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Question?: Schizophrenia In Children

Robert asks…

Could me and my fiance still have children if he has schizophrenia?

Someone told me that because my fiance is schizophrenic we would have any children we had taken off us. He went through a bad patch 3 years ago and got into trouble with the police, he went on to medication and had intense physiatric help. When we got together he became a lot calmer and he hasn’t had an episode since, he has been off medication for awhile now. So would this effect us in the future when we decide to have children?

admin answers:

If there is one parent who is competent at all times, and if the parent with schizophrenia has a meltdown, the other spouse was sure to take care of that child at all times, there is no reason for the state to intervene. The issues come up when the child is neglected or otherwise at risk. Most people with schizophrenia are never violent (that’s substance abuse plus mental illness that can increase violence) so the diagnosis alone would rarely be used to take a child away, and in those cases, that’s probably illegal, but the person with schizophrenia cannot afford a good lawyer.

You know, a one time bad patch with psychosis doesn’t mean a person has schizophrenia. It used to be said that a person would have a nervous breakdown, and it was well known that the person would recover and be fine. Nowadays, everybody assumes if a person got psychosis, that they are mentally ill for life and better take their pills. Not true!

Schizophrenia is not particularly genetic. Maybe a little, but not strongly so.

I hope he is in therapy and learning coping skills and stress reduction, to reduce the risk of further break downs.

Good luck!

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Legal Guardian Yet?

Hi, This is Bob the guy that runs this blog.
If you have an autistic child, It is my opinion that you should go and get yourself made the legal Guardian.
You will have to have a lawyer. You can probably get one appointed.
You have to file at the local Probate Court – Mental Division
Bring your doctors paperwork. Get the details from your lawyer.
The reason I am writing this right now is because the best Guardianship to get is Plenary Guardian.
I recently found out that courts are resisting giving out the Plenary type.
I have found it worth the extra effort to get the Plenary type because it means that your word is it.
No one else can interfere with your decisions. Believe me there are plenty of people out there to do that.

Question?: Autistic Artist

John asks…

Can someone make own cd of orginal artist’s songs and sell?

I have a friend who’s son is autistic with amazing musical and vocal skills. They are thinking about making a professional quality compilation cd of Beatles and various artist‘s songs to sell at open mic nights and showcases where he performs. Does anyone know if this is legal?

admin answers:

I believe he can make the c.d. But he can not sell it. He would have to give it away.
I think selling it would be a copyright infringement
I am not a lawyer, so don’t consider this as advice , only my opinion

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Question?: Schizophrenia Symptoms

Helen asks…

Could the Black mold in our rental house be causing schizophrenia symptoms?

My husband was diagnosed with schizophrenia in March. We have lived in our rental home since August. He never showed any signs like this before. The symptoms started in December and have progressively gotten worse. Mt children seem to always have a cold or are complaining they can’t breathe. I have taken the mold to the landlord several times and all they do is come in and Kilz it.

admin answers:

I would say no. Black mold causes symptoms more pertaining to physical health issues such as Itchy skin, Headaches, sinus infections, breathing problems and watery eyes. More severe would be short term memory loss, bleeding in lungs, and mild strokes.

Schizophrenia is more of an emotional and behavioral effect such as hallcinations, disorganized speech, starring off into space, etc.

That mold needs to go. It can cause serious health issues and it is against the law for the landlord to have you and your family living in those conditions. You can always ask a doctor to be sure if black mold can cause symptoms of schizophrenia, but like I said I don’t think so.

I would really talk to a lawyer about the landlord and check into the tenant/landlord laws. If the landlord doesn’t want to do a permanant fix on the mold I would seek legal action.

Best of luck to you.

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