother the alphabet on youtube, even though he didn’t pay attention. Is there a better way to teach him? I also want to get my parents and other relatives to learn it. Any ideas?

admin answers:

He should be recieving some sort of education..it should include communication..find out what the school is doing.

an alternative is a PECS system..using pictures *or wriiten words to communicate.

You don’t need to learn actual siagn language at this point.

You can look up the individual words as you need them

start with some basics eat, drink (or a specific drink water, milk), bathroom, favorite toys like ball, music

be prepared to work on sick/pain when he is actually hurt

depending in his ability you may need to work on one at a time or a small group of 2-3

to start try ball (if he likes ball)
show him the ball
shown him the sign
take his hands and help him make the sign
give him the ball

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Question?: Rett Syndrome

Betty asks…

What can you tell me about Rett syndrome in Males?

I’m writing something and I want the main character to be a teenage older brother who’s 8 year old little brother suffers from Rett Syndrome, and I want to know what kind of effects the disorder can have in boys and what siblings can do about it.

admin answers:

Yes boys can live to 8 years old. Http://www.mecp2duplication.com/cms/

MECP2 Duplication Syndrome is the same thing as Rett Syndrome, but is found in boys. Http://www.rsrt.org/rett-and-mecp2-disorders/mecp2-duplication-syndrome/

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