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Autism Fire Rescue Program Featured on NBC’s ‘Today Show’

The training of first responders is absolutely critical to keeping individuals with autism safe. Unfortunately, there are far too many stories of dangerous situations that arise because of a lack of communication and understanding between safety professionals such as firefighters, and individuals with autism and their families. Yesterday, NBC’s Today featured Bill Cannata, the father of a young adult with autism who has developed a program that has educated over 15,000 first responders around the country in how to handle people with autism, and as a result, saved lives. Bill was also a member of the professional advisory committee for the Autism Speaks Autism Safety Project, where he provided tips and quick facts for firefighters interacting with individuals with autism. To further these efforts, in 2011, the Autism Speaks Family Services Community Grants program provided funding for the Autism and Law Enforcement Education Coalition (ALEC), designed to help foster a deeper understanding of autism spectrum disorders by training public safety and law enforcement personnel. Autism Speaks applauds these first responder training efforts.

Longtime firefighter Bill Canatta is committed to caring for his 21-year-old son Ted, who is living with autism. Bill teaches people across the country how to rescue other people with the condition, and his training helped one first responder save a boy’s life. TODAY’s Amy Robach reports. You can find out more here.Be the first to like this post.

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Explaining Autism To Children – Diagnosing Autism in Children

Explaining Autism To Children

Though a good amount of children and families be given out right about autism before the child reaches the age of four, there are Other overly are diagnosed as the first part of as age one. Some children investing in Asperger’s, is a higher functioning form of the condition, may not know somewhat is different until properties start school. No measure what the function level, or how impaired a child might be, diagnosing autism early is ever the best way to go.

However, because this is not repeatedly possible, the parents can simply deal with how properties see. Some may suspect autism alone to put up that something else is going on. Parents are often the first to stop and think that something unusual might be going on with their child. Other times, the doctor might see signs first, and then mention that they would like to do more testing. Parents generally notice motor problems, and a lack of communication before a doctor, but there are times when new parents aren’t aware that development is not going as smoothly as it should be.

The most common signs parents might see is an unusual response (or lack of response) to noises and other people. They might also notice that their child spends time engrossed in just one activity or toy, and they can’t seem to get their attention while they are at play. They may notice their child is prone to tantrums when faced with situations that don’t bother other children. The smallest changes in their day can cause a huge tantrum.

When it comes to diagnosing autism, many other medical conditions must be eliminated first. This usually means that child will first have a hearing test. If they have problem with hearing, it might explain the lack of response to noises and other people. It would also explain why they are not talking, or are saying very little. Explaining Autism To Children

A doctor might also want to do some testing to look for genetic problems that can explain the delays in development. Seizures might be mild enough to cause a problem without being obvious to parent or doctor, so testing for this is a good idea as well. Once all of these medical issues have been ruled out, the doctor will start looking for the signs of autism. There is no medical test that can be performed for an autism diagnosis. The doctor will study communication, socialization, and how a child behaves.

These are the main clues to figure out what is going. The doctor will examine the child on their own, but will rely heavily on what they parent has to tell them about milestones that are reached at a late age, or not reached at all. Diagnosis autism comes down to pretty much eliminating everything else and then studying the child. Though this can be a long drawn out affair, the diagnosis is a good thing if that is what is going on. Diagnosing autism as early as possible is the best outcome for the child in the long run.

There are great programs and techniques a parent can use to help with the communication and socialization problems that these children tend to have. When they begin to overcome these at an early age, they can have a better quality of life on down the road. No one wants to receive this type of diagnosis but it is better to know so healing can begin, and the family can start learning to cope with what lies ahead. Don’t let your child suffer anymore! Lead your child out of his world through Explaining Autism To Children program now!

Explaining Autism To Children is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

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Here Is How You Can Recognise Children With Aspergers

Though we all want our children to be perfect this is not often the case and you would learn to love them no matter what they might have or be. A condition which has become very common in children today is Aspergers and learning to handle the problems it might bring could be a challenge. You would need to research the condition well to fully understand what it is and how you could best help your child.

Aspergers is a condition that will stop children being able to communicate easily with people and they may find social skills to be more difficult. These problems can lead to your kid having behavioural and emotional problems and they may find it more difficult to make friends. Your kid may suffer from very mild or very extreme symptoms and the treatment and support is the same. Some kids have such mild symptoms which you may hardly ever even notice and are usually never even diagnosed. Children with Aspergers sometimes simply learn to live with heir condition and do not even realize they are different.

Kids with aspergers will have trouble in making friends due to the problems created by the lack of communication. Their lack of discernment when it comes to judging how others are reacting can cause issues. Your kid may not even be aware that they are doing anything wrong and they usually will talk without showing any interest to the person they are talking to. Your kid may also find it difficult to understand humour and literal translations and may take things to heart. You’ll need to talk through different situations with your kid to help him understand.

Body language and facial expressions can also be misjudged by children with Aspergers and social relationship may be hard to establish. Your kid may become obsessed with routines and interests  and might also be attached to unusual insignifican items. You would have to encourage these but even try to establish a relationship with a friend for them. As a kid they’ll need to play and socialize with other children as this is a huge part of their growing up.

Children with Aspergers would also find it hard to creatively play and will lack imagination though they’re normally of above average intelligence. They may be extremely good with facts and numbers so their strong lessons will be math and history. You would need to encourage these subjects and although they might struggle with other ones you must try to encourage some form of learning in them too. There is no specific cure for Aspergers and all you will be able to do is support and encourage the child to achieve the best they could with their lives.

The symptoms vary between cases and children with Aspergers may try to hide the fact they’re different from other children. It is advisable to have your child diagnosed as soon as possible so you can set up the support system they need to achieve the best they can in their lives. Helping them with their development is essential and being a supportive parent is all your kid could ask for. To know more head to, http://www.parentingaspergerscommunity.com
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Asberger Symptoms – What Are The Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome

Asbergers syndrome is a member of the Autism Spectrum Disorder family and the symptoms can vary quite a bit from person to person in both severity as well as which symptoms are present. Those people with mild Aspergers symptoms can be quite difficult to diagnose because although they know or their family knows there is a problem, they will often seem perfectly normal and they look perfectly normal. The three main areas of symptoms that are considered when diagnosis Aspergers are: 1. Lack of Social Skills 2. Lack of Communication Skills 3. Repetitive and/or Obsessive Behaviors 1. Lacking Of Social Skills Social skills are not very good in most Asperger sufferers and generally they will just find it difficult to ‘fit in’ with those of the same age group. They often find it hard to keep eye contact and they tend not to use much body language. As well as not using much body language, they also find it difficult to read other people’s body language and facial expression, which can make it hard for them to get a complete understanding of what someone is meaning. As a result, many Asperger sufferers will take things very seriously, including jokes, and can be upset or insulted by something that wasn’t meant that way. Asperger sufferers really have a tunnel vision view of life and only see things from their own view. The lack empathy for other and really find it hard to see situations from another person’s perspective. 2. Lack Of Communication Skills Aspergers will often talk in one tone or pitch and don’t have much variation in their voice and this can sometimes cause it to be difficult to read their meaning. Many sufferers will prefer their own company and are quite happy to sit and play with or study something of interest to them. They can seem quiet and shy and sometimes viewed as ‘standoffish’ although this isn’t their intention. 3. Repetitive and/or Obsessive Behavior One of the common behaviours in Autistic sufferers are repetitive behaviours and once again this symptom will also vary from person to person. Repetitive behaviours can include hand flapping, repetitive routines or repetitive speech. Aspergers do like to have a specific routine and function much better if that routine is kept, they will often become quite upset if their routine is changed. Obsessive behaviours might include being obsessed with a toy or activity or a topic such as cars, aeroplanes or trains. They will like to talk about their obsession constantly regardless of whether the person they are talking to is interested in that thing or not. Conclusion Generally a person will need to show some symptoms from all three groups to be diagnosed with Asbergers. If the symptoms are mild it can be difficult to diagnose. As a parent, you tend to know that something is different with your child, and if you suspect at all that your child may suffer from Aspergers or any other disorder it is important to seek help. The sooner that you seek help and get a diagnosis, the sooner that you can learn to deal with the symptoms of the disorder.

The behaviors and symptoms of Aspergers can be difficult to live with as a parent, sibling or even as a friend. To find out more about this disorder visit our website Asbergers Syndrome
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Autism and Asperger Syndrome-similarities and Differences

The Asperger syndrome affects children and adults patients by modifying their communication skills and making them unable to interact with the persons around them. The autistic disorder in most cases associates the lack of communication skills with learning disabilities.

The Asperger syndrome is an autistic disorder related to autism but with less symptoms or less serious modifications. The pure autism is rare, about one case in 5000 children and it occurs four times more often in male children than in girls. Autistic spectrum disorders are all conditions implying symptoms related to the manifestations of autism.

The exact cause of autism cases is still unknown to scientists but researchers have detected a possible link between the condition and a genetic factor without any actual pattern of inheritance. Autistic modifications are blamed on brain damages and abnormal development before birth, during childbirth or after birth.

The first signs of an autistic disorder appear soon after birth in severe cases but usually between the age of 3-4 when parents observe abnormal modifications in the child’s behavior. There are three main symptom groups involved in autism and patients with the Asperger syndrome have only some of these signs, unlike the children with actual autism who suffer from disorders from all of the three symptoms groups.

The main difficulty of children with autistic disorders is to interact with the persons around the. They hardly ever make and sustain an eye-contact, resist cuddling, reject any form of affection and never look for it, cannot stand being kissed, have difficulties in making friends and are mostly unable to play with children their age. Autistic patients are not able to understand emotions coming from other persons and have problems with obeying simple rules; this leads them to the incapacity of frequenting a regular school.

Patients show an obsessive interests for repetitive actions and might look at an object fro an increased period of time. They have no imagination and are not interested in imaginative play. The games are almost the same every day and usually match with playing methods used by younger children. The ability to communicate with others is disturbed, cannot keep a conversation and cannot use words in meaningful sentences.

Regular actions like walking, sitting up or down will be later acknowledged and assimilated than normally. All patients with autistic disorders tend to be clumsy and struggle the games lessons at school. Older patients develop obsessive interests for exact timetables and resist changes in their environment. They rapidly become agitated and angered if their routine is modified. Autistic children are extremely sensitive noise and light and might show severe responses.

For greater resources on Autism or especially about autism symptoms please click this link http://www.autism-info-center.com/autism-symptoms.htm

For greater resources on Autism or especially about autism symptoms please click this link http://www.autism-info-center.com/autism-symptoms.htm
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Asperger Syndrome – is There a Cure for Asperger?

If your child or any child that you know has little social and communication skills, shows some repetitive behavior and/or becomes overly involved in one topic, that child may have Asperger Syndrome. Aspergers is in the Autism Spectrum Disorder class of disorders and is a type of high functioning autism. This means that someone with Asperger’s will generally have better language skills than someone with full autism and will generally be able to live a more normal life.

Having said that, Aspergers still can be quite hard to deal with and some lifestyle changes will need to be made to work around your Aspergers child. There is no cure for Aspergers but there are treatments and strategies available to make life easier for an Aspergers person.

A child with Asperger Syndrome will often become quite obsessive in a single topic or object and will learn everything they can about it. You may find that this topic that they are involved in is all that they will want to talk about and they may continue to constantly talk about it even though others are really not interested in it.

One of the biggest characteristics of Asperger Syndrome is the lack of communication and social skills. Asperger children will find it hard to interact with other children of their own age and will find it difficult to make friends and maintain friendships. Sometimes they may make close friends and will maintain that friendship for a period of time and then all of a sudden that friend will no longer want to be friends with them. The child will probably have no idea why this person no longer wants to be their friend and this is a pattern that may continue throughout their lives.

A child with Aspergers will usually sit back and watch children play and will be hesitant to join in until they are actually invited. It isn’t that they don’t want friends because they really do, but they just aren’t sure how to communicate properly. Because of this problem with communicating with children of their own age, Asperger children will often prefer to play with children younger than them or even to hold a conversation with adults.

Life can be quite difficult for a child with Asperger Syndrome and because they are usually of above average intelligence they do know that they are different but they just don’t know how to change that. This can be very stressful and many children may end up with anxiety disorders or even depression.

There are strategies and techniques that can be used to help teach your child the social skills that they lack and this will be a huge benefit for them throughout their life to learn these skills. If you have a child with Asperger Syndrome I highly recommend that you learn as much as you can about the disorder and teach them the social skills they need to give them a big head start to leading a reasonably normal life.

I am a mother of an child with Aspergers and have needed to learn strategies and techniques in order for my child to live a reasonably normal and happy life. To find out more about Aspergers Syndrome visit Essential Guide To Aspergers
Or visit our website Our Exceptional Kids and get a free copy of our ebook talking about Aspergers, Autism and ADHD.
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