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Autism Ribbons Increases Awareness

We are living in societies, where we need to interact and communicate with people. We have certain responsibilities towards our society. You will see that there are many people, who are suffering from different kinds of diseases and are living extremely painful lives. You will see that diseases like cancer, HIV Aids and a number of such horrifying diseases have brought in darkness, in the lives of people. Similarly, the misery through which autism patients are going through has really brought people in the gloomy state of their lives. Autism is one of those diseases, through which children are suffering since many years. The symptoms of this disease start to become visible, when the child reaches at the age of 2 to 3 years old. Doctors have not been able to know any kind of permanent treatment for this disease, but they have been giving certain kind of therapies and medications, which helps in keeping this disease under control.

The treatment for autism is very expensive. Autism patients, who belong from well-off families, can afford to undergo from autism treatments, but poor patients cannot afford to bear such expenses. For all such patients, many charitable organizations are contributing their generous efforts. These organizations are using different ways of collecting and generating funds. Selling of fundraising merchandises is one of the most successful ways of collecting donations and funds from a larger segment of the society. Ribbons of different colors are being attached to different kinds of accessories and garments, which highlight the fundraising for specific causes. Autism ribbons are used to highlight the cause of raising funds for autism and for the patients of asperger syndrome.

All those people, who want to donate money, in order to help the patients of autism and asperger syndrome, they can purchase different things like bracelets and bangles, which have autism ribbon attached to them or engraved or can also purchase autism magnets, which they can use on their refrigerators or in cars, which will help in spreading awareness regarding to autism ribbons.

Autism awareness ribbon has acted perfectly in making people aware of their responsibilities towards their societies. Now more and more people are pushing those things, which come with autism ribbons attached to them. The aim of selling fundraising merchandises is to say thanks to those people, who donate money to charities, which is utilized in the treatment of patients, suffering from different diseases. There are thought provoking words printed on beautiful bracelets and bangles, which say thanks, help, love and care. These words leave an unmemorable impression on the hearts of the people, who donate money and in this way they keep themselves attached with such noble causes and activities. If you also want to show humane and generous behavior, towards autism and asperger syndrome patients, then you must purchase those items, which have autism ribbons imprinted or attached with them. In this way you will get to live with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, for you have also helped the needy segment of the society.

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Sick Day On The Internet

These days I’m sick, and it’s the only thing on my mind, so let’s talk about health and the Internet. I do not mean “don’t sit too close to your monitor” or “make sure your keyboard and mouse setup can be ergonomic” or any of the additional helpful tips to maintaining good health while choosing to use the computer system. No, I mean the specific intersection of the Internet as well as your health: medical conditions that only exist on the Internet and in the minds of the people discussing them.

Where the Nigerian banker emails, overpayment hoaxes, and discount prescription medication scams have gone before, so too go the medical information scams. In particular, there are actually two diseases that can be discussed quite a bit online, but which you’ll never hear diagnosed by a doctor nor read about in a medical journal. Actually, you may appear them discussed in the medical journal, however only for the purpose of debunking them: neither of these kinds of diseases are real.

Both “Wilson’s temperature fatigue” and “adrenal fatigue” can be terms applied to general collections of vague symptoms, any of which you can chalk up to everyday activities experienced by absolutely everyone. Do you need coffee to get through your day, and have a sweet tooth? According to proponents of adrenal fatigue, you’re probably suffering from that disease without realizing it. Wilson’s temperature fatigue, identified primarily through a relatively low body temperature, was supposedly identified by a a doctor in Florida who promotes a product specifically designed to counteract this syndrome. Unsurprisingly, this product is not recommended by any other doctors or medical associations, and it is not covered by any manner of insurance.


Just because these kinds of diseases don’t really exist does not mean that people necessarily accept that as fact. Try telling absolutely everyone in the pro-“adrenal fatigue” community that their disease is fake and you’ll be angrily rebuffed, met with claims that research organizations and foundations want to minimize the disease for some conspiratorial reason.

Why would anyone do this? Look at the symptoms, and the answer is each easy and unfortunate. These types of people start out feeling pretty poorly and aren’t getting any real advice from their doctors beyond basic diet regulation and exercise, so they turn to the Internet for a second opinion. Pretty soon they discover that there’s a whole community of folks just like them, all with exactly the same experience regarding the professional medical field. They are not alone anymore. Between this and the hope that this terrible feeling is something for that they can just take some medicine and make it go away, they desperately do not want this to be fake, although they might not recognize that on a conscious level. Absolutely everyone who gainsays them not only damages the foundation of their community however also threatens their hope for a cure, so the gainsayer must be wrong.

These are far from the sole diseases allegedly marginalized by the mainstream community and vastly self-diagnosed on the Internet, however they’re the one ones that have roughly zero basis in medical science. One other syndrome that’s commonly self-diagnosed online is Asperger’s syndrome, which is characterized primarily by difficulty in social interaction and obsession with specific interests to the exclusion of others. While a great deal of of all those self-diagnosing on the Internet as Asperger’s sufferers have legitimate claims, a handful of others claim the syndrome without any evidence save for social awkwardness. Unfortunately for legitimate Asperger’s sufferers, these kinds of false claimants would rather have something to blame for their poor ability to socially interact; after all, if it is a medical condition it can’t be their fault.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Morgellons syndrome, somatoform disorder, and many other diseases and syndromes consist of a nugget of truth under a mountain of Internet self-diagnosis. This is to say virtually nothing of the vast number of conditions that are misdiagnosed due to user error on sites like WebMD. The bottom line here is that if you don’t feel well and you think it can be more serious than your average cold or whatnot, go and see your doctor and if you do not agree with what he says then get your second opinion from another doctor. Just do not rely on online sources when you can deal with trained professionals.

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